201-300 Ways to Show what’s in your heart!

Hello guys!!! Another day of enumerating a 100 ways of showing what’s inside your heart to your love ones.

201. Learn how to say, “I can’t wait to get you home” and “You are so hot!” in sign language.

202. Listen to each other. Really listen. Listen some more.

203. Share all the secrets you can without hurting each other.

204. If either of you is uncomfortable with the plan, change it immediately.

205. Be each other’s sounding board even if you have heard it before.

206. Go to an amusement park and ride the Ferris wheel —kiss when you reach the top.

207. Try to win a prize for her at the fair. Spend whatever it takes.

208. Be ach other’s biggest fan—and loudest cheerleader.

209. Have a beer with him at the ball park. Stand and holler whenever he does.

210. Attend each other’s high school and college reunions.

211. Give each other lucky charms

212. Never suggest a boob job or that she needs to diet.

213. Never have a crush on a celebrity. Atleast don’t confess to it.

214. Don’t ever say or do anything that will cause someone else to think you are available.

215. When you have important decisions to make, ask each other for advice.

216. Never remind him of ho fit and slender he once was.

217. Confide in each other —first and often.

218. Never use offensive words or gestures—or ones that provoke fear.

219. Don’t ask for details of any previous relationship.

220. Always act toward each other in ways that you will never regret later.

221. Don’t ever make the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistake.

222. Become skilled in fine arts of overlooking and overcoming.

223. Go out of your way to start a conversation on something that is important to her.

224. Share your deepest personal and religious beliefs with each other.

225. Pray together when times are tough.

226. Show genuine concern about the things that keep him awake at night.

227. Attend worship services together and become involved in the congregation’s activities as much as you can.

228. Attend your house of worship together and be willing to talk together about your faith.

229. When you watch the sunset together, be sure to say “Thank you for spending this day with me.” Once it disappears.

230. When you watch the sunrise together remember to say “I’m so glad I have another day  with you” the moment it appears.

231. Always look into each other’s eyes when you are talking.

232. Take care of the routine maintenance of her car, and keep her gas tank full.

233. When you find that you are about to eat or use the last something, offer to share it. Better yet, give it to your mate.

234. Make sure that when you shower or bather, you don’t use up all the hot water.

235. make sure that his best shirts are always clean. Check his ties for stains.

236. Clean the tub after you finish your bath. Don’t leave such things for her.

237. Arrange for a lawn service to give him a well-deserved break one weekend.

238. They’re your friends, not hers. Don’t expect her to take care of them for you.

239. When you r mate says, “We need to talk,” understand that means right now, not later.

240. Don’t play one-upmanship with your mate. No one ever wins.

241. If you know it is irritating, stop doing it.

242. They’re your friends, not his. Don’t expect him to drop everything just because they came over.

243 Never say, “You’ve changed,” unless both of you would agree that its for the better.

244. When you can see that help is needed, get in there and help before you are asked to do so.

245. Celebrate with each other in times of joy.

246. If you can help each other’s dreams come true, do it.

247. Support each other’s effort at personal growth.

248. Encourage each other’s individuality.

249. Do not compete with the children for each other’s time—but make time for everybody in the family.

250. Alternate holidays between your families. Do it without complaint.

251. Invite both of your families to join together in celebrating special events in your lives.

252. Participate in each other’s family traditions as if they have been your own for generations. It will enrich your life.

253. Be enthusiastic about getting to know each other’s families.

254. If each of you has children from a previous marriage, treat all of them equally in your estate planning.

255. If your family includes a child that isn’t yours, love him or her as if they were.

256. Treat each other like you would want someone to treat your son or daughter.

257. Go to any length to make each other laugh.

258. Play to have fun, not to win. Play often.

259. Love is a team sport, not a competition. You don’t have to win to have a good time.

260. when you’re together, try to find something humorous in every situation.

261. Be her gentleman. Go outside for the paper. Tale out the dog. Take out the Trash. Unload the dishwasher.

262. When you’re watching TV on the couch together, be the one who refreshes the beverages.

263. Change your routine once in a while to add a little spcie to your relationship.

264. Be his siren, rub his shoulders. Let your hair down. Wear the perfume he bought for you. Sleep naked.

265. Say “Thank you for loving me” often.

266. End every telephone conversation with “I love you”.

267. There will always be more work to do. Take time to relax together.

268. Be generous-with your time, your attention, your money. And your love.

269. Stand or walk between her and traffic,

270. Say “Thanks, honey” or wink at him when he holds the door for you.

271. Give her heart shaped candy on the anniversary of your first date.

272. Be willing to stop anything that you are doing to make time for a little romance.

273. Every ten years or so, invite your family and closest friends to a party in which you renew your vows.

274. Wait on each other hand and foot on your anniversary.

275. Always follow your heart, not your friends’ recommendation.

276. Call each other’s parents on special occasions.

277. On the anniversary of your first date, give him that same lingering good-night kiss he still remembers.

278. Answer unambiguously f someone asks if you are in a relationship.

279. After saying “yes”, pull out your wallet and show off your pictures.

280. Affirm each other’s strength, and never exploit the weaknesses.

281. Never lead in a direction where the other doesn’t want to go.

282. Never tell a lie in order to get out of an embarrassing situation.

283. If the two of you run into one of her old boyfriends, be a gentleman.

284. Never put yourself in a situation that will tempt you to lie if you get caught,

285. When you make a promise, keep it. A good relationship requires keeping you promises.

286. If the two of you run into one of his old girlfriends, forget about her as soon as possible.

287. Be sure t share the power and control in your relationship.

288. Allow each other to be an expert in something.

289. If she forgot her gloves or jacket, giver her yours.

290. If she forgot her sunglasses, give her yours.

291. If she forgot her pajamas, hide yours.

292. If he forgot his toothbrush, give him yours.

293. If he forgot his razor, give him yours.

294. If he brought his pajamas, hide them.

295. Let your touch be gentle, never demanding or rough.

296. Never ever tell anyone each other’s secrets.

297. Talk in detail about what it is that keeps you in love.

298. Talk freely about the fun and good times you have shared.

299. The next time you go out to eat together, secretly check into a hotel first and surprise him with the key at the end of the meal.

300 When you are traveling and you call home, say “I wish I were there with you.”

Hope every one guys had a great time today?! After reading this, don’t hesitate to apply it in your relationship! Try it and it might work. ^_~





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