301-400 Ways to Show what’s in your heart!

       Have you already showed your partner your affection to him/her? Maybe you should try this another set of ways to show what’s in your heart! So, be sure to make them feel so special.

301. If you must travel alone, always bring a little something back for the other.

302. The next time she mentions she needs to go shopping, go with her, double her budget, and carry all the bags. Don’t complain about how long it takes.

303. When you are traveling alone, call home every day- sometimes more than once.

304. When one of you needs a hug, give two.

305. When questions are asked, be honest in your answer, but be tactful and considerate in how you answer.

306. Turn down the television when the other person is on the phone.

307. When he goes out on the town with his friends, don’t demand to know everything that happened as soon as he gets home.

308. Be sure not to monopolize the conversation, and don’t make your stories too long. After all, you’re not the only person who has something to say.

309. Don’t open or hack into each other’s mail.

310. When she goes out with her girlfriends, don’t call her every fifteen minutes to find out when she is coming home.

311. Take time to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea together while sitting on the porch.

312. Make a habit of going for an evening stroll during a full moon.

313. Give most of your spare time to each other, and when it seems like there isn’t any, make some.

314. Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to say, “Thank your for being mine.”

315. Don’t minimize or make fun of the things she does to make herself feel beautiful.

316. Don’t be jealous. Don’t be a snoop.

317. Don’t play hard to get.

318. Remember, neither of you owe the other anything. Your relationship is a gift.

319. Don’t laugh out loud at  or tell others about what he does when he doesn’t know you are watching him.

320. Never be flirtatious with each other’s friends.

321. Never compare each other to old flames or ex-spouses.

322. Slow dance together occasionally in the shower.

323. Keep scented massage oil close at hand.

324. Understand the difference between sexy and kinky. Always prefer sexy.

325. Explore each other in the dark.

326.Buy an umbrella for her to keep in her car.

327. Keep your clothes and other things picked up.

328. Don’t either of you surprise the other with cold feet on the back.

329. Paint her toenails.

330. Practice breath parity. Either both of your eat garlic, or you both should skip it.

331. Give him a grooming kit to keep at the office.

332. Wash his hair.

333. Always make him feel desirable and appreciated—especially if you want him to feel the same way about you.

334. Give her time when she needs it—she will come to you when she is ready.

335. Agree on goals that you can pursue in your life together and keep looking for new ones to add.

336. Every now and then review your goals together. Celebrate the ones that were met.

337. Remember to share the credit for all that has turned out according to your plan.

338. When she is talking to you, don’t make “hurr up” hand gestures. Keep your hands in your pockets if you have to.

339. Be sure your behavior and attitudes show that you want to be together for the rest of your lives.

340. When you kiss while stopped at a traffic light, remind each other of the first time you did that.

341. When he is trying his best to express himself, smile and hold his hand to comfort and encourage him.

342. Kiss before you leave the house, each and everytime.

343. Kiss again as soon as you get home. Times in between are okay too.

344.Never storm off when you are mad; never slam a door.

345. Never break anything in anger. Not only may you not be able to replace it, its bad form.

346. Be careful about how you talk to one another. The pain of hurtful words can last a long time.

347. Be careful not to do anything that will lessen your respect for each other.

348. It is very important to understand that no matter how well you know each other, there will always be things you don’t understand.

349. Ask when you don’t understand. Avoid guessing.

350. Remember, everyone needs a little space now and then. Respect it when it is requested.

351. Just for fun, pretend you are strangers and get to know each other again.

352. Surprise each other with a back rub now and then.

353. Always strive to learn something new about each other.

354. In your own way, reciprocate every gesture of affection made toward you.

355. When she asks, “What are you thinking about?” say something, almost anything, but never, “Nothing.”

356. Always be sure to introduce each other to anyone you meet.

357. If you say you will do something do it! If you said you won’t, don’t!

358. Never keep score of the times when you have been hurt or offended.

359. If you aren’t in the mood, that;’s okay, but do something at a later time to encourage his desire for you.

360. Resist the temptation to think yourself a relationship expert just because you saw something on TV.

361. Don’t act like you know everything. You don’t.

362. Ask for eacgh other’s opinions, and show respect by listening to the entire answer before replying.

363. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It probably doesn’t matter anyway.

364. Take the best of your individual traditions and make them part of your relationship. Forge new traditions together, also.

365. Make an effort to learn about the things that interest your mate. You might be surprised to learn that you dinf them interesting, too.

366. Remember that most of the time comrpomise is more important than agreeing on who is right.

367. Surprise her by singing her favorite love song to her on your wedding anniversary.

368. Surprise him with a romantic and affectionate evening on your wedding anniversary.

369. Think of reasons why you have never felt the same way about anyone else, and share them.

370. Always include a message with any gift you give.

371. If you are going to buy clothing for each other, then make sure it’s the right size.

372. Give her a nickname that makers her feel like a queen.

373. Show off for reach other once in a while.

374. Learn how to say “I love you” in a different language.

375. Carve your initials in a tree.

376. Write your names in cement. Encircle them with a heart.

377. Give him a nickname that makes him feel like a stud.

378. Take lots of pictures of each other, and make a photo history of your relationship.

379. make a time capsule togethjer, and open it on a milestone anniversary.

380. Keep pictures of each other on your nightstand.

381. Have a warm towel ready and waiting when she gets out of the shower.

382. Reach into the shower and scrub his back.

383. Use lotion on your rough spots.

384. Serve breakfast in bed once in a while. Try feeding each other.

385. If you are offered a breath mint, say “thank you” and use it.

386. Surpise each other with sexy underwear.

387. Always notice what she does to her hair.

388. Bring home wine, roses, or champagne for no reason at all.

389. Semd romantic e-mails to each other.

390. Know eac other’s favorite color and favorite foods.

391. Praise him when he loses weight, even if only a couple of pounds.

392. Send a romantic cards ad letters to each other in the mail.

393. If asked, “Do you still love me?” always answer, “More than ever.”

394. Write short but profounf messages for each other and leave them where they are sure to be found.

395. Only take the risks that both of you are comfortable with.

396. If you must change the schedule, tell each other beforehand —-as soon as you reliaze it must be changed.

397.Seize every opprotunity to tell her she is beautiful.

398. Thank each other for the happy memories of things you’ve done together.

399. Remember the birthdays of each of your parents.

400. Always pick up the check when dining out with either set of parents.

       Kinda very long right? But don’t be, there are those times where you wanted to be notice by someone whom you care, at least make an effort to do something.


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