Uncontrollable within the controllable Zone!!!


It is normal for us human where we feel this so called adrenaline rush. This is usually occurring during a special event that happens in our life, most likely during sports, contest, etc. We couldn’t help but to feel this kind of impulsive hormone that comes rushing in within us. It is a matter of controlling this typical feeling in once life, and we could say it is usual among human being. However, have you felt the same feeling where you couldn’t explain where it came from? Adrenaline rush without any explanation? it just came in and you seem to think and ask, what is this? Usually you couldn’t help but to stay still and calm yourself and apply some advices of having a deep breath to relax the muscle, yet there were that moments that a person could feel this from time to time without enough explanation. It just came in. There are those people who experience this, and suddenly caused a panic attack within them if it came to a maximum level. If you’re going within the science lexis you could see all the explanation of all the reason in this kind of situation through any search engine. You might believe them, or not, but you could get tired from reading them, and interpret them between the lines. Yet I think there is only one reason behind this, and that’s for you to guess…^_^

Bringing back my memories….

Around 10:25 in the evening, got nothing to do and the night is quite as usual. The only thing i could hear is the music that were being played in the youtube. Before it happen, i was thinking of downloading an anime avi from youtube.com to be uploaded on my phone. I was thinking thirty minutes ago of what should i want to choose. Going back from my past, since I love anime so much, I thought of typing my most favorite couple in the search engine KAORUX KENSHIN (character from samurai-x), it was so happen that it caught my attention one of the videos there with a music background “Love always finds a reason”. It struck me down, i didnt meant on going back from my past. But the feeling I have when I was in my fifteen years of age suddenly went back. Its like a time machine going back from those years that I wanted to stay, those emotions, those eagerness, those feelings that keeps me from believing on something that even though i know it wouldn’t come into realization. A feeling that I wouldn’t want to erase from my memory. I couldn’t exactly give you the detail of how I feel today, yet i am glad that i thought of those things and realize that once in my life i have been there and feel those fruitful years i had.(If there’s someone who is reading this, please bare with me, for i am just expressing my own selfishness…hehe..I’m just being emotional as of this moment. )

It makes me cry, that the feeling I had once will no longer go back from the way it is used to be. Time changes and no matter how i wish for it, it wont come back. The only thing left is the tears that become a subject of my dreams once. Those laughter i had, that makes me realize how the world was created in perfect figure. Those people who come and goes in my life where suddenly filling my memory lane back to the person who I was 8 years ago. It was so much fun and i never thought, that that day would end in just a blink of an eye. Its just like a dream, that when you wake up early in the morning, everything happens as if you haven’t been there. I know, i am being so stupid writing all of this stuff, but I FEEL THAT I AM CHASING MY OWN PAST EVEN THOUGH ITS POINTLESS.

The Forthcoming of Al-Dajjal, or known as “The Antichrist”!

A friend of mine just handed me a copy of “the arrival” that composed of 51 episodes that tells more about this new world order by the Americans, the coming of the anti-christ or al-dajjal, the signs, the preparation that this people in power prepared for the coming of their lord (Al-Dajjal) or the secret socities as they may call it, the view of the people towards arabs, etc. This documentaries as they may call them were full of truth that can be seen anywhere, and you can realize something at the end of every episodes. Though I have just watched 20 episodes out of 51, it makes me conclude things that I couldn’t have known a few years ago and tell to myself “how true it is”, and I’m still on process of watching the whole episodes. This is an eye opener for the people, and this is not only applicable for the Muslims, but also to all monotheistic religions around the world.


“The humans are living their lives out accordingly on what they believe in. They want to see what they’d like to see, but turns away from the truth cause they could not take the truth. So, they make things in order to cover up the reality of truth.” –a realization I came up after watching few of its episodes.

