401-500 ways to show your love

This will be the last set of ways to show your love to your partner. Be sure to read them all in order for you to apply it on your own. It isn’t bad if you’re going to show it, right?


401. Always thank him for the hard work he does.

402. Celebrate each other’s achievements, especially those that required much effort.

403. Always give each other the benefit of the doubt.

404. Praise each other in front of your friends.

405. When you’re at a wedding together, dance as if it’s all about you.

406. The next time you watch a romantic movie together, try acting out some of her favorite scenes.

407. When he say, “you look sexy in that,” wear it again, soon/

408. In five minutes or less, make lists of why you love each other and share them together.

409. IF she needs your attention, give it.

410. If she picked it out for you, wear it.

411. If she asks you to get rid of it, chuck it.

412. Listen carefully for hints of places she would like to go. Find a way to take her there.

413. If he asks you to go along, go.

414. If he asks for hints, give them.

415. If he gave it to you, use it.

416. Surprise him by making arrangements for a getaway weekend.

417. Try to anticipate each other’s needs, and fulfill them in abundance.

418. Remember that sometimes you cannot see things clearly, and those times, have trust.

419. Make sure your mate never feels lost.

420. Give each other every reason to want to snuggle before falling asleep.

421. Trust—-and be trustworthy.

422. When the two of you are in the presence of other women, always keep your eyes in her.

423. Let your “yes” mean yes, and your “no” means no.

424. Let your “I do” always mean “I won’t with anyone else.”

425. Never do anything you would not want to have to admit to the other.

426. When the two of you are in the presence of other men, always kiss him at least once for all to see.

427. If you must have a conversation with an old flame, keep it short. Don’t keep it a secret.

428. Never look to blame each other when things don’t run out as well as you wished they had.

429. Let your business with your ex be just that—business.

430. Bring home a surprise gift—just for the pleasure of seeing the reaction.

431. Wear your wedding ring every day. Wear it with pride.

432. Always stand up for each other.

433. Be quick to believe good things about each other and slow to believe bad.

434. When she walks past, reach out to touch her.

435. Remember that you are stronger together than when apart. Spend most of your time together.

436. When you are away, try to get home early if you can.

437. When one of you has been away from home, buy flowers to celebrate their return.

438. When he reaches for you, move closer.

439. Look for reasons to begin a sentence with “I really appreciate it when you…”

440. When one of you is sick, clear your schedule and spend the day taking care of the other.

441. Surprise her by adding a few of your own words to your wedding vows. She will never forget it.

442. Walk up to him and say “You may now kiss the bride.” He’ll gladly do it every time.

443. Memorize your wedding vows and repeat them on every anniversary.

444. Strive to show your love in as many ways as possible. A few ways are simply, well, too few.

445. Learn how to make her favorite drink.

446. Don’t eat off each other’s plate, but if you think you must, ask first.

447. On New Year’s Eve, celebrate till there wee hours of the morning.

448. Treat each other to a weekend brunch at a favorite restaurant.

449. Keep his favorite snack in the pantry.

450. Listen carefully for hints of things she would like to have. Surprise her by giving them as gifts at unexpected times.

451. Plan a costume part together and invite your friends. Dress alike.

452. When you’re at a party, pay more attention to each other than anyone else.

453. Always acknowledge it when she tells you, “I love you”

454. Understand that he may not always use the most obvious words to tell you he loves you.

455. Say “I love you” as often as your mate needs to hear it, not just when you feel like saying it.

456. Read the Sunday paper together. Share the stories that strike you as particularly interesting, funny, or odd.

457. If you wake up first, make a coffee or two.

458. For no particular reason, surprise your mate with a new CD by a favorite artist.

459. Do the household and yard chores together.

460. Plant your favorite flowers together in the spring.

461. Keep yourself clean and smelling fresh. She’ll appreciate it.

462. Grab quick, passionate kisses when it’s just the two of you in an elevator.

463. Stop the elevator once in a while and share a longer kiss.

464. If she is sitting in a cold draft, change places with her.

465. Shave your legs all the way up. He’ll love it.

466. In the absence of elevators, quick kisses on escalators are permitted.

467. Have a breath mint right before you get home.

468. Replace his underwear as needed.

469. Be good to each other because it is good thing to do, not because you think you’re going to get something from it.

470. Never turn down affection or make your mate work yours.

471. Be proud to be seen together in public.

472. Give your mate many reasons to respect you. Many, many.

473. Pay attention to each other’s fears and give encouragement to overcome them.

474. While at a party, surprise her by making a toast to your relationship.

475. Its better never to get drunk when you are out together, but don’t be embarrassing if you do.

476. When sadness occurs, be comforting and supporting to each other.

477. When one of you is facing a difficult challenge, help carry as much of the burden as you can.

478. While at a party, let him over hear you brag about him to someone else.

479. Be sure to attend important events in each other’s lives.

480. At the end of the year, be sure to acknowledge the helpful things that were done for you/

481. Always have at least one New Year’s Resolution about improving your relationship. Live it up.

482. Sometimes a cliché is all that comes to mind. Don’t frown when he uses one.

483. Be careful never to take out your frustrations on each other.

484. You will have a fight. Agree on the rules of engagement before you have one. Stick to the rules when you have one. Make sure “kiss and make up” is a rule.

485. Sometimes all she wants to do is talk. Listen —and don’t set a time limit.

486. Learn to count to three before you get angry. Twenty-five would be even better.

487. Never make threatening statements like. “This is your last chance!” to each other.

488. When you have had a fight, be the first to make peace. It won’t kill you.

489. Give each other butterfly kisses sometimes, especially when one of you is waking up.

490. Put a chocolate kisses on your pillows on special occasions.

491. A quiet moment is a good time to say “I love you”.

492. Never go to sleep while you are angry with each other.

493. Understand that intimacy is her gift to you, not her obligation.

494. Whenever the other person makes a suggestion, give it serious consideration.

495. Ask each other questions before jumping to wrong conclusion.

496. Be willing to grovel when you are wrong. Maybe even when you aren’t.

497. Understand that he wants to make you happy. Let him know when you are.

498. Learn how to distinguish between big issues and things that don’t matter. Overlook those that don’t matter.

499. If you are unsure if whether you can resist temptation, stay away from what may attempt you.

500. Show each other a Love sigh every day. When you have shown all that you can think of, start over and show them all again.


