Which is better, staying in your dreams or waking into reality?

Most of us were living in a dream that there is no possibility if it could be possible in the real life, or live in the imagination we wanted our life to have hoping that some day it will. I could not find any fault from those people who commit on this thing because it usually gives them an inspiration, motivation and a will power to move on and become the reality of there dream. However, there are those people who were trapped. They are imagining being the person they wanted to be in the future but they don’t have the courage to do it. They are stuck in the whirl pool of the possibilities that they’re mind creates, yet their fears become stronger than their dreams per se. As a “writer” of this article, I always experience this. When I was in my younger years, I was hoping my dreams would be so real and imagine things that would excite me and keep me motivated. This view in life suddenly changed when I was exposed into reality of life. I saw what I need to see, the unfairness of the world and the lies that committed by the people around you. You even get disappointed with what you’ve become for, until the confidence that is left were already have been drained out. I was thinking that perhaps it is much better in staying in the dreams were you keep yourself to be more motivated than being awake. I want to stay in this kind of situation, but no matter what I’ll do I could never escape the reality of life. Maybe, as a human being I was not exposed into too much hardship in life. I thought life would be so kind enough to continue the way I experienced it, but nothing is forever. Everything changes, people come and go and there are no assurances that life could never give us pain. Nevertheless, if some people made me decide which thing I’ll choose? I’d rather choose staying in the dreams, if possible to keep me motivated.

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