I haven’t known about the story of Al-dajjal, until I met someone during my journey at the holy land during the year 2009 and spoke of its story to me. I was shocked about the details she gave to me, since I never heard about it from any people around me nor during my high school years. Out of my curiosity, I have searched about the forthcoming of this persona that was being foretold. I searched some books during my stay there at Makkah and found a book entitled “The book of end: Great Trials & Tribulations” authored by A-Hafiz Ibn Katheer Dimashqi, in this book contains every sign of the coming of the end of this world, and this includes the forthcoming of the Al-dajjal. It was given the every bit details about this persona, and I wanted to share them to you, and below here were some information about this al-dajjal.

  1. Mu’aadh ibn Jabal (r.a) related that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said, “The inhabitation (or development) of Jerusalem is the ruin of Yathrib (Madeenah); the great massacre (leads to) the conquering of Constantinople; and the conquering of Constantinople (leads to) the coming out of the Dajjal.” (The ruin of Madeenah; it is referring to the end of times)
  2. Abdullah ibn Busr (r.a) related that the Prophet (s.a.w) said, “Between the carnage(killing) and the conquering of Al-Madeenah (i.e Constantinople) are six years; and then Ad-Dajjal will come out in the seventh (year)” (p. 82-83)
  3. Jaabir (r.a) related that he heard the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) say “Indeed before the Hour there are liars; among them is the one of Himyar. Also among them is Ad-dajjal, he creates the most Fitnah (trials and tribulations).” (p.83)
  4. Abu Hurairah (r.a) related that the Prophet (s.a.w) said, “The Hour will not arrive until almost Thirty Dajjal Liars are sent; each one of them will claim that he is the Messenger of Allah; wealth will increase and flow in abundance; the tribulations will occur; and there will occur tumult  and much Haraj (killings)”. (p.84)
  5. Ibn ‘Umar said “By Allah, I heard the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) say: Al-Maseeh Ad-dajjal and thirty liars or more will indeed come before the Day of Judgement.” (ahmad) (P.84)
  6. Annas ibn Maalik (r.a) related that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said, “Indeed, before the Ad-Dajjal there are deceptive years- the truthful one will not be believed, the liar will be believed, the trustworthy one will be accused of betrayal, the treacherous one will be trusted, and the Ruwaibidah will speak”. It is said, “And what is the Ruwaibidah?” He (s.a.w) said, “The base wicked-doer, he will speak the affairs of general public (he will be trusted to rule and he will speak by the name of the people).” Ahmad (p.85)
  7. Saalim then related that Abdullah Ibn ‘Umar (r.a) said, “The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) then stood before the people; he (s.a.w) praised Allah (s.w.t) with (praises) that are suitable to His (Greatness and Majesty). He (s.a.w) then mentioned the Dajjal, saying, “Indeed I am warning you. There was no Prophet except that he warned his people (about Ad-Dajjal). Verily, Noah (allaihi salam) warned his people about him, but I will say to you something about him that no Prophet said to his people –know that he is one-eyed, and that indeed, Allah (s.w.t) is not one eyed.” Muslim. (p.87)
  8. Ibn Shihaab related from ‘Umar ibn Ath-Thaabit Al-Ansaree that some of the Prophet’s Companions informed him that, “One day, the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) warned the people about the Dajjal, saying, ‘Indeed, Kaafir is written between his eyes. Everyone who hates his deeds will read it or every believer will read it.” And he (s.a.w) said, “Learn that not a single one from you will see his Lord until he dies.’” (p.87)
  9. He (s.a.w) said, “Indeed Allah (s.w.t) is not one-eyed, but the Maseeh Ad-Dajjal is indeed one-eyed, from the right eye, which is like a floating grape.” (Bukharee) (p.87)
  10. Hudhaifah (r.a) related that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said, “I know more about what the Dajjal has with him than he himself knows. With him are two flowing rivers; in the vision of the eye, the first one is white water; in the vision of the eye, the second one is burning fire. If he (i.e Dajjal) reaches one of you, then let him go to the one he sees as being fire and let him close his eyes. Then let him bend his head and drink, for it is indeed cold water. And the Dajjal has an eye that is obliterated; over it is coarse skin (that covers the eye). Written between his eyes is “kaafir” which every believer will read, regardless of whether he is literate or illiterate.” (Muslim) Ibn Mas’ood (r.a) said, “And I heard it from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w).” Bukharee related the same from Sho’bah. (p.88)

The things that were written above were some information concerning on the coming of Al-Dajjal. There are lot of information regarding on the subject that was written in the “Book of the End”. As a fellow student of life, I recommend you to read about this book because it will enrich your knowledge more about the coming of THE HOUR. I haven’t totally finished reading this book and it needs a lot of re-reading in order to understand it thoroughly, and Insha Allah I will finish reading it, or should I say re-reading this book.

