Yesterday afternoon while I was at a sari-sari store nearby our office, I thought of looking out some of their displayed DVDs for sale. To my surprise, I then saw the movie entitled “Fast and Furious 6”.


            I though of asking the sales lady, if this movie was already in DVD copy, and to my frustration it wasn’t. It is still copied through Movie. Here in our place, just don’t question about the DVDs that are sale outside because they aren’t original but a pirated copies of those movies. Anyway, after asking the sales lady, she mentioned that this movie were already released and out at the G-mall for showing. I got excited because I really am looking forward on seeing this movie. I haven’t watched the last instalments of Fast and Furious, except the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. That movie was totally amazing. The car rushing, the sound of the tire being scratched off through driving, and the adrenaline rush it gives. It is totally a smashed out movie as I watched. I never got that movie on my mind and watched twice or thrice already. I really am looking forward to see this movie, because I am looking forward to feel that kind of excitement again, and I told myself to watch it on the big screen. I thought of watching this after when I got out in the office after 5. While waiting, I then browse at the Daily news inquirer to see some photos, and let say get some updates about what’s going on unto the world. As I scan them, and look at the Entertainment part, I saw this movie and with my surprise it wasn’t yet on the big screen. I thought….”Hwaaaatttt”?!!! My level of excitements has dropped down. I then think that it might be possible that this movie is already out the G-mall (still…hoping…), but I guess it’s impossible because movies should be shown on the set date.

            That afternoon, after office, I still went at the cinema hoping to see the movie. But it turns out that, it wasn’t there yet. I asked the guard when will be the day it would be shown and told me; it will be on Friday May 24, 2013 (the exact showing date). To my sigh, I just thought “Oh well, this movie wont go away if I can’t watch it today.” Since I was there, I just thought of watching other movie instead of going back in my lonely place. There were for movies to choose from:

THE STARTREK into the Darkness








            As I look at them, I first thought of watching the Star Trek because I want to see how it differs from the STARTREK instalment. However, as I look back, many movie goers were lining up at the Cinema 3. It was shown there the entitled BRomance starting Zanjo Marudo. To my curiosity, I did line up while carrying a battle of water inside. The movie started at around 5:50 pm and ended at 7:40 in the evening. More or less this movie contains, 1 hour and 50 minutes as its length. When I watched this movie, I make sure to sit at the centre, due the reason that you can see the whole wide scene and watch it more accurately there. Yet so many people were there, I really don’t have a choice but put myself on an available set near the walk hallway.

            This movie really is a funny one. Zanjo Marudo, in its aura you can’t imagine how he did pull his self up to act as a Gay in this movie. His body is very masculine, and has a manly voice. It is such a hard thing to be in this kind of role that you need to give life to it’s even though it’s not your real nature. The first time I saw Zanjoe Marudo as a gay was at his movie with BEA ALONZO (her real life partner) in the movie entitled “24/7” which he did also portrayed there as a GAY, whom BEA was in love with. Maybe some directors in the Star Cinema show this funny side of Zanjo and put it in an all out movie as a Gay and A Guy at the same time. Nevertheless, he did made a good acting on his role on this one. I could say two thumbs up. ^_~ this movie is based on twin brother named Brando and Brandy. Both of them both leave in a different world, but at the same image. There mother wasn’t expecting a two sons at the same time. On their up bringing, Brando thought that Brandy gave him so much bad luck because brandy usually use his brother image in order to see boys and pull his self out from trouble. On this situation, Brando curse his brother because of the unluck he brings to him. The only thing that he did appreciate to Brandy was finding Christine Reyes (his love interest in the movie) along the way. Insecurities, lies, love, romance, and funny side were already here in the movie. So, those people who haven’t watched, come and see the movie!

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