My Place of thoughts: BLOGGINGS!

          I never plan on writing a blogs, but the fact that I love putting my mind in words made me very interested in writing what’s inside my head. It is hard keeping all your thoughts just inside your head, and its quite better to make them into words and share it to the world.

blogs                    I did start my bloggings more than one and half year ago. There is that class that I did attend to here in Iligan, because it was free. I entered here due to the fact that I would like to expand my interest and learn something new. It becomes a one of diversion in my worries in everyday life. That class was all about Search Engine Optimization, more or less on internet marketing. On that day, I did not know what it was all about. The teacher introduces me about word press, about submitting links to other websites, pinning, and a lot of stuff which I do not understand. The most wonderful thing that they did share to me is this word press. I did think that “finally!” I could have my own area to set my mind free into a site which I could possibly share it to the world. From then on, I did write some of thoughts.


            Before this site was being introduced to me, I have my facebook to write all my thoughts. However, I thought it isn’t enough. Facebook has a limited feature in terms of bloggings, and somehow I am not very comfortable there stating all my stuff. When this word press got introduced to me, all my hormones inside my head suddenly popped out and loved the idea of putting them here. So, as the days goes on, I explored some of the blogs written by different people from different walks of life, and they made me more interested in writing. I am amazed about their experiences, ideas, thoughts and became excited on the things they are going to share.


            Now, I am doing this bloggings out of my interest or as a hobby. Grammar is very important, but somehow I don’t master them. So, please if anyone who notice something on my writings kindly tell them to me. I appreciate those people who see my mistake and tell them to me. It is such a nice thing to know something you don’t know. As a part of being hobby, blogging become one of my therapies from thinking many stuff. It did bring out the things that I needed to say. I am a slow blogger, so please have patient with me. Usually, I do bloggings when I am in the mood to write what’s inside my head.  Of course, I do love to make money out of it but I guess I need more time in knowing more of this thing.


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