Further more, concerning on this subject, it is highly recommended for you to watch “the arrival” for further clarification, visualization, and understanding an answer  on some of your questions in life. These videos could bee seen at youtube.com. If you want to have a copy on this one, you can give me a buzz. Of course, you are free to search more about this subject cause its your prerogative to do so.

P.S: If there were mistakes I committed from encoding the number 1-10 information that you’ve noticed, kindly put your comments. Thanks!


Why dreams do always seems so real?

Why dreams do always seems so real? When I woke up just this morning, this question suddenly popped out in my mind asking myself.

Positive dreams always make you feel so glad and the next thing you know, everything seems so nice. And you always wanted to repeat those dreams inside your brains even how many times you want it and wishing “if only it was real”. But wishing for it is just a wish, that less possibility that it would come into reality. Nevertheless, negative dreams always make you feel in an unexpected way like shock, crying, fear, or your heart beat so fast, and ended up saying to yourself “I’m glad it was only a dream”. But shoving it off to your mind could sometimes hard, due to the reason that it makes you feel so uncomfortable thinking that “what if it became real, what should I do?”  Possibility is the always thing that human always wanted to resolve and usually the more their expectation arises, the more fear they gain. As for me, I don’t know how many dreams did I already dreamt, but most of those dream still remains inside my head, though it’s not that vivid. But somehow it’s quite unique because some traces of those dreams can be traced somewhere inside my memory. In relation to this dream thing, I had one of this just this sunday morning. I think I don’t need to state it in here the details, but it’s quite negative and I fear the possibility of having a de ja vu in time soon in this real world about this. The only word that I could describe and define that dream I dreamt is quite not a good term, it is all about BETRAYAL! I may never have this emotion in real life as of now, but i did have one in my dream. Not once but I think twice and believe me, it’s not an amusing feeling. I hate it. Maybe it was my fault, for not saying the magic word before I sleep, or maybe because of the Milk Chocolate flavour I just drink that night five minutes before sleeping. Hehehe…Whatever the reason is, I just need to remember to utter the magic words before sleeping. That’s the most important thing, so that the momo and all sort of negative forces can shove their self off before taking myself into sleep..hehehe Good morning guys!

A slice of unforetold stories!

A friend of mine told me this story: There was then an old man who always stood near their house, by the seashore during weekends, at around 5 in the afternoon. Who waits for the twilight to come out, this man would then like to reminisce things that held him back from keeping the girl he likes. Frustrations were indeed gone through him during his youth. At an early age of being together with her, something happened; accidents were being fallen to his love one! He thought he could keep her, he thought they could be together for another decades, but it turn out it was all wrong. They were happily married for 10 long years, but they never did tell their own feeling to each other. The man told himself, that it was all a mistake! Keeping the feeling inside him, and not telling the truth about his feeling to his wife was a big mistake.  If he could turn back time, he would do so, just to tell her the assurance of loving her so deeply! But it was then too late.  The only thing he could do was to watch the sunset during weekends, thinking that she was beside him. He then told to my friends that his wife always tells him how she adores the sunset. T_T

The Interview With God Poem

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

“So you would like to interview me?” God asked.

“If you have the time” I said.

God smiled. “My time is eternity.”

“What questions do you have in mind for me?”

“What surprises you most about humankind?”

God answered…

“That they get bored with childhood,

they rush to grow up, and then

long to be children again.”

“That they lose their health to make money…

and then lose their money to restore their health.”

“That by thinking anxiously about the future,

they forget the present,

such that they live in neither

the present nor the future.”

