Television, is it for teaching or for deception?

I was reading an article in an Islamic website, which hit me into something that I usually do as a hobbit to kill most of my time, and still doing it! This is about watching television. For how many years, I have been so hooked up watching anime, and some other TV programs that could possibly entertain me. I love watching them because it gave me the feeling that I couldn’t experience in the real life. I am a loner type of a person. I prefer to just be with myself and settle with idleness and do nothing or something that my interest wanting me to do. However, I didn’t realize the effect of too much consumption of this action until I got myself to the point of being locked up in this so called golden cage! From the articles which I have read, the following statements were being pointed out:

·         television is like a drug
·         when people sit down to watch TV, particularly for long periods, they tend to be in low moods
·         The longer they watch, the less able they are to concentrate.
·         As time goes on, they grow sadder, lonelier, more irritable, and more hostile.
·         Television is a good tool for manipulating, not for teaching.

Thinking about the effect of this thing and one possible thing that it contributes my low mood, I feel it was this Television. I wouldn’t deny that this kind of entertainment were somewhat helpful, but there should be a limitation that must be set up in relation to this. Watching TV, and spending longer in front of computer ads up more isolation within you and become more self-centered person. There is no real interaction with the society, all we have is our self and the idiot box in front of us, and this type of action were dangerous. A statement were also being stated in the article I was reading that caught my attention to and this was stated as follows; “Television can titillate, it cannot teach. It can bring images into our heart, not ideas into our mind. It appeals to the emotions, not the intellect.” So, most probably watching TV, its main point was attracting the emotion of one’s individual while the brain is stock up and become more stagnant! One’s a heart become so crumpled, and destroyed within, most probably it will cause a very obvious side effect, and this thing could possibly leads to depression, anxiety, consciousness, isolation etc. As an individual, I could possibly agree on this part because of the effect that it has done to me. This stuff already started or has started destroying me! I regret, and regret. No one really did stop me back then, and now the roots become so hard to pull-out from one’s own soil or system. Television is more or less for deception, and not for an ideal of teaching!


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