Election on heights!

Three days to go before the candidates shall be judge and that depends on how they make out with the people all around them and how they put beautiful remarks for themselves. Election is yet to come here in the Philippines, almost every politician is at their high climax in making out with the people to vote them. I usually thought why they need to pursue politics, when in fact they can help many people in many other ways. Is it for prestige or is it for the money that they can get? Here in our place, vote buying is really widely spread. Every candidate put all their money at risk in buying peoples’ votes. Some of them really exceed in the unexpected amount of money which turns out how they can be so desperate sometimes. People as well is thinking of buying those things from this candidates due to their mind sets which goes “When those politicians wins in the election, most of them will not help their people or do something, prefer to get the money they are giving for at least it can help us.” This kind of vote buying were somehow a cancerous sickness in the town were I live, and I think there is no cure on this, it became a social norms. In this upcoming election, I wish good luck to all the candidates, and may you bring goodness in this country of ours, and lift poverty in some way or another.



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