“That they live as if they will never die,

and die as though they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mine

and we were silent for a while.

And then I asked…

“As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons

you want your children to learn?”

“To learn they cannot make anyone

love them. All they can do

is let themselves be loved.”

“To learn that it is not good

to compare themselves to others.”

“To learn to forgive

by practicing forgiveness.”

“To learn that it only takes a few seconds

to open profound wounds in those they love,

and it can take many years to heal them.”

“To learn that a rich person

is not one who has the most,

but is one who needs the least.”

“To learn that there are people

who love them dearly,

but simply have not yet learned

how to express or show their feelings.”

“To learn that two people can

look at the same thing

and see it differently.”

“To learn that it is not enough that they

forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.”

“Thank you for your time,” I said humbly.

“Is there anything else

you would like your children to know?”

God smiled and said,

“Just know that I am here… always.”

-author unknown

Crystallized Dream

Last night, I just did have a dream. I can still picture this out inside my mind, and this is the reason why I would like them to be written as much as I can remember them. It was short, and maybe not worth it but I want them to be relayed. In this dream, I was standing in this vast green field, full of flower around, the wind seems so calm, the sky is perfectly blue, and the clouds calmly traverse from the sky so slowly. I just love the scenery at that moment; I just felt I want to stay there for long. The sunshine felt as if it touches my skin so softly. I love the feeling, the view and the feeling that goes through me. However, there was something inside me that it was seems though unfamiliar that I felt I should leave there. Right after this scenery, I just entered in this castle made out of colored iced. I was then curious how I ended up there, yet there was someone I did recognize in there. We were there, and someone approaches us, holding out a crystallized pink miniature. We were instructed that in order for us to enter in this castle further, we needed to concentrate and put our mind and soul in this miniature thing. There were few people around. In this place were composed of round tables that were also made in crystal, yet there were no chair on it. We did just stand there concentrating and trying to follow what was instructed. I then tried but I just couldn’t. As I open my eyes in my first try, I saw this familiar one in front of me. As she concentrates on her miniature, she then suddenly disappeared. I was then very amazed how she have than that. I was thinking how could I concentrate, as I was looking at the thing I am holding, suddenly a man approaches me wearing a pink dress, telling me something. I look at him, but I couldn’t clearly saw his face. He was then smiling at me, but then again before I even talked to him ***Poof***I was awaken by the alarm clock I sit on my phone at around 4:30 am. It was just then a dream!


Sunday thoughts!

I place my worries in an unknown page where no one is so familiar with. The dream i had and the memories of you will be just part of a written page created only to be read by me in years to come, and someday I will have the opportunities to laugh about it…and tell to myself “Naoh, that was during my younger years…” hehe (just taking my imagination to a leap. Happy Sunday!!!! — feeling wonderful.

Anime on DVD pack


There are times were we need to sale our collections in order to convert them into money. This is the reason why, some of the magazines and DVDs I owned were published in some websites to be on sale on line, and I already did that in here. WITCH magazine was my first posted sale here on word press. Now, I am also going to post my on sale ANIME DVDs. Before you see my on sale Anime Title, I would like to share something why I like anime. Every since when I was young, I am already fun of watching anime, and when I saw the Japanese Anime, my eyes got star trucked by it. It’s wonderful, amazing graphics, and mostly the stories in most of the anime has a really deep meaning which I really appreciate when I bought an anime with good caliber of stories. So, guys if you’d like to get some of this copies, you can chat me here or send me a message.

