401-500 ways to show your love

This will be the last set of ways to show your love to your partner. Be sure to read them all in order for you to apply it on your own. It isn’t bad if you’re going to show it, right?


401. Always thank him for the hard work he does.

402. Celebrate each other’s achievements, especially those that required much effort.

403. Always give each other the benefit of the doubt.

404. Praise each other in front of your friends.

405. When you’re at a wedding together, dance as if it’s all about you.

406. The next time you watch a romantic movie together, try acting out some of her favorite scenes.

407. When he say, “you look sexy in that,” wear it again, soon/

408. In five minutes or less, make lists of why you love each other and share them together.

409. IF she needs your attention, give it.

410. If she picked it out for you, wear it.

411. If she asks you to get rid of it, chuck it.

412. Listen carefully for hints of places she would like to go. Find a way to take her there.

413. If he asks you to go along, go.

414. If he asks for hints, give them.

415. If he gave it to you, use it.

416. Surprise him by making arrangements for a getaway weekend.

417. Try to anticipate each other’s needs, and fulfill them in abundance.

418. Remember that sometimes you cannot see things clearly, and those times, have trust.

419. Make sure your mate never feels lost.

420. Give each other every reason to want to snuggle before falling asleep.

421. Trust—-and be trustworthy.

422. When the two of you are in the presence of other women, always keep your eyes in her.

423. Let your “yes” mean yes, and your “no” means no.

424. Let your “I do” always mean “I won’t with anyone else.”

425. Never do anything you would not want to have to admit to the other.

426. When the two of you are in the presence of other men, always kiss him at least once for all to see.

427. If you must have a conversation with an old flame, keep it short. Don’t keep it a secret.

428. Never look to blame each other when things don’t run out as well as you wished they had.

429. Let your business with your ex be just that—business.

430. Bring home a surprise gift—just for the pleasure of seeing the reaction.

431. Wear your wedding ring every day. Wear it with pride.

432. Always stand up for each other.

433. Be quick to believe good things about each other and slow to believe bad.

434. When she walks past, reach out to touch her.

435. Remember that you are stronger together than when apart. Spend most of your time together.

436. When you are away, try to get home early if you can.

437. When one of you has been away from home, buy flowers to celebrate their return.

438. When he reaches for you, move closer.

439. Look for reasons to begin a sentence with “I really appreciate it when you…”

440. When one of you is sick, clear your schedule and spend the day taking care of the other.

441. Surprise her by adding a few of your own words to your wedding vows. She will never forget it.

442. Walk up to him and say “You may now kiss the bride.” He’ll gladly do it every time.

443. Memorize your wedding vows and repeat them on every anniversary.

444. Strive to show your love in as many ways as possible. A few ways are simply, well, too few.

445. Learn how to make her favorite drink.

446. Don’t eat off each other’s plate, but if you think you must, ask first.

447. On New Year’s Eve, celebrate till there wee hours of the morning.

448. Treat each other to a weekend brunch at a favorite restaurant.

449. Keep his favorite snack in the pantry.

450. Listen carefully for hints of things she would like to have. Surprise her by giving them as gifts at unexpected times.

451. Plan a costume part together and invite your friends. Dress alike.

452. When you’re at a party, pay more attention to each other than anyone else.

453. Always acknowledge it when she tells you, “I love you”

454. Understand that he may not always use the most obvious words to tell you he loves you.

455. Say “I love you” as often as your mate needs to hear it, not just when you feel like saying it.

456. Read the Sunday paper together. Share the stories that strike you as particularly interesting, funny, or odd.

457. If you wake up first, make a coffee or two.

458. For no particular reason, surprise your mate with a new CD by a favorite artist.

459. Do the household and yard chores together.

460. Plant your favorite flowers together in the spring.

461. Keep yourself clean and smelling fresh. She’ll appreciate it.

462. Grab quick, passionate kisses when it’s just the two of you in an elevator.

463. Stop the elevator once in a while and share a longer kiss.

464. If she is sitting in a cold draft, change places with her.

465. Shave your legs all the way up. He’ll love it.

466. In the absence of elevators, quick kisses on escalators are permitted.

467. Have a breath mint right before you get home.

468. Replace his underwear as needed.

469. Be good to each other because it is good thing to do, not because you think you’re going to get something from it.

470. Never turn down affection or make your mate work yours.

471. Be proud to be seen together in public.

472. Give your mate many reasons to respect you. Many, many.

473. Pay attention to each other’s fears and give encouragement to overcome them.

474. While at a party, surprise her by making a toast to your relationship.

475. Its better never to get drunk when you are out together, but don’t be embarrassing if you do.

476. When sadness occurs, be comforting and supporting to each other.

477. When one of you is facing a difficult challenge, help carry as much of the burden as you can.

478. While at a party, let him over hear you brag about him to someone else.

479. Be sure to attend important events in each other’s lives.

480. At the end of the year, be sure to acknowledge the helpful things that were done for you/

481. Always have at least one New Year’s Resolution about improving your relationship. Live it up.

482. Sometimes a cliché is all that comes to mind. Don’t frown when he uses one.

483. Be careful never to take out your frustrations on each other.

484. You will have a fight. Agree on the rules of engagement before you have one. Stick to the rules when you have one. Make sure “kiss and make up” is a rule.

485. Sometimes all she wants to do is talk. Listen —and don’t set a time limit.

486. Learn to count to three before you get angry. Twenty-five would be even better.

487. Never make threatening statements like. “This is your last chance!” to each other.

488. When you have had a fight, be the first to make peace. It won’t kill you.

489. Give each other butterfly kisses sometimes, especially when one of you is waking up.

490. Put a chocolate kisses on your pillows on special occasions.

491. A quiet moment is a good time to say “I love you”.

492. Never go to sleep while you are angry with each other.

493. Understand that intimacy is her gift to you, not her obligation.

494. Whenever the other person makes a suggestion, give it serious consideration.

495. Ask each other questions before jumping to wrong conclusion.

496. Be willing to grovel when you are wrong. Maybe even when you aren’t.

497. Understand that he wants to make you happy. Let him know when you are.

498. Learn how to distinguish between big issues and things that don’t matter. Overlook those that don’t matter.

499. If you are unsure if whether you can resist temptation, stay away from what may attempt you.

500. Show each other a Love sigh every day. When you have shown all that you can think of, start over and show them all again.


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