Reading and Writing Blogs!

            Good day, to all bloggers in the world! I think it would be a best thing first to greet every reader of the Word Press a greeting of good day or so. ^_^
            I was already done assisting at the frontline in our office, and already resume my rightful designation here at the office. Well, I don’t want to tell more about my office work yet, may be soon. Any way, it becomes a hobbit these past few days in looking out my Word Press account. Sometimes I get frustrated when I don’t see any comments on my blogs. V.v However, I don’t blame the people out here. So many bloggers those are very talented at their own pace. As I browse at the Freshly Pressed here on WP and other authors, it made me learn something new. One thing that I have learned through browsing some stories, are more on Writings. Giving some advice how to write this stuff, what to write, the do’s and don’ts and lot of stuff makes me learn something new. Somehow, it really gives me an idea and being grateful of doing something like this.  Just recently, I was reading about the blogs by a blogger name Asha Seth on her blogs entitled “What to Write”. She made sort out of some advices that she would like to share. I could say they are very fair enough and true. In order to see it for yourself you can visit her site @ Asha’s Blog. One thing I have learned from her writing is “Be a reader and not a Writer”. It made me think how true it is, because in my own experience, as I read I am learning something new that I could possibly apply with my quest in this blogging world. I could learn a lot. What I appreciate more about reading blogs is that you can seemingly experience what other experienced, and feel the excitement that they describe on their blogs. It seems though that what they did experience is something you also experienced. Like right now, I find myself writing this stuff and words that coming out in my mind like a gush of water in a non-stop. It excites me and my brain seems to loosing out all the words that could think off. There is that blog that I read that says “keep your pen and notes be ready” and write all the things you think of. Write. Write. Write. Don’t think about the wrong grammar or the misspelled words, because in the later part, you can edit your own work. Just write before you forgot what you had in mind. Like right now, I am trying if I could keep up with my brain in writing all the thoughts that I had in mind. Somehow, I feel fine. It keeps me filled with so much words, that I could not think of my own problems. I think this is the benefits of writing, it keeps you more occupied than thinking all the lame thoughts that your mind is sprouting about. Writings can be a therapy of something that negates in your soul. Maybe, if I exercise this stuff over and over everyday, I might be good at these… (Hahaha…very confident!!!) However, this is based on my experience right now. I don’t know if I can write every day and post a blog at this site, but I would love to try to keep my mind be off to something very interesting and could give me an additional flavour of life. So, I think I need to pause.

2 thoughts on “Reading and Writing Blogs!”

  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking via some from the publish I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I am certainly delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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