Reading as a tool!

             I was then reading a blogs from a blogger which caught my attentions that made me think of how true what she was saying.  She then pointed out there in her blog about how important is reading in writing some articles and conveying your feeling to other people through your words in a rightly manner. Without reading, your writing ability is really at stakes. I am not really a very nerd person who loves to read. I collected some books but I really not really into reading them. I just go to a national book store buying some books, but I never really into reading them. I just want them there in my shelves but not looking at them a bit. I don’t know the reason why am I collecting books, but I couldn’t stop from buying those books.  I love watching movies, mostly anime series…and it is indeed there’s a consequence on this matter. You can read my blogs entitled “Television, is it for teaching or deception?” in order to go into details about this. I was now a bit of being sooooooo lazy, that is started to stop everything at work in my life, even reading! I always tell to myself  “what’s the point in reading, when I couldn’t even remember it later on and couldn’t describe them to other people?” My memory is really at the minimum level, I just could remember how my husband always describes it as a piece of junk because there is nothing to it. That is something so bad for me. I am poor in remembering things, and my concentration really sucks. I am a bit self abusive to myself from my day to day living! Which I couldn’t help it.

Going back into reading as a tool, it really is something important. When you are craving in writing good stories about things in your life, and wanted to share them, and make other people enjoy reading your blogs or write ups, the best way is to deal with the reading stuff, and then READ! Through reading other sources and other experiences  of people, you will then gain expriences that you could also apply it in yours. In the religion Islam, the word “READ” or “IKRA” was the first revelation by Allah (swt) to our dear beloved Prophet (s.a.w). This was being told to the Prophet (s.a.w) three times. This revelation happen when he was in the mount Hira during Ramadhan at the age of 41. Below is a narration from his wife Aisha bint Abu Bakr:

The Cave of Hira where Muhammad would meditate

Forerunners of the Revelation assumed the form of true visions that would strikingly come true all the time. After that, solitude became dear to him and he would go to the cave, Hira, to engage in devotion there for a certain number of nights before returning to his family, and then he would return for provisions for a similar stay. Unexpectedly, the angel Jibra’il came to Muhammad and asked him to read. The Prophet replied, “I do not know how to read”. The Prophet added, “The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it any more. He then released me and again asked me to read and I replied, “I do not know how to read.” Thereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it any more. He then released me and again asked me to read but again I replied, “I do not know how to read (or what shall I read)?” Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me, and then released me and said:

Arabic Text: بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Translation: In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Arabic Text: اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ

Translation: Read: In the name of your Lord Who created. Quran: 96:1

Arabic Text: خَلَقَ الْإِنسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ

Translation: Created man from a clot of blood. Quran: 96:2

Arabic Text: اقْرَأْ وَرَبُّكَ الْأَكْرَمُ

Translation: Read: And your Lord is the Most generous, Quran: 96:3

Arabic Text: الَّذِي عَلَّمَ بِالْقَلَمِ

Translation: Who taught [man the use of] the pen, Quran: 96:4

Arabic Text: عَلَّمَ الْإِنسَانَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ

Translation: and taught man that which he did not know. Quran: 96:5

Then Allah’s Apostle returned with the inspiration and with his heart beating severely. Then he went to Khadija bint Khuwailid and said, “Cover me! Cover me!” They covered him till his fear was over and after that he told her everything that had happened and said, “I fear that something may happen to me.” Khadija replied, “Never! By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your Kith and kin, help the poor and the destitute, serve your guests generously and assist the deserving calamity-afflicted ones. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad%27s_first_revelation)

            The meaning that the message portait by the lord of the universe give us an idea how important it was. However, some of the people in this world such as I am, is depriving ourself from learning many things along the pages of the book because we’ve been busy in so many things. We didn’t even tried to make an effort. Maybe this will also be a reminder to myself, how reading should become a part of my daily living. Will it be nice if I could share something to you guys, about something that I have read? I can’t promise you this but let me try doing it. I wont promise, because I am afraid it would be just a hearsay.

            So, in every child and household they should be learning the habit of reading. You will never know what will be  the good effect doing this. Of course, upon doing so and learning stuff in a certain topic, learn to write your opinion and share them.

      READ!  READ!   READ!




301-400 Ways to Show what’s in your heart!

       Have you already showed your partner your affection to him/her? Maybe you should try this another set of ways to show what’s in your heart! So, be sure to make them feel so special.

301. If you must travel alone, always bring a little something back for the other.

302. The next time she mentions she needs to go shopping, go with her, double her budget, and carry all the bags. Don’t complain about how long it takes.

303. When you are traveling alone, call home every day- sometimes more than once.

304. When one of you needs a hug, give two.

305. When questions are asked, be honest in your answer, but be tactful and considerate in how you answer.

306. Turn down the television when the other person is on the phone.

307. When he goes out on the town with his friends, don’t demand to know everything that happened as soon as he gets home.

308. Be sure not to monopolize the conversation, and don’t make your stories too long. After all, you’re not the only person who has something to say.

309. Don’t open or hack into each other’s mail.

310. When she goes out with her girlfriends, don’t call her every fifteen minutes to find out when she is coming home.

311. Take time to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea together while sitting on the porch.

312. Make a habit of going for an evening stroll during a full moon.

313. Give most of your spare time to each other, and when it seems like there isn’t any, make some.

314. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to say, “Thank your for being mine.”

315. Don’t minimize or make fun of the things she does to make herself feel beautiful.

316. Don’t be jealous. Don’t be a snoop.

317. Don’t play hard to get.

318. Remember, neither of you owe the other anything. Your relationship is a gift.

319. Don’t laugh out loud at  or tell others about what he does when he doesn’t know you are watching him.

320. Never be flirtatious with each other’s friends.

321. Never compare each other to old flames or ex-spouses.

322. Slow dance together occasionally in the shower.

323. Keep scented massage oil close at hand.

324. Understand the difference between sexy and kinky. Always prefer sexy.

325. Explore each other in the dark.

326.Buy an umbrella for her to keep in her car.

