In the solitary days within the darkness, there is something called stillness attached to it. Human being will always feel this way, but they will never ever feel the real sound of idleness. Some can encounter this experience one-fourth of their life. A person who was caught in this kind of living was somehow being handcuff by the so called helplessness, where you can’t feel anything but the mentioned letter. When you combine this stuff, it will create something that you can be so vulnerable the whole of your life, loneliness. Even the sign of yin yang will disintegrate due to the great impact of this emotion. It is a great thing to grow up in the light side of life, nevertheless the opposite were somehow can be sighted as that of a feeling being pulled into some kind of a dark hole.
Living in this kind of living is not an ideal life, it is just like you dig your own grave while you are alive, missing out half of the world can offer to you or most of it. Life is like a big screen of television, you can see everything what’s going on, but the thing is, you can’t control it, just like you can’t control your own life, and you can never predict what will be the next scenes. Twists are meant to be provided on one set of a play in order to reveal and connotes the meaning of the whole story. Seeing the flow of your life on that big screen, there you will come across with something that every person has it in common, and that is fate! Human beings were bind with their so called destiny or fate. However, there were always a question there, is fate bound to be fate, or is it bound to be man’s choice? Which is which? From different races, believes, opinion, they will interpret this in a different way, and answer it in a different set of meaning. This is somehow could lead into confusion. However, if you are man with a great set of believe and sense of respect within thy self, then it is very easy to answer this. If not, then you’re still on the road of soul seeking of the truth behind the piece of every existence.

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