Some 100 Things That I Want To Share About ME!

Got interested posting something about me. I actually did post this listing on the website that I was involve with. So, now I am kinda got interested in sharing this to you guys!

1. I am Jom.
2. I am 25 years of age
3. I was born on July 3, 1987
4. I am of course 100% female
5. I am a graduate of International studies
6. Also a graduate of Certificate of Government Management
7. I always alone, but don’t want to be.
8. I always have this impulsive attitude.
9. I might be a selfish human being
10. I need to strengthen my relation to HIM.
11. Always in question about any things.
12. Having a short term memory and hardly to remember things. hehehe
13. I am 100 % married but 100% single.
14. My husband is 29 years of age.
15. I love eating
16. Kinda introverted.
17. I am trying to living alone and be independent.
18. I am watching a great movie right now.
19. I love to blog..(i just realized that now)
20. I drink some vitamins.
21. I have a low self-esteem.
22. I usually wanted to be get out of here in this world.
23. I have very supportive parents.
24. A very loving mother-in-law.
25. A religious in-laws.
26. I have a 4×4 car, namely Lance.
27. I have a sony laptop.
28. My favorite color is blue.
29. I am working in a private company.
30. Everyone is nice here in the office.
31. I have lot of friends but, rarely to see them.
32. I am trying to be more positive everyday.
33. People say I am humble, but it was then too much…eehehe
34. I am in aero class.
35. I always wanted to diet, but eat a lot when I am alone.
36. I wishing for a good relationship
37. I am having a hard time understanding of things.
38. I need to try to adjust and accept thig
39. I buy books, but don’t read them later on.
40. I love watching anime.
41. Anime gives me inspiration.
42. I have a second cousin, who loves it and having a great memory. Remembering lot of stuffs.
43. I was given a white cat before.
44. Now, I have 1 dozen of them…ehehe
45. I wanted to learn so many languages when I was young.
46. Just thought of wanting to be a philanthropist someday.
47. I want to share love….trying too.
48. I am being unloved by HIM.
49. I want to give up, but need to fight life.
50. I want to change for him, but I couldn’t.
51. I want to be a fluent talker and having good conversation skills.
52. I am a cancer
53. I am a very sensitive person.
54. I need to get up early morning to make breakfast.
55. I want to cook, but got no time.
56. Just recently tried to put a tattoo on my hands.
57. I want to travel the world.
58. I want to see a real cherry blossom.
59. I want to go to Japan.
60. My husband told me, I am so mellow dramatic person.
61. I want to have a self confidence.
62. I want to be with people comfortably.
63. I want to learn about my religion.
64. I will go to some seminars during weekends… hopefully.
65. I want to show the real me to the people.
66. I am trying to hope that there will be me in a better future.
67. I have my sony camera with me.
68. Just recently went to camiguin island.
69. I only have one brother.
70. My brother is 14, and I am 24. Too much Gap.
71. I want to try new things, but afraid to try…ehehe
72. I am always has this low mood when I drink coffee.
73. I always trying to spill out my negativity
74. I want to have a coffee during afternoon.
75. I don’t eat my lunch now a days.
76. I love rainy days.
77. I love taking pictures.
78. I love drawing, but I already forgot how to.
79. I always in a panic.
80. I want to meet a new person who will change the whole of me.
81. I want to get out of my shell, yet it looks like I am going back to who I am.
82. I don’t know how to laundry.
83. I don’t know how to work relationship out.
84. I admit I don’t know anything.
85. I am trying to improve in applying my make up.
86. I love using my in 2 it foundation.
87. I love using Loreil Shampoo.
88. I was hit by a black magic as they’ve said, and I don’t know it was true.
89. I am a honor graduate, but I couldn’t prove them
90. I hate oral recitation, but I love reporting.
91. I want to be a teacher but I couldn‘t.
92. I want to prove something to other people, but the other me always subside.
93. I have debts in me…=(
94. I rarely come home now days.
95. I want to busy myself.
96. I think i need to fight the bad side of me
97. I am having a headache writing about 100 things about me.
98. Regretting of not going to my husbands graduation.
99. I love someone special
100. Hope he will someday.

At last, I already finish this within 1 hour…my head is kinda hurt from thinking….ehehehe


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