327. Keep your clothes and other things picked up.

328. Don’t either of you surprise the other with cold feet on the back.

329. Paint her toenails.

330. Practice breath parity. Either both of your eat garlic, or you both should skip it.

331. Give him a grooming kit to keep at the office.

332. Wash his hair.

333. Always make him feel desirable and appreciated—especially if you want him to feel the same way about you.

334. Give her time when she needs it—she will come to you when she is ready.

335. Agree on goals that you can pursue in your life together and keep looking for new ones to add.

336. Every now and then review your goals together. Celebrate the ones that were met.

337. Remember to share the credit for all that has turned out according to your plan.

338. When she is talking to you, don’t make “hurr up” hand gestures. Keep your hands in your pockets if you have to.

339. Be sure your behavior and attitudes show that you want to be together for the rest of your lives.

340. When you kiss while stopped at a traffic light, remind each other of the first time you did that.

341. When he is trying his best to express himself, smile and hold his hand to comfort and encourage him.

342. Kiss before you leave the house, each and everytime.

343. Kiss again as soon as you get home. Times in between are okay too.

344.Never storm off when you are mad; never slam a door.

345. Never break anything in anger. Not only may you not be able to replace it, its bad form.

346. Be careful about how you talk to one another. The pain of hurtful words can last a long time.

347. Be careful not to do anything that will lessen your respect for each other.

348. It is very important to understand that no matter how well you know each other, there will always be things you don’t understand.

349. Ask when you don’t understand. Avoid guessing.

350. Remember, everyone needs a little space now and then. Respect it when it is requested.

351. Just for fun, pretend you are strangers and get to know each other again.

352. Surprise each other with a back rub now and then.

353. Always strive to learn something new about each other.

354. In your own way, reciprocate every gesture of affection made toward you.

355. When she asks, “What are you thinking about?” say something, almost anything, but never, “Nothing.”

356. Always be sure to introduce each other to anyone you meet.

357. If you say you will do something do it! If you said you won’t, don’t!

358. Never keep score of the times when you have been hurt or offended.

359. If you aren’t in the mood, that;’s okay, but do something at a later time to encourage his desire for you.

360. Resist the temptation to think yourself a relationship expert just because you saw something on TV.

361. Don’t act like you know everything. You don’t.

362. Ask for eacgh other’s opinions, and show respect by listening to the entire answer before replying.

363. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It probably doesn’t matter anyway.

364. Take the best of your individual traditions and make them part of your relationship. Forge new traditions together, also.

365. Make an effort to learn about the things that interest your mate. You might be surprised to learn that you dinf them interesting, too.

366. Remember that most of the time comrpomise is more important than agreeing on who is right.

367. Surprise her by singing her favorite love song to her on your wedding anniversary.

368. Surprise him with a romantic and affectionate evening on your wedding anniversary.

369. Think of reasons why you have never felt the same way about anyone else, and share them.

370. Always include a message with any gift you give.

371. If you are going to buy clothing for each other, then make sure it’s the right size.

372. Give her a nickname that makers her feel like a queen.

373. Show off for reach other once in a while.

374. Learn how to say “I love you” in a different language.

375. Carve your initials in a tree.

376. Write your names in cement. Encircle them with a heart.

377. Give him a nickname that makes him feel like a stud.

378. Take lots of pictures of each other, and make a photo history of your relationship.

379. make a time capsule togethjer, and open it on a milestone anniversary.

380. Keep pictures of each other on your nightstand.

381. Have a warm towel ready and waiting when she gets out of the shower.

382. Reach into the shower and scrub his back.

383. Use lotion on your rough spots.

384. Serve breakfast in bed once in a while. Try feeding each other.

385. If you are offered a breath mint, say “thank you” and use it.

386. Surpise each other with sexy underwear.

387. Always notice what she does to her hair.

388. Bring home wine, roses, or champagne for no reason at all.

389. Semd romantic e-mails to each other.

390. Know eac other’s favorite color and favorite foods.

391. Praise him when he loses weight, even if only a couple of pounds.

392. Send a romantic cards ad letters to each other in the mail.

393. If asked, “Do you still love me?” always answer, “More than ever.”

394. Write short but profounf messages for each other and leave them where they are sure to be found.

395. Only take the risks that both of you are comfortable with.

396. If you must change the schedule, tell each other beforehand —-as soon as you reliaze it must be changed.

397.Seize every opprotunity to tell her she is beautiful.

398. Thank each other for the happy memories of things you’ve done together.

399. Remember the birthdays of each of your parents.

400. Always pick up the check when dining out with either set of parents.

       Kinda very long right? But don’t be, there are those times where you wanted to be notice by someone whom you care, at least make an effort to do something.

201-300 Ways to Show what’s in your heart!

Hello guys!!! Another day of enumerating a 100 ways of showing what’s inside your heart to your love ones.

201. Learn how to say, “I can’t wait to get you home” and “You are so hot!” in sign language.

202. Listen to each other. Really listen. Listen some more.

203. Share all the secrets you can without hurting each other.

204. If either of you is uncomfortable with the plan, change it immediately.

205. Be each other’s sounding board even if you have heard it before.

206. Go to an amusement park and ride the Ferris wheel —kiss when you reach the top.

207. Try to win a prize for her at the fair. Spend whatever it takes.

208. Be ach other’s biggest fan—and loudest cheerleader.

209. Have a beer with him at the ball park. Stand and holler whenever he does.

210. Attend each other’s high school and college reunions.

211. Give each other lucky charms

212. Never suggest a boob job or that she needs to diet.

213. Never have a crush on a celebrity. Atleast don’t confess to it.

214. Don’t ever say or do anything that will cause someone else to think you are available.

215. When you have important decisions to make, ask each other for advice.

216. Never remind him of ho fit and slender he once was.

217. Confide in each other —first and often.

218. Never use offensive words or gestures—or ones that provoke fear.

219. Don’t ask for details of any previous relationship.

220. Always act toward each other in ways that you will never regret later.

221. Don’t ever make the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistake.

222. Become skilled in fine arts of overlooking and overcoming.

223. Go out of your way to start a conversation on something that is important to her.

224. Share your deepest personal and religious beliefs with each other.

225. Pray together when times are tough.

226. Show genuine concern about the things that keep him awake at night.

227. Attend worship services together and become involved in the congregation’s activities as much as you can.

228. Attend your house of worship together and be willing to talk together about your faith.

229. When you watch the sunset together, be sure to say “Thank you for spending this day with me.” Once it disappears.

230. When you watch the sunrise together remember to say “I’m so glad I have another day  with you” the moment it appears.

