Batch Reunion

As of today, I am starting to feel this kind of feeling like having a boring day. I feel so useless; however I don’t know what to do. ~sigh. The only thing I can do for now is to prepare and think about the reunion that we will be doing this May 18. I need to keep my mind busy, or else I’ll get my mood so low. Any way, I am starting our batch reunion movie. I already scanned some pictures of our high school years last night, and somehow most of my batch didn’t send any pictures. =,(  It’s kinda frustrating, but I need to think that it probably they are busy too much living there own life. I guess, I need to live my own as well and start to focus on something. But for now I’ll be finishing this one. I have choosen Find us Faithful by Steven and Circle of Life by Elton John’s song that will be used in this video. I think I need to use our pictures from our DANSOLI to act as an additional photo from that pictures I scanned. Plus our class legacy is a most. So tonight I’ll be doing some of them partially, so I could be half way doing it next week. I haven’t got any plan on how to  make them but I think ideas will come out once I started working on it, right guys…^_^ If this reunion pursued and my presentation of our past be presented, I might post them here. Hope this might be good….



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