101-200 Hundreds of ways to show what’s in your heart!

This is a continuation from what I have started since yesterday. So, ready yourself and get yourself another 101-200 ways on how to show whats in your heart with the person you care about!

101. be willing to go where the other wants to go, even if it’s not your preference.

102. Encourage her to spend as much time with her friends as you do with yours.

103. Never complain about each other to your parents.

104. Even though you are a guest, pitch in and help your in-laws with whatever needs doing.

105. Find out what each of you admires about your parents, and strive for that in your own relationship.

106. Allow him the harmless horseplay he enjoys with the guys.

107. Be cordial to the people in each other’s life, and treat them as if they are important to you, too.

108. Never complain about visiting each other’s parents or other family members.

109. Always agree ahead of time how long a visit will last.

110. Reassure each other whenever one of you needs it, no matter how often.

111. Make the focus of your relationship each other’s heart, not your bodies.

112. Try to be the first to say “I love you” in any situation where it is appropriate.

113. Send each other flowers at the office. Don’t send the same flowers every time.

114. Be sure to include a romantic message with every gift. Don’t use the same message every time.

115. Wait on each other hand and foot on your birthdays.

116. Plan ahead and celebrate birthdays in grand fashion.

117. Be considerate, even if you don’t understand why she is upset.

118. Never point a finger in anger.

119. Remember that it is important to taljk through your difference. Don’t “just drop it”. It will fester.

120. Be patient, even if you asked him not to be late.

121. Forgive and forget every offense, without exception. The more difficult it is to forgive, the more important it is to do so.

122. Become adept at forgetting. Harboring resentments will erode the best in each of you.

123. Give each other the passwords to your email.

124. Never open each other’s mail.

125. Shop together for furniture and the artwork you use in decorating your home.

126. For a change, go shopping together and each of you pick out something for the other.

127. Believe it —he is trying to get to everything on your list. Thank him when you get to mark one off.

128. Look for the things you can agree upon and focus on them.

129. Fulfill all you responsibilities to each other willingly. Don’t be afraid to go the second mile.

130. Don’t complain if there is a third or fourth mile.

131. Believe it— she does more for you than you will ever realize. Thank her as often as you can.

132. Treat each other so well that you confidence in each other never wavers.

133. It is important to trust each other, and even more important to be trustworthy. So be so.

134. When one of you says, “No”, respect it.

135. Set out with no destination in mind. Enjoy the process of getting somewhere together.

136. Nog each other about staying healthy.

137. Never let your life get so busy that you don’t have time for each other.

138. Be each other’s best friend.

139. Tell each other stories abut the funny things that happened when you were children.

140. Be sure to reciprocate every gesture of patience, affection, kindness, assistance, and unselfishness.

141. Be uninhibited in showing affection—not obnoxious, just enthusiastic.

142. Just for fun, carry her across the threshold occasionally.

143. Remember, everybody enjoys having their back scratched. Well, almost everybody.

144. The same goes for foot massages.

145. Just for fun, wear nothing but his bathrobe now and then.

146. Enjoy bug mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows together on the first day of winter.

147. Stay in good physical shape for each other.

148. Encourage each other in everything you do.

149.If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.

150. Work hard to break your bad habits, and don’t go back to them.

151. Always accept help when it is offered.

152. never demand an apology. Wait for it to arrive in its own time.

153. Keep a jar for loose change. When it is full, cash it in together and use the money to buy something totally frivolous.

154. Put some creativity and effort into the gifts you select. Never give her a gift certificate.

155. Always personalize the cards you give to each other.

156. Surprise each other with hugs and kisses when they are least expected.

157. Give him the gift he wants, not the one you think he needs.

158. Buy a gift bag, fill with sixty Hershey’s Kisses, and give it with a note that says, “For every minute of the hour I think of you.”

159. Wake each other with gentle hugs and kisses. Keep breath mints on your nightstand for just this occasion.

160. Make a wish for each other at every full moon.

161. Cook a meal together, and eat it by candle light, listening top the soundtrack of romantic movie.

162. Take nps together on rainy afternoons. And sunny ones, too. And when it snows. And…

163. Try new adventures together at least once a month, and save mementoes of the occasion.

164. Take pictures of every special occasion you share. Look at them together later.

165. Keep a relationship journal and read to each other often from it.

166. Display photographs of the two of you doing fun things together.

167. Be patient when you think you know what needs to be done but he hasn’t figure it out yet.

168. Respect each other’s everyday responsibilities demanding constant attention is selfish.

169. Emphasize the positive in your relationship—don’t focus on the negative.

170. Be sure to remind each other how blessed you are to have one another.

171. Overlook the mess she made if she was only trying to help you in the first place.

172. Expect that there will be bad times. Prepare for them by creating so many good times that the bad ones are easily outnumbered.

173. If you get a nice bonus, don’t hide it. It belongs to both of you.

174. Spend any leftover money on each other, not yourself. Be generous, not selfish.

175. Let her put her feet in your lap; kiss her toes when she does.

176. Let her wear your shirts, and don’t complain if she wants to keep one for herself.

177. Smile whenever you catch each other’s eye, regardless of where you are.

178. The next time there is a warm summer rain, go outside and show dance in it.

179. Shave his neck for him; use warm water and a sharp razor.

180. Sneak a kiss in public once in a while, when it is least expected. Be discrete.

181. Share a warm bubble bath after a hard day. Wash each other’s back.

182. Linger in admiration of each other’s best attribute.

183. Be sure to keep a photograph of each other in your purse or wallet.

184. Send each other goofy cards for no particular reason.

185. When you’re going out to celebrate a special occasion, let the maitre d’ know about it before you arrive.

186. Watch a Sleepless in Seattle together.

187. If you must comment on Meg Ryan, let it be only about her acting.

188. Never quiz each other about anything that may have been said while sleeping.

189. Avoid asking him, “Why don’t you say things like that?” after Tom Hank’s most romantic lines.

190. Throw away the glamour shots of old girlfriends or boyfriends.

191. Should you one day have children together, devote yourself to them above everything else.

192. Always make lots of time available to your children, and help each other take care of them.

193. Agree upon how to raise the children. Do not criticize each other’s actions in front of them.

194. If each of you has children from a previous marriage, help each other to become the best step parent possible.

195. Make the bed while she is in the bathroom.

196. Talk about a special moment you both have experienced that you wished would never end. Make it happen again.

197. Plan to have at least one “date” every week, and do some of the things you did when  you were courting.

198. Lead him to a candlelit bathroom and a hot bath.

199. Celebrate the anniversary of your first date by doing it all over again.

200. Chase each other around the house once in a while. Get caught.

Reading each statement from this list were somehow giving me a wishful thinking of how I wish there could be a possible thing in one of this list to happen between me and my spouse. But I think this is just a wishful thinking and I know it won’t be in reality. So, sad but it’s the reality. Hopefully someone could use this…^_^


I am hopelessly romantic. Completely in despair right now!…..

The other 201-300 would be too follow. So , enjoy the day!


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