231. Always look into each other’s eyes when you are talking.

232. Take care of the routine maintenance of her car, and keep her gas tank full.

233. When you find that you are about to eat or use the last something, offer to share it. Better yet, give it to your mate.

234. Make sure that when you shower or bather, you don’t use up all the hot water.

235. make sure that his best shirts are always clean. Check his ties for stains.

236. Clean the tub after you finish your bath. Don’t leave such things for her.

237. Arrange for a lawn service to give him a well-deserved break one weekend.

238. They’re your friends, not hers. Don’t expect her to take care of them for you.

239. When you r mate says, “We need to talk,” understand that means right now, not later.

240. Don’t play one-upmanship with your mate. No one ever wins.

241. If you know it is irritating, stop doing it.

242. They’re your friends, not his. Don’t expect him to drop everything just because they came over.

243 Never say, “You’ve changed,” unless both of you would agree that its for the better.

244. When you can see that help is needed, get in there and help before you are asked to do so.

245. Celebrate with each other in times of joy.

246. If you can help each other’s dreams come true, do it.

247. Support each other’s effort at personal growth.

248. Encourage each other’s individuality.

249. Do not compete with the children for each other’s time—but make time for everybody in the family.

250. Alternate holidays between your families. Do it without complaint.

251. Invite both of your families to join together in celebrating special events in your lives.

252. Participate in each other’s family traditions as if they have been your own for generations. It will enrich your life.

253. Be enthusiastic about getting to know each other’s families.

254. If each of you has children from a previous marriage, treat all of them equally in your estate planning.

255. If your family includes a child that isn’t yours, love him or her as if they were.

256. Treat each other like you would want someone to treat your son or daughter.

257. Go to any length to make each other laugh.

258. Play to have fun, not to win. Play often.

259. Love is a team sport, not a competition. You don’t have to win to have a good time.

260. when you’re together, try to find something humorous in every situation.

261. Be her gentleman. Go outside for the paper. Tale out the dog. Take out the Trash. Unload the dishwasher.

262. When you’re watching TV on the couch together, be the one who refreshes the beverages.

263. Change your routine once in a while to add a little spcie to your relationship.

264. Be his siren, rub his shoulders. Let your hair down. Wear the perfume he bought for you. Sleep naked.

265. Say “Thank you for loving me” often.

266. End every telephone conversation with “I love you”.

267. There will always be more work to do. Take time to relax together.

268. Be generous-with your time, your attention, your money. And your love.

269. Stand or walk between her and traffic,

270. Say “Thanks, honey” or wink at him when he holds the door for you.

271. Give her heart shaped candy on the anniversary of your first date.

272. Be willing to stop anything that you are doing to make time for a little romance.

273. Every ten years or so, invite your family and closest friends to a party in which you renew your vows.

274. Wait on each other hand and foot on your anniversary.

275. Always follow your heart, not your friends’ recommendation.

276. Call each other’s parents on special occasions.

277. On the anniversary of your first date, give him that same lingering good-night kiss he still remembers.

278. Answer unambiguously f someone asks if you are in a relationship.

279. After saying “yes”, pull out your wallet and show off your pictures.

280. Affirm each other’s strength, and never exploit the weaknesses.

281. Never lead in a direction where the other doesn’t want to go.

282. Never tell a lie in order to get out of an embarrassing situation.

283. If the two of you run into one of her old boyfriends, be a gentleman.

284. Never put yourself in a situation that will tempt you to lie if you get caught,

285. When you make a promise, keep it. A good relationship requires keeping you promises.

286. If the two of you run into one of his old girlfriends, forget about her as soon as possible.

287. Be sure t share the power and control in your relationship.

288. Allow each other to be an expert in something.

289. If she forgot her gloves or jacket, giver her yours.

290. If she forgot her sunglasses, give her yours.

291. If she forgot her pajamas, hide yours.

292. If he forgot his toothbrush, give him yours.

293. If he forgot his razor, give him yours.

294. If he brought his pajamas, hide them.

295. Let your touch be gentle, never demanding or rough.

296. Never ever tell anyone each other’s secrets.

297. Talk in detail about what it is that keeps you in love.

298. Talk freely about the fun and good times you have shared.

299. The next time you go out to eat together, secretly check into a hotel first and surprise him with the key at the end of the meal.

300 When you are traveling and you call home, say “I wish I were there with you.”

Hope every one guys had a great time today?! After reading this, don’t hesitate to apply it in your relationship! Try it and it might work. ^_~




Some 100 Things That I Want To Share About ME!

Got interested posting something about me. I actually did post this listing on the website that I was involve with. So, now I am kinda got interested in sharing this to you guys!

