Hash Tags: for categorizing!

I did join in a challenge from http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com. This is a first time for me to join in this kind of blogging stuff. It now became one of my interest or a hobby as of this moment due to the fact that it gave me some new learning more about this blogging world. Aside from this, I am learning much stuff, which diverts me from my daily living, and roam around in the different kinds of blogs. For me this kind of thing is very awesome. Will, I am in right now. Hope it won’t change my mood.


Anyway, one thing that I did learn is about the use of HASH TAGS. Maybe, some of you already knew about this since some of the people here are already a blogger. This made me happy as a beginner in doing this kind of thing because you can let yourself share something to the world. In this challenge, we need to create a blogs for 31 days for the month of October. One of the requirements is to create lot of traffic in your website through re-posting your post to some of your links like facebook, twitter, pinterest, reddit and a lot more, also for you to gain lot of audiences. So, upon posting it to other websites you need to use #blogboost in order to categorize your post and be included to those people who also share your interest. When you include your hash tag to your post, try to click it (ex. #blogboost) and you will see those people who also entered in this challenge and their new posts. This is really interesting. Happy #blogging!


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