It’s a very fascinating when both couples show their love and affection towards each other. In my 25 years living in this world I never been in a romantic situation in my life. I am kind of very serious towards life and never got the chance to meet someone whom I could share what they called affection, because in our Islamic point of view this is forbidden. Now, that I have a husband of my own, I m having trouble of showing him that I really love him, because I never been a showy person towards others. I keep my feeling. This is the reason why I couldn’t give him what he needs. However, I want to share this to you guys about the “100 OF WAYS TO SHOW WHAT’S IN YOU HEART” hoping that some one could get some ideas on how to show it to their and also a reminder
on my part. These thoughts were written by Gregory E. Lang in purpose of reminding him about his love towards his wife, and his desire to help others when and wherever he can. So hope you could also give yourself a shot in reading these ideas.

  1. Hold hands at the movies.
  2. Lock arms together when taking a stroll. Walk slowly and enjoy a conversation.
  3. When the fall colors are at their brightest, rent a convertible and go for a ride. It’s a good time for a picnic too.
  4. Sing a love song when you are in the shower.
  5. Encourage her to talk about the events of her day before you talk about yours.
  6. Always sit close enough so that you can touch each other if one of you wants to.
  7. There is no such thing as the wrong time to say, ‘I Love You”. Say it with conviction—say it often.
  8. Let him vent freely about what is on his mind whenever he needs to relieve the pressure.
  9. When holding hands, squeeze three times to say “I love you”.
  10. Share good news with each other first.
  11. Avoid withholding bad news. Its best to just get it out and get it over with.
  12. Be honest about what you are feeling and be willing to share all of your feelings.
  13. Take care not to minimize each other’s feelings.
  14. Demand nothing from each other, and gratefully accept whatever is given.
  15. Expect to receive no more than you are willing to give.
  16. Whenever you leave the house, always explain where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  17. Be sure to keep your cell phones on when you are apart from each other.
  18. Call as soon as you realize you will be later than you expected.
  19. Find a reason everyday to call and say, “Hey there. I miss you.” “I love you” wouldn’t hurt, either.
  20. Never mock or make fun of each other.
  21. Try no to be the center of attention. Share the spotlight.
  22. Strive to give more to the relationship than anything else in your life.
  23. When you are needed, drop what you are doing and give your best effort as long as necessary.
  24. When you are setting the thermostat, be considerate of her preferences. Putting on a heavier or lighter shirt isn’t a big deal.
  25. Always do more than what you think is your fair share of the household chores.
  26. Call to say you are on your way home and ask if you can stop pick up anything along the way.
  27. Be as thoughtful to each other at home as you are in public.
  28. When together in the car, be considerate of his preferences. Listening to sports or talk radio once in a while really can be quite entertaining.
  29. Always call when you said you would, especially when you are traveling.
  30. Wait to start eating until both of you have been served.
  31. Don’t bring the newspaper to the table unless both of you are going to read it.
  32. Flirt with each other in public.
  33. Learn each other’s body language.
  34. Lie on the lawn together at midnight and watch the stars overhead.
  35. On the anniversary of your first date, take turns reading your old love letters to each other.
  36. Never stop writing love letters to each other. Save each and everyone.
  37. Keep a scrapbook of the places the two of you have been together. Use it as a memory jogger when you’re in the mood to reminisce.
  38. Send a surprise “I miss you” text message now and then.
  39. Read romantic poetry together, especially when times get rough.
  40. Write love notes on Post-its and leave them on the bath mirror.
  41. Never be late with a birthday card or gift. You will always be forgiven for a card or gift received early!
  42. Only play the games that each of you has a fair chance of winning.
  43. Remember to be playful. Having fun together is a great way to strengthen your relationship.
  44. Turn off the television some nights and just talk, talk, talk. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it.
  45. Show gratitude for everything she does for you.
  46. Understand where both of you are weak and try to be strong there for each other.
  47. Be sure to tell each other the things that make you happy in the relationship.
  48. Let him know that you notice everything he does for you.
  49. Be quick to acknowledge the best in each other and never point out the faults.
  50. Compliment each other’s appearance. Do it often
  51. Never give a self-improvement book, but if you receive one, read it.
  52. It is never too early to say “I’m sorry”. Say it as soon as possible.
  53. Before you get analytical, let her express her anger the way she wants to. She’ll appreciate it later.
  54. When you are wrong, admit it —and mean it.
  55. When you get an emotional response that surprise you, ask why.
  56. Before you get angry, let him explain. There usually is a reason for everything.
  57. If you are feeling defensive, realize that acting on it is probably not the best course of action.
  58. Read to each other at bed time.
  59. Let a goodnight kiss be the last event of every day.
  60. If one of you can’t sleep, don’t disturb the other.
  61. If both of you cannot sleep, sit up and watch your old home movies.
  62. Take a long walks together on the beach.
  63. Go for a ride together on a bicycle built for two.
  64. Have a picnic in a rowboat.
  65. Share secrets with each other that no on else knows about.
  66. Always keep your mate’s confidence private—it is a matter of character and fidelity.
  67. Always speak to each other with respect. Never shout at each other.
  68. Whatever the problems may be, work for harmony, not just peaceful coexistence.
  69. Be transparent in the way you live. Never do anything you wouldn’t want the other to know about.
  70. Make a commitment never to correct each other in front of others or argue in public.
  71. Give other couples watching reason to say, “I wish we were like that.”
  72. Go on a picnic together on the first warm weekend of spring.
  73. Play footsie under the table.
  74. Reach across the table and hold hands while toasting each other.
  75. Order one really decadent dessert to share and feed it to each other.
  76. Bring him lemonade while he is cutting the grass.
  77. Keep a calendar of special moments in earlier years, and celebrate those moments each time that date comes around again.
  78. Wash the car together.
  79. Buy matching coffee cups the next time you go shopping.
  80. Help her fold the laundry.
  81. Play each other’s favorite CDs when you go for a ride.
  82. When you’re on a long trip, take turns driving and sleeping.
  83. Go out dancing on a Saturday night. If you can’t dance, learn.
  84. On a snowy evening, go outside together and catch snowflakes on your tongues.
  85. Never pass up a ride through the Tunnel of Love.
  86. Decorate the house together for the Christmas holidays.
  87. When you are walking together in the rain, hold most of the umbrellas over her.
  88. When you’re in a setting where you should be quiet, mouth the words I love you.
  89. Learn how to say “I love you” in a sign language.
  90. When he is stressed out, massage his head and neck.
  91. Compromise quickly, never as a last resort.
  92. Emphasize the things about each other that make you happy rather than those that might not be as endearing.
  93. When the bathroom door is shut, don’t try to enter—if she shuts the door, you should, too.
  94. Just ignore each other’s weird noises.
  95. Understand that she will use more than half of the closet space and bathroom counter. Just accept it and move on.
  96. If he likes to sleep later on Saturday’s snuggle up and learn to like it, too.
  97. Understand that he will collect lots of tools and obsess about the grass. Just accept it and move on.
  98. When spending the day together, leave the watches at home.
  99. The best-laid plans can be a bore. Leave a little room for something unexpected.
  100. Always cherish the moments you share. You never know how many more you will have.

There are over 500 ways of showing what’s in your heart to your lover. So, the others will be posted in time soon…^_^

How I wish I’m in a normal self to fulfill this things!

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