1. I am Jom.
2. I am 25 years of age
3. I was born on July 3, 1987
4. I am of course 100% female
5. I am a graduate of International studies
6. Also a graduate of Certificate of Government Management
7. I always alone, but don’t want to be.
8. I always have this impulsive attitude.
9. I might be a selfish human being
10. I need to strengthen my relation to HIM.
11. Always in question about any things.
12. Having a short term memory and hardly to remember things. hehehe
13. I am 100 % married but 100% single.
14. My husband is 29 years of age.
15. I love eating
16. Kinda introverted.
17. I am trying to living alone and be independent.
18. I am watching a great movie right now.
19. I love to blog..(i just realized that now)
20. I drink some vitamins.
21. I have a low self-esteem.
22. I usually wanted to be get out of here in this world.
23. I have very supportive parents.
24. A very loving mother-in-law.
25. A religious in-laws.
26. I have a 4×4 car, namely Lance.
27. I have a sony laptop.
28. My favorite color is blue.
29. I am working in a private company.
30. Everyone is nice here in the office.
31. I have lot of friends but, rarely to see them.
32. I am trying to be more positive everyday.
33. People say I am humble, but it was then too much…eehehe
34. I am in aero class.
35. I always wanted to diet, but eat a lot when I am alone.
36. I wishing for a good relationship
37. I am having a hard time understanding of things.
38. I need to try to adjust and accept thig
39. I buy books, but don’t read them later on.
40. I love watching anime.
41. Anime gives me inspiration.
42. I have a second cousin, who loves it and having a great memory. Remembering lot of stuffs.
43. I was given a white cat before.
44. Now, I have 1 dozen of them…ehehe
45. I wanted to learn so many languages when I was young.
46. Just thought of wanting to be a philanthropist someday.
47. I want to share love….trying too.
48. I am being unloved by HIM.
49. I want to give up, but need to fight life.
50. I want to change for him, but I couldn’t.
51. I want to be a fluent talker and having good conversation skills.
52. I am a cancer
53. I am a very sensitive person.
54. I need to get up early morning to make breakfast.
55. I want to cook, but got no time.
56. Just recently tried to put a tattoo on my hands.
57. I want to travel the world.
58. I want to see a real cherry blossom.
59. I want to go to Japan.
60. My husband told me, I am so mellow dramatic person.
61. I want to have a self confidence.
62. I want to be with people comfortably.
63. I want to learn about my religion.
64. I will go to some seminars during weekends… hopefully.
65. I want to show the real me to the people.
66. I am trying to hope that there will be me in a better future.
67. I have my sony camera with me.
68. Just recently went to camiguin island.
69. I only have one brother.
70. My brother is 14, and I am 24. Too much Gap.
71. I want to try new things, but afraid to try…ehehe
72. I am always has this low mood when I drink coffee.
73. I always trying to spill out my negativity
74. I want to have a coffee during afternoon.
75. I don’t eat my lunch now a days.
76. I love rainy days.
77. I love taking pictures.
78. I love drawing, but I already forgot how to.
79. I always in a panic.
80. I want to meet a new person who will change the whole of me.
81. I want to get out of my shell, yet it looks like I am going back to who I am.
82. I don’t know how to laundry.
83. I don’t know how to work relationship out.
84. I admit I don’t know anything.
85. I am trying to improve in applying my make up.
86. I love using my in 2 it foundation.
87. I love using Loreil Shampoo.
88. I was hit by a black magic as they’ve said, and I don’t know it was true.
89. I am a honor graduate, but I couldn’t prove them
90. I hate oral recitation, but I love reporting.
91. I want to be a teacher but I couldn‘t.
92. I want to prove something to other people, but the other me always subside.
93. I have debts in me…=(
94. I rarely come home now days.
95. I want to busy myself.
96. I think i need to fight the bad side of me
97. I am having a headache writing about 100 things about me.
98. Regretting of not going to my husbands graduation.
99. I love someone special
100. Hope he will someday.

At last, I already finish this within 1 hour…my head is kinda hurt from thinking….ehehehe

101-200 Hundreds of ways to show what’s in your heart!

This is a continuation from what I have started since yesterday. So, ready yourself and get yourself another 101-200 ways on how to show whats in your heart with the person you care about!

101. be willing to go where the other wants to go, even if it’s not your preference.

102. Encourage her to spend as much time with her friends as you do with yours.

103. Never complain about each other to your parents.

104. Even though you are a guest, pitch in and help your in-laws with whatever needs doing.

105. Find out what each of you admires about your parents, and strive for that in your own relationship.

106. Allow him the harmless horseplay he enjoys with the guys.

107. Be cordial to the people in each other’s life, and treat them as if they are important to you, too.

108. Never complain about visiting each other’s parents or other family members.

109. Always agree ahead of time how long a visit will last.

110. Reassure each other whenever one of you needs it, no matter how often.

111. Make the focus of your relationship each other’s heart, not your bodies.

112. Try to be the first to say “I love you” in any situation where it is appropriate.

113. Send each other flowers at the office. Don’t send the same flowers every time.

114. Be sure to include a romantic message with every gift. Don’t use the same message every time.

115. Wait on each other hand and foot on your birthdays.

116. Plan ahead and celebrate birthdays in grand fashion.

117. Be considerate, even if you don’t understand why she is upset.

118. Never point a finger in anger.

119. Remember that it is important to taljk through your difference. Don’t “just drop it”. It will fester.

120. Be patient, even if you asked him not to be late.

121. Forgive and forget every offense, without exception. The more difficult it is to forgive, the more important it is to do so.

122. Become adept at forgetting. Harboring resentments will erode the best in each of you.

123. Give each other the passwords to your email.

124. Never open each other’s mail.

125. Shop together for furniture and the artwork you use in decorating your home.

126. For a change, go shopping together and each of you pick out something for the other.

127. Believe it —he is trying to get to everything on your list. Thank him when you get to mark one off.

128. Look for the things you can agree upon and focus on them.

129. Fulfill all you responsibilities to each other willingly. Don’t be afraid to go the second mile.

130. Don’t complain if there is a third or fourth mile.

131. Believe it— she does more for you than you will ever realize. Thank her as often as you can.

132. Treat each other so well that you confidence in each other never wavers.

133. It is important to trust each other, and even more important to be trustworthy. So be so.

134. When one of you says, “No”, respect it.

135. Set out with no destination in mind. Enjoy the process of getting somewhere together.

136. Nog each other about staying healthy.

137. Never let your life get so busy that you don’t have time for each other.

138. Be each other’s best friend.

139. Tell each other stories abut the funny things that happened when you were children.

140. Be sure to reciprocate every gesture of patience, affection, kindness, assistance, and unselfishness.

141. Be uninhibited in showing affection—not obnoxious, just enthusiastic.

142. Just for fun, carry her across the threshold occasionally.

143. Remember, everybody enjoys having their back scratched. Well, almost everybody.

144. The same goes for foot massages.

145. Just for fun, wear nothing but his bathrobe now and then.

146. Enjoy bug mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows together on the first day of winter.

147. Stay in good physical shape for each other.

148. Encourage each other in everything you do.

149.If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.