ITEM # Title
IBOX List of Anime
1 30 sai ho Hoken
2 A tale of Memories
3 Ah! My Goddess Season 1 and 2
4 Alice Academy
5 Amagami SS
6 Amenaide You
7 Amnesia
8 Angel Feather
9 Angelique When Heart Awakens
10 Another
11 Antique Bakery
12 Aoi Bungoku
13 Aoi Hana
14 Aquarian Age
15 Archemey and Hero
16 Asu No Yoichi
17 Asura Crying
18 Baccano
19 Bakumatsu Kikansetsu
20 Basilisk
21 Basket Ball
22 Black Blood Brothers
23 Blassreiter
24 Bleach 2012
25 Bleach Season 1
26 Blood C
27 Blood Plus
28 Blue Drop
29 Bokura Gaita (We are there)
30 Boys Be
31 Brain Powered
32 Brave 10
33 Bubble Gum Crisis
34 Canaan
35 Cinderella Boy
36 Clannad II
37 Clannad Season 1
38 Code Breaker
39 Code E
40 Code Geas Season 1
41 Crest of the Stars
42 D Capo Vol 1 and II
43 Dai Guard
44 Darker than Black
45 Dead Girls Ova
46 Deadman Wonderland
47 Death Note and Naruto
48 Densetsu No Yusha
49 D-GrayMan
50 D-GrayMan Season 2
51 Diamond Dust
52 Druga No to Uruk Season II
53 Eden of the East
54 Eden of the East OVA the king of Eden
55 Elfen lied
56 Ergo Proxy
57 Eyeshield 21
58 Fairy Tail
59 Fairy Tail Episode 111-175
60 Fantastic Children
61 Fate Stay Night Season 1
62 Fate Stay Nite
63 Final Fantasy VII
64 FootPrints in the Sand
65 Full Metal Alchemist
66 Full Moon wa Sagashite
67 Futakoi
68 Ga-rie Zero
69 Genji
70 Ghost Hound
71 Ghost Hunt I
72 Gintama
73 Go Kinjo Monogatari
74 Gravitation
75 Gun Sunger
76 Gundam 00
77 Hakuoki Reimeiroku
78 Hakuoki Season 2
79 Hammer Biy
80 Hanasaku Iroha
81 Haruka Movie
82 Hatenkou Yuugi
83 Hatsuoki Limited
84 Heart Felt
85 Hell girl Season 2
86 Hellsing
87 Heroic Age
89 Himawari
90 His and Her Circumstances
91 Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride
92 Hyakko
93 Ichiban Ushiro No Damaou
94 Ichigo 100%
95 Innocent Venus
96 Inukami
97 Izumo Episode 1-12
98 Jigoku Shoujo
99 Junju Romantica
100 Jyuoh Sei
101 Kaleidoscope
102 Kanon
103 Karneval
104 Kaze No stigma
105 Kemono no Souja Erin
106 Kiba
107 Kimi Kiss Pure
108 Kimi ni Todoke
109 Knight Hunters
110 Koi Kaze
111 Kokoro Connect
112 K-ON
113 Kurau (Phantom Memory)
114 Kurenai
115 Kuroshitjuji
116 La Cord d’Oro
117 La Cord d’Oro Season II
118 Loveless
119 Lovely Idol
120 Macross Frontier
121 Madlax
122 Magical Prince
123 Manyuu HikenChou
124 Maria Sama Ga Miteru
125 Maria Sama Miteru: Spring
126 Meine Liebe Wieder
127 Miracle Team
128 Mokke
129 Monster
130 Munto
131 Myself, yourself
132 Nana
133 Naruto s
134 Naruto Shippuden 311-319
135 Natsuiro Kiser
136 Natsume Yuujinchou
137 Natsuyuki Rendezvous
138 Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind
139 Negima
140 Night Head
141 Night Wizard
142 Nurarihyon No Mago Sennen Makyou II
143 One OVA
144 Onegai Teacher
145 Ore Tachi Ni Tsubasa
146 Ouran High School
147 Paradise Kiss
148 Persona
149 Phantom Heart
150 Photo Kano
151 Pitchi Pitchi and Tokime Memorial
152 Princess
153 Princess Tutu
154 Project K
155 Read or Dream
156 Rec
157 Rental Magica
158 Rinne No Raguranje
159 Rosario Vampire II
160 Saber Marionett J
161 Sacred Seven
162 Saikano
163 Saiunkoku Monogatari II
164 Sakamichino Apollon
165 Samurai Champloon
166 Samurai X Reflection
167 Samurai X Trust
