Crystallized Dream

Last night, I just did have a dream. I can still picture this out inside my mind, and this is the reason why I would like them to be written as much as I can remember them. It was short, and maybe not worth it but I want them to be relayed. In this dream, I was standing in this vast green field, full of flower around, the wind seems so calm, the sky is perfectly blue, and the clouds calmly traverse from the sky so slowly. I just love the scenery at that moment; I just felt I want to stay there for long. The sunshine felt as if it touches my skin so softly. I love the feeling, the view and the feeling that goes through me. However, there was something inside me that it was seems though unfamiliar that I felt I should leave there. Right after this scenery, I just entered in this castle made out of colored iced. I was then curious how I ended up there, yet there was someone I did recognize in there. We were there, and someone approaches us, holding out a crystallized pink miniature. We were instructed that in order for us to enter in this castle further, we needed to concentrate and put our mind and soul in this miniature thing. There were few people around. In this place were composed of round tables that were also made in crystal, yet there were no chair on it. We did just stand there concentrating and trying to follow what was instructed. I then tried but I just couldn’t. As I open my eyes in my first try, I saw this familiar one in front of me. As she concentrates on her miniature, she then suddenly disappeared. I was then very amazed how she have than that. I was thinking how could I concentrate, as I was looking at the thing I am holding, suddenly a man approaches me wearing a pink dress, telling me something. I look at him, but I couldn’t clearly saw his face. He was then smiling at me, but then again before I even talked to him ***Poof***I was awaken by the alarm clock I sit on my phone at around 4:30 am. It was just then a dream!


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