Uncontrollable within the controllable Zone!!!


It is normal for us human where we feel this so called adrenaline rush. This is usually occurring during a special event that happens in our life, most likely during sports, contest, etc. We couldn’t help but to feel this kind of impulsive hormone that comes rushing in within us. It is a matter of controlling this typical feeling in once life, and we could say it is usual among human being. However, have you felt the same feeling where you couldn’t explain where it came from? Adrenaline rush without any explanation? it just came in and you seem to think and ask, what is this? Usually you couldn’t help but to stay still and calm yourself and apply some advices of having a deep breath to relax the muscle, yet there were that moments that a person could feel this from time to time without enough explanation. It just came in. There are those people who experience this, and suddenly caused a panic attack within them if it came to a maximum level. If you’re going within the science lexis you could see all the explanation of all the reason in this kind of situation through any search engine. You might believe them, or not, but you could get tired from reading them, and interpret them between the lines. Yet I think there is only one reason behind this, and that’s for you to guess…^_^

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