Why dreams do always seems so real?

Why dreams do always seems so real? When I woke up just this morning, this question suddenly popped out in my mind asking myself.

Positive dreams always make you feel so glad and the next thing you know, everything seems so nice. And you always wanted to repeat those dreams inside your brains even how many times you want it and wishing “if only it was real”. But wishing for it is just a wish, that less possibility that it would come into reality. Nevertheless, negative dreams always make you feel in an unexpected way like shock, crying, fear, or your heart beat so fast, and ended up saying to yourself “I’m glad it was only a dream”. But shoving it off to your mind could sometimes hard, due to the reason that it makes you feel so uncomfortable thinking that “what if it became real, what should I do?”  Possibility is the always thing that human always wanted to resolve and usually the more their expectation arises, the more fear they gain. As for me, I don’t know how many dreams did I already dreamt, but most of those dream still remains inside my head, though it’s not that vivid. But somehow it’s quite unique because some traces of those dreams can be traced somewhere inside my memory. In relation to this dream thing, I had one of this just this sunday morning. I think I don’t need to state it in here the details, but it’s quite negative and I fear the possibility of having a de ja vu in time soon in this real world about this. The only word that I could describe and define that dream I dreamt is quite not a good term, it is all about BETRAYAL! I may never have this emotion in real life as of now, but i did have one in my dream. Not once but I think twice and believe me, it’s not an amusing feeling. I hate it. Maybe it was my fault, for not saying the magic word before I sleep, or maybe because of the Milk Chocolate flavour I just drink that night five minutes before sleeping. Hehehe…Whatever the reason is, I just need to remember to utter the magic words before sleeping. That’s the most important thing, so that the momo and all sort of negative forces can shove their self off before taking myself into sleep..hehehe Good morning guys!


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