168 Sayonara Zersubou Sensei
169 School Days
170 School Rumble 1
171 School Rumble 3
172 Seiko no Qwaser
173 Senkou Night Raid
174 Sentimental Journey
175 Seraphin Call
176 Shuffle
177 Sister Princess II
178 Sisters of Welber Season 1
179 Skip Beat
180 Slayers Revolution
181 Sola
182 Sora No Minami
183 Soul Eater Season 1
184 Soul Eater Season 2
185 Soul Link
186 Soul Taker
187 Special A
188 Spiral Kara No Kyoukai Ova
189 Star Ocean X
190 Starry Sky
191 Strait Jacket Movie
192 Strawberry Panic
193 Sukitte Ii Nayo
194 Sumomo: Chijou Saikyou no Yome
195 Tale of Abyss
196 Tari Tari
197 Tears of Tiara
198 The Book of Bantora
199 The Earl and The Fairy
200 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
201 The Vision of Escaflowne
202 This Ugly but beautiful world
203 To Aru Majutsu no Index
204 Tokyo God Father
205 Tokyo Hajin Gokuen
206 Tokyo Magnitude
207 Tower of Druga Season 1
208 True Tears
209 Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2
210 Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2
211 Twelve Kingdom
212 Un Go
213 Utawararemono
214 Vampire Knight Season II
215 Vampire Princess
216 Welcome to NHK
217 Wind a breathe of Heart
218 Wolf Rain
219 Working
220 xxxholic
221 Yamito Boushi To Hon No Jabibito
222 YonDEMASU Azazel San
223 Yotsunoha OVA
224 Yozakura Quartet
225 Z hime
226 Zan Sayonara Season 3
227 Zombie Loan
1 Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi Season 2
2 Ai Yori Aoshi Season 1
3 Aishiteruze Baby
4 Anime Best A Collection of Anime
5 Anime Collection Series
6 Ayashi no Ceres
7 Bakuretsu Tenshi
8 Ballet
9 Beck
10 Berserk
11 Bleach Season 2
12 Card Capture
13 City Hunter
14 Classic Cartoon Series
15 Classic Cartoon Series
16 Cooking Master Boy
17 Daily Lives of High School Boys
18 Death Note
19 Demonbane
20 Detective Academy Q
21 DN Angel
22 Dragonaut
23 Erementar Gerad
24 Fancy Lala
25 Fruit Basket
26 Galaxy Angel Prelude
27 Genshiken
28 Get Backers
29 GTO
30 Gundam Seed
31 Gundam Seed Destiny
32 Hand Maid
33 Hikaru No Go
34 Honey Clover
35 Howl Castle
36 I am in love with my sister
37 Initial D Extra Stage
38 Initial D Third Stage
39 Inuyasha
40 IS
41 Jigoku Shoujo
42 Kyo Kara Maoh
43 Lady Death
44 Lemon Angel Project
45 Love Hina
46 Macross Movie
47 Madagascar
48 Magic Knight Ray Earth
49 Maid at Hanaukyo
50 Memories Off/Candy Candy
51 Metropolis
52 Millenium Actress
55 Ninja Scroll
56 One Piece Episode 1-6
57 One Piece: The Curse of the Holy Sword
58 One Piece: Winter Special
59 Operational Sanctuary
60 Ouran High School Host Club
61 Peace Maker
62 Piano
63 Pokemon
64 Popotan
65 Prince of Tennis
66 Princess Stories (Disney)
67 Ragnarok
68 Ranma
69 Ray
70 Saiunkoku Monogatari
71 Saiyuki Interactive
72 Sakura Wars Series
73 Sakura Wars: The Movie
74 Samurai 7
75 Samurai Champloon
76 Samurai X
77 Samurai X The Movie
78 Shark Tale
79 Slam Dunk
80 Speed Grapher
81 Spirited Away
82 Steam Boy
83 Texhnolyze
84 The Law of Ueki
85 The Polar Express
86 The Wild Arms
87 Trigun
88 Tsubasa Chronicles Season 1
89 Tsubasa Chronicles Season 1
90 Twelve Kingdoms
91 Untitled Anime
92 Vampire Princess Miyu
93 Van Helsing
94 Wataru
95 Wieder
96 X
