I am starting to sell my old stuff. I’ll be trying to post them and share with you guys. I hope someone would interest in buying some of them. This magazine were a collection from my high school days. This has a sentimental value but due to some reason, i dont have the choice but to sell them at a lower price. You can contact me through the details given below…=)

Witch Mag

Hi Online Buyers! A greeting to each and every one! I am selling here a WITCH Magazine consisting of 31 Volumes. These are collections from my high school days, and I am now selling them to those people who are avid readers of WITCH mag. I lowered the price to 50 pesos each. A total of 1,550 pesos all 31 magazines. If the clients are from Marawi City or Iligan City, I am happy to tell you that it is a free delivery. However, if the transaction will be outside of these two Cities, then a negotiation should be made through contacting at my numbers (09152056744 or 09089558380)or my email address: jomairahmulay@hotmail.com . You can buy this all 31 volumes in one transaction or you can also buy one per transaction, which depends on your likings. I will be happy having transactions to those who are willing. I   ll be waiting for your message.  Thank you so much and Good day!


6 thoughts on “WITCH MAGAZINE

    • Hi! How are you? Thank you for visiting my website.
      Some of those volumes were already have been sold…but there are other volumes that are still for sale.

    • Hi, a great day! Thank you for visiting the website. Unfortunately, all my witch mag were already sold out. Hope you will find a seller of witch mag soon.

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