Tennis for the Day!

         Tennis Ball

             In this good Sunday Morning, what did you do to enjoy it? Mine is very great. I had my first time ever of playing Tennis for almost 30 minutes at Dona Maria’s Tennis Court as of October 6, 2013. I don’t have any knowledge in playing this type of sport, because I never had a chance playing other sports aside badminton. The only thing I did know is the video I did watched last Thursday evening about this sport, which goes below this:

                Seeing through YouTube channel, it seems though it’s very easy but it wasn’t. Playing this game somehow needed speed, stamina, and of course a lot of stored energy. Badminton is an entirely different sport. Badminton uses a light racket, it also uses a shuttle cock which is very light and the court needed is not as wide as tennis court. Tennis uses a lot of efforts to apply the move. In relation to my experience, I felt that you need to use your body in its optimum level in order to take the shot. As a beginner, this is what I felt. Since I was also carrying a much weighted racquet I needed to put energy and careful not to drop it to another court, or else I might hurt someone if I do so. In terms of speed, I really cannot keep up catching up the ball. I guess, if I am playing with an expert type of player I am sure I will be recorded as a slow poke runner in catching the ball. In our first attempt, the game didn’t go well because it was our first experience, but it was one heck because I got the opportunity to try this game and realizes some things about this game. Next time, I am hoping that I will have enough energy and speed in applying this game and thorough learnings so that I could play. Though in real life, I needed to put a lot of efforts to it. Thanks to my co-officemates and my friend Ms. Olsie (I won’t try to state her full name as to respect her privacy.) I got the chance to be on this game.




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