150. Work hard to break your bad habits, and don’t go back to them.

151. Always accept help when it is offered.

152. never demand an apology. Wait for it to arrive in its own time.

153. Keep a jar for loose change. When it is full, cash it in together and use the money to buy something totally frivolous.

154. Put some creativity and effort into the gifts you select. Never give her a gift certificate.

155. Always personalize the cards you give to each other.

156. Surprise each other with hugs and kisses when they are least expected.

157. Give him the gift he wants, not the one you think he needs.

158. Buy a gift bag, fill with sixty Hershey’s Kisses, and give it with a note that says, “For every minute of the hour I think of you.”

159. Wake each other with gentle hugs and kisses. Keep breath mints on your nightstand for just this occasion.

160. Make a wish for each other at every full moon.

161. Cook a meal together, and eat it by candle light, listening top the soundtrack of romantic movie.

162. Take nps together on rainy afternoons. And sunny ones, too. And when it snows. And…

163. Try new adventures together at least once a month, and save mementoes of the occasion.

164. Take pictures of every special occasion you share. Look at them together later.

165. Keep a relationship journal and read to each other often from it.

166. Display photographs of the two of you doing fun things together.

167. Be patient when you think you know what needs to be done but he hasn’t figure it out yet.

168. Respect each other’s everyday responsibilities demanding constant attention is selfish.

169. Emphasize the positive in your relationship—don’t focus on the negative.

170. Be sure to remind each other how blessed you are to have one another.

171. Overlook the mess she made if she was only trying to help you in the first place.

172. Expect that there will be bad times. Prepare for them by creating so many good times that the bad ones are easily outnumbered.

173. If you get a nice bonus, don’t hide it. It belongs to both of you.

174. Spend any leftover money on each other, not yourself. Be generous, not selfish.

175. Let her put her feet in your lap; kiss her toes when she does.

176. Let her wear your shirts, and don’t complain if she wants to keep one for herself.

177. Smile whenever you catch each other’s eye, regardless of where you are.

178. The next time there is a warm summer rain, go outside and show dance in it.

179. Shave his neck for him; use warm water and a sharp razor.

180. Sneak a kiss in public once in a while, when it is least expected. Be discrete.

181. Share a warm bubble bath after a hard day. Wash each other’s back.

182. Linger in admiration of each other’s best attribute.

183. Be sure to keep a photograph of each other in your purse or wallet.

184. Send each other goofy cards for no particular reason.

185. When you’re going out to celebrate a special occasion, let the maitre d’ know about it before you arrive.

186. Watch a Sleepless in Seattle together.

187. If you must comment on Meg Ryan, let it be only about her acting.

188. Never quiz each other about anything that may have been said while sleeping.

189. Avoid asking him, “Why don’t you say things like that?” after Tom Hank’s most romantic lines.

190. Throw away the glamour shots of old girlfriends or boyfriends.

191. Should you one day have children together, devote yourself to them above everything else.

192. Always make lots of time available to your children, and help each other take care of them.

193. Agree upon how to raise the children. Do not criticize each other’s actions in front of them.

194. If each of you has children from a previous marriage, help each other to become the best step parent possible.

195. Make the bed while she is in the bathroom.

196. Talk about a special moment you both have experienced that you wished would never end. Make it happen again.

197. Plan to have at least one “date” every week, and do some of the things you did when  you were courting.

198. Lead him to a candlelit bathroom and a hot bath.

199. Celebrate the anniversary of your first date by doing it all over again.

200. Chase each other around the house once in a while. Get caught.

Reading each statement from this list were somehow giving me a wishful thinking of how I wish there could be a possible thing in one of this list to happen between me and my spouse. But I think this is just a wishful thinking and I know it won’t be in reality. So, sad but it’s the reality. Hopefully someone could use this…^_^


I am hopelessly romantic. Completely in despair right now!…..

The other 201-300 would be too follow. So , enjoy the day!





      It’s a very fascinating when both couples show their love and affection towards each other. In my 25 years living in this world I never been in a romantic situation in my life. I am kind of very serious towards life and never got the chance to meet someone whom I could share what they called affection, because in our Islamic point of view this is forbidden. Now, that I have a husband of my own, I m having trouble of showing him that I really love him, because I never been a showy person towards others. I keep my feeling. This is the reason why I couldn’t give him what he needs. However, I want to share this to you guys about the “100 OF WAYS TO SHOW WHAT’S IN YOU HEART” hoping that some one could get some ideas on how to show it to their and also a reminder
on my part. These thoughts were written by Gregory E. Lang in purpose of reminding him about his love towards his wife, and his desire to help others when and wherever he can. So hope you could also give yourself a shot in reading these ideas.