97 xxxholic
98 Yojimbo
99 Yu gi Oh The Movie
100 Yu yu Hakusho: The Movie
1 A wind of Amnesia
2 Alice in Wonderland
3 Alladin The King of Thiev
4 Animatrix
5 Atlantis
6 Bandit King (2 episodes)
7 Battle Program Shirase
8 Beautiful Dreamer
9 Black Doctor
10 Blood Last Vampire
11 Card Capture Te Movie Vol 2-3
12 Cow Boy Bebop
13 Crest of Stars (2 episodes)
14 Dinosaur
15 Fantasy The Spirit Within
16 Green Legend Ran
17 Gundam Seed Episode 9-12
18 Gundam Wing the Movie
19 Hunter X Hunter
20 Hunter X Hunter (defective)
21 Inuyasha the Movie 1
22 Inuyasha the Movie 2
23 Inuyasha the Movie 3
24 Joseph King of Dreamer
25 Kinaguri (Orange Road)
26 King and I
27 Legend of the Crystal
28 Lion King
29 Magic Sword (Disney)
30 Ninja Scroll Vol 2
31 Phantom The Animation
32 Pokemon
33 Princess Mononoke Volume 2
34 Ragnarok Tagalog Version
35 Saiyuki Movie
36 Sinbad
37 Spirited Away
38 The Little Mermaid 2
39 Tokyo Babylon
40 X the Movie
41 Yu gi oh The Movie
1 The ALCHEMIST Volume 36-47
2 Aoi Yori Aoshi Volume 1-6 CD
3 Aoi Yori Aoshi Episode 1-24 CD
4 Read or Die
5 Happy Lesson OAV
6 Hack
7 Hunter X Hunter
8 Lupin
9 The ALCHEMIST Volume 8-24
10 Full Metal Panic 1-24
11 Green- green ova
12 Tenchi Muyo 1-26
13 Sakura 1
1 Akira Volume 2
2 Akira Volume2
3 Argento Soma
4 Ayashi No Ceres Volume 3-4
5 Flame of Recca
6 Gundam Wing 14-15
7 Hunter X Hunter Volume 1-2
8 Knight Hunter 4-8, 10
9 Magic Knight Volume 3, 6,14-24
10 Psychic Force
11 Queen Emerald
12 Roujin Z Volume 1-2
13 Samurai X Volume
14 Save My Earth
15 Soul Hunter Volume 9
16 Star Ocean X
17 Virgin Fleet OAV
18 Voltes V Volume 5, 10, 15, 17
1 Flame of Recca
2 Bubble Gum Crisis
3 Fushigi Yugi
4 Naruto Movie
5 You’re Under Arrest
6 Vision of Escaflowne: The Movie
7 Spiral Bond of Reasoning
8 Chrno Crusade
9 Bleach
10 Knight Hunters Gluhen
11 Gundam Wing
12 Gundress
13 Vampire Princess
14 Meteor Garden



I am starting to sell my old stuff. I’ll be trying to post them and share with you guys. I hope someone would interest in buying some of them. This magazine were a collection from my high school days. This has a sentimental value but due to some reason, i dont have the choice but to sell them at a lower price. You can contact me through the details given below…=)

Witch Mag

Hi Online Buyers! A greeting to each and every one! I am selling here a WITCH Magazine consisting of 31 Volumes. These are collections from my high school days, and I am now selling them to those people who are avid readers of WITCH mag. I lowered the price to 50 pesos each. A total of 1,550 pesos all 31 magazines. If the clients are from Marawi City or Iligan City, I am happy to tell you that it is a free delivery. However, if the transaction will be outside of these two Cities, then a negotiation should be made through contacting at my numbers (09152056744 or 09089558380)or my email address: jomairahmulay@hotmail.com . You can buy this all 31 volumes in one transaction or you can also buy one per transaction, which depends on your likings. I will be happy having transactions to those who are willing. I   ll be waiting for your message.  Thank you so much and Good day!