Master Class on September

Aero jazz fit

                Last September 27, 2013 Friday, there was a master class event happened at Aero Jazz Fit, a fitness popularly known here in Iligan City. The guest was Mabel Oriel-Klaver ZIN, who is an Ilganon based in Jakarta, Indonesia and she is a ZIN Zumba Instructor @ most Fitness First Gym in Jakarta. Isn’t it awesome? I am very glad to experience this kind of activities, where in we did experience latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning within 90 minutes that was one and half hour nonstop dancing. It was a fun, fun, fun activity. Dancing and feeling the rhythm makes your body moves as if you really wanted to do. This kind of thing helps me a lot. Though I am kind of conscious in some moves and other stuff due to the fact that I’m not used to it, but once you get to love it, you’ve become more confident in doing it. The important is your not the only one who is also having this fun, many of us. Below was a video taken and edited by TIBO MARTINEZ on that day;


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