  1. Hold hands at the movies.
  2. Lock arms together when taking a stroll. Walk slowly and enjoy a conversation.
  3. When the fall colors are at their brightest, rent a convertible and go for a ride. It’s a good time for a picnic too.
  4. Sing a love song when you are in the shower.
  5. Encourage her to talk about the events of her day before you talk about yours.
  6. Always sit close enough so that you can touch each other if one of you wants to.
  7. There is no such thing as the wrong time to say, ‘I Love You”. Say it with conviction—say it often.
  8. Let him vent freely about what is on his mind whenever he needs to relieve the pressure.
  9. When holding hands, squeeze three times to say “I love you”.
  10. Share good news with each other first.
  11. Avoid withholding bad news. Its best to just get it out and get it over with.
  12. Be honest about what you are feeling and be willing to share all of your feelings.
  13. Take care not to minimize each other’s feelings.
  14. Demand nothing from each other, and gratefully accept whatever is given.
  15. Expect to receive no more than you are willing to give.
  16. Whenever you leave the house, always explain where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  17. Be sure to keep your cell phones on when you are apart from each other.
  18. Call as soon as you realize you will be later than you expected.
  19. Find a reason everyday to call and say, “Hey there. I miss you.” “I love you” wouldn’t hurt, either.
  20. Never mock or make fun of each other.
  21. Try no to be the center of attention. Share the spotlight.
  22. Strive to give more to the relationship than anything else in your life.
  23. When you are needed, drop what you are doing and give your best effort as long as necessary.
  24. When you are setting the thermostat, be considerate of her preferences. Putting on a heavier or lighter shirt isn’t a big deal.
  25. Always do more than what you think is your fair share of the household chores.
  26. Call to say you are on your way home and ask if you can stop pick up anything along the way.
  27. Be as thoughtful to each other at home as you are in public.
  28. When together in the car, be considerate of his preferences. Listening to sports or talk radio once in a while really can be quite entertaining.
  29. Always call when you said you would, especially when you are traveling.
  30. Wait to start eating until both of you have been served.
  31. Don’t bring the newspaper to the table unless both of you are going to read it.
  32. Flirt with each other in public.
  33. Learn each other’s body language.
  34. Lie on the lawn together at midnight and watch the stars overhead.
  35. On the anniversary of your first date, take turns reading your old love letters to each other.
  36. Never stop writing love letters to each other. Save each and everyone.
  37. Keep a scrapbook of the places the two of you have been together. Use it as a memory jogger when you’re in the mood to reminisce.
  38. Send a surprise “I miss you” text message now and then.
  39. Read romantic poetry together, especially when times get rough.
  40. Write love notes on Post-its and leave them on the bath mirror.
  41. Never be late with a birthday card or gift. You will always be forgiven for a card or gift received early!
  42. Only play the games that each of you has a fair chance of winning.
  43. Remember to be playful. Having fun together is a great way to strengthen your relationship.
  44. Turn off the television some nights and just talk, talk, talk. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it.
  45. Show gratitude for everything she does for you.
  46. Understand where both of you are weak and try to be strong there for each other.
  47. Be sure to tell each other the things that make you happy in the relationship.
  48. Let him know that you notice everything he does for you.
  49. Be quick to acknowledge the best in each other and never point out the faults.
  50. Compliment each other’s appearance. Do it often
  51. Never give a self-improvement book, but if you receive one, read it.
  52. It is never too early to say “I’m sorry”. Say it as soon as possible.
  53. Before you get analytical, let her express her anger the way she wants to. She’ll appreciate it later.
  54. When you are wrong, admit it —and mean it.
  55. When you get an emotional response that surprise you, ask why.
  56. Before you get angry, let him explain. There usually is a reason for everything.
  57. If you are feeling defensive, realize that acting on it is probably not the best course of action.
  58. Read to each other at bed time.
  59. Let a goodnight kiss be the last event of every day.
  60. If one of you can’t sleep, don’t disturb the other.
  61. If both of you cannot sleep, sit up and watch your old home movies.
  62. Take a long walks together on the beach.
  63. Go for a ride together on a bicycle built for two.
  64. Have a picnic in a rowboat.
  65. Share secrets with each other that no on else knows about.
  66. Always keep your mate’s confidence private—it is a matter of character and fidelity.
  67. Always speak to each other with respect. Never shout at each other.
  68. Whatever the problems may be, work for harmony, not just peaceful coexistence.
  69. Be transparent in the way you live. Never do anything you wouldn’t want the other to know about.
  70. Make a commitment never to correct each other in front of others or argue in public.
  71. Give other couples watching reason to say, “I wish we were like that.”
  72. Go on a picnic together on the first warm weekend of spring.
  73. Play footsie under the table.
  74. Reach across the table and hold hands while toasting each other.
  75. Order one really decadent dessert to share and feed it to each other.
  76. Bring him lemonade while he is cutting the grass.
  77. Keep a calendar of special moments in earlier years, and celebrate those moments each time that date comes around again.
  78. Wash the car together.
  79. Buy matching coffee cups the next time you go shopping.
  80. Help her fold the laundry.
  81. Play each other’s favorite CDs when you go for a ride.
  82. When you’re on a long trip, take turns driving and sleeping.
  83. Go out dancing on a Saturday night. If you can’t dance, learn.
  84. On a snowy evening, go outside together and catch snowflakes on your tongues.
  85. Never pass up a ride through the Tunnel of Love.
  86. Decorate the house together for the Christmas holidays.
  87. When you are walking together in the rain, hold most of the umbrellas over her.
  88. When you’re in a setting where you should be quiet, mouth the words I love you.
  89. Learn how to say “I love you” in a sign language.
  90. When he is stressed out, massage his head and neck.
  91. Compromise quickly, never as a last resort.
  92. Emphasize the things about each other that make you happy rather than those that might not be as endearing.
  93. When the bathroom door is shut, don’t try to enter—if she shuts the door, you should, too.
  94. Just ignore each other’s weird noises.
  95. Understand that she will use more than half of the closet space and bathroom counter. Just accept it and move on.
  96. If he likes to sleep later on Saturday’s snuggle up and learn to like it, too.
  97. Understand that he will collect lots of tools and obsess about the grass. Just accept it and move on.
  98. When spending the day together, leave the watches at home.
  99. The best-laid plans can be a bore. Leave a little room for something unexpected.
  100. Always cherish the moments you share. You never know how many more you will have.

There are over 500 ways of showing what’s in your heart to your lover. So, the others will be posted in time soon…^_^

How I wish I’m in a normal self to fulfill this things!

Collected Quotes!

The following quotes are something that i have collected from movies and some quotes that I’ve written on my own in not so many years ago. ^_^ I’ve decided just to post it in here, anyhow this a free press, so might as well share it to you guyz! (Though I know no one will be interested in this thing!)

  • Valuing someone higher than your life. This feeling cant be seen.  But even though it cant be seen, its still there. Its just like how those unseen stars exist in the sky.
  • Maybe true happiness is right next to us and we just don’t realize it.
  • During the winter, the moisture in the air freezes and gives out a dazzling light, just like jewels. If you see a diamond dust, your wish will come true.
  • Having dream is a wonderful thing.  You see, pursuing your dream is just like searching for a single glimmering speck buried in the sand. Like the first star of evening shining in this dark, vast sky. There will be tough times, but you must keep on searching without giving up.


  • My heart has been sealed and chained   long time ago even before it started to beat.
  • As life goes on, my life has been slowly becoming smaller and smaller and it even getting closer into something deeper, yet only those wonderful  memories I treasure that makes my world lighter and with Allah’s grace.
  • When we seek for something far beyond our capability forcefully, then it is hard for us to look more carefully. However, finding our own dream and seeking our own happiness is like spending your time looking for a glimmering speck buried in the sand. When we find, it comes the realization that life is something about looking deep within yourself with heart and soul..~char~~~~~
  • As time goes on,  i feel that my world is becoming more lonelier  and too small for me to move on.
  • Life is no longer  the way it is, as the clock ticks,…I feel my life is running out. =,( the candle deep within me is slowly fading out…and im afraid~~~~~~I feel that  there is no one who awaits me  for all the things I am building now. I wonder, if this life of mine have values. I think none. Th e people i know already swifted  away by the air away from me. I feel empty today…someday, maybe, i will be alone…forever.
  • Life is becoming more boring.
  • When one hope dies deep inside; someday, somehow new things shall be set in order to revive the hope that was taken yesterday.
  • When your world trembles and your hope is starting to dies out, that will be the time you will feel fear, and the darkness shall engulf the whole of you. However, let not that conquer yourself and make oneself believe once more in the little light of hope and make it grow once more to revive the remaining hope the once was taken by yesterday.
  • What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of  the disaster  that may befall on us or are we afraid of the unseen, which is ourselves? Which is which?  We created shadows over shadows in our heart. We keep on chasing and chasing over the things  we wanted and struggling for what we dream of. However, we are afraid of admitting that we, ourselves , are much afraid of things deep within and revealing the truth within thy heart.
  • Can I stop the time from ticking? We, as a human being,  chase over all things in this world, but we don’t always notice that our main enemy, beside ourselves is the time that takes away every seconds of our breath and every memories that we usually wanted to stay as it is. In short, time is one of the reasons why changes are inevitable.  This is not just a fact but it is the real of reality!
  • From my own point of view, when our present became yesterday, and our yesterday became past, therefore, it only means that our past was just a fragmented piece of history as a whole. Sooner or later that piece might turn out to be a legend that there is no renowned basis to provide evidence to your own existence when time comes.
  • Silence always comes  along with the wind of sadness. Sadness carries its parallel word of loneliness..Loneliness brings forth isolation.
  • As my feelings became stressed out and suppressed by so many thoughts, it always comes deep  inside me of wanting to warp this thoughts to a zone that could freeze until I could no longer  be aware of the heart-rending sentiments that I have.
  • In order to create your own destiny, you must have the determination.
  • We human being such as we, could sometime wants to go higher and higher aimlessly without realizing that the path we have taken is a detour going to a hard fall, and forgot to look down. THere is no such thing as easy and have everything in an instant, because everything always start in a scratch. Like a new born baby, whose destiny is yet to be written by him alone.
  • As long as there are strong feelings for each other, one day, the feelings will connect. Then that will give energy into something known as the power of miracles. A strength  that cannot be born by itself.
  • To love someone is the most meaningless thing in this world, and wanting to beloved is just an endless rotation of hope and despair.
  • If you need an answer, don’t use your brain to think about. Try do what you want to do.
  • You’re going to come across a lot of unfairness in the course of your life, but you’ve just going to have to deal with yourself.
  • There’s knowing how others are feeling unless you ask them. And your feelings cant get through to others unless you tell them.
  • I was very happy when I saw you smile, with the sime that melted everything away. Spring was still far away. Inside this wet and cold earth. I was keep waiting for the plants to sprout. Even though today is another painful day. Even though I still carry the pain from yesterday. If I can open my heart that I want to believe in. I can never be born again.
  • Got my head hit by a wind today and thought, “If one person wanted to change something within thy self, he/she must wish for it him/herself. It’s not anybody’s business, but it is solely your own problem. So, deal with it!”
  • I guess, I wasn’t meant to be the one to get my wish.
  • Time moves at its own pace, yet we never bothered to watch our own action. We thought life were going to be at ease most of the time, but we cant accept the fact that it will never will be.  A momentarily solitude could break of just like a crystal shattered  in one piece, and every thing turns into dust. Things will change no matter how we wish to be still forever. It seems that yesterday were just a dream, and what we have for tomorrow seems to be a despair of breaking ourselves from the delusion that ourselves had been created from the past. The fear itself from taking one step, is a fear of taking ourselves to the future. We weren’t given an ample of time to take things seriously, and yet we were carried by the wind without even asking us if we really wanted to. What we have today is just like a dream of what we have from our yesterdays, and we tend to keep the good ones as a memories, since we ourselves cannot accept the fact that it was over.  Things just moves according to the cycle of fate of human.
  • Each time is a borrowed moments, that no matter how we wish for it to stay still, it will never will be, since our life is also a borrowed one.
  • When hurting words suddenly stricken you down, one way to heal yourself is to smile.^_^. For a smile, might be the reason to turn your negative emotions into a positive one. For Allah (s.w.t) knows how you feel, and Allah is fair in giving judgment.
  • The family is disconnected when there is no one who binds them up.
  • Love to an opposite sex is a delusion that everyone should conquer before it conquers them all.
  • “A letter contains of what’s within one’s heart is something to be treasured the most.” Looking and reading at my friends’ letters & cards few years back then is something na nakakataba ng puso, I’m glad I kept it. I never thought it would come in handy at this point in time. ^_^
  • Collecting things in every pages of your life to remark your existing today is something to be called worth it and later on call it as a “treasured memories”. Doing so, you will notice later on that you already written many pages, a book of your own, attached are those pieces of