In a far way land, there were brother and sister. Living their life alone and supporting each other. For how many years, they have been in that wintry place, having no one but just them. Their parents died in an avalanche two years ago. Then one day, there was then an instances were one of them, think and listened to his heart’s desire.

The boy named Michael said, “I would love to go somewhere far from here. Don’t you find boring here in this place? We’ve been here for almost 5 years, and yet we are still here. Nothing change!”

Out of the blue Faith just dropped the white silver plate with a shock look, and replied him,

“Why did you say that? Aren’t you afraid of going out there in these woods? Mom and Dad told us not to go there, or else many dangerous things might happen to us.”

Faith was then shaking while telling him those words, but Michael didn’t listen to what she said and continue staring at the window, looking at the vast sea of snow. Michael was then dreaming of going out, see the world and find things that he could see and learned. Michael was a boy who really loved reading books. Their mother was a teacher in a small town nearby. She then lifts so many books, for her child to read. Michael was very fund reading them. It’s been days that Michael always telling Faith about the journey of going out of the woods, and go to the Big City, but then again Faith finds it unnecessary.

“We are always happy here in this place! Why do we need to go out?! It’s just useless! If Mom and Dad were here, I am sure they wouldn’t allow you! Will you be happy out there?” Said Faith with an angry voice!

Days had passed, both of them argued! Michael was a hot tempered child, while Faith was the opposite, a very mild girl and sensitive one. But the problem with Michael is that, when he thought of doing what he wants, he will. One night while Faith was fast asleep, Michael sneak outside carrying some of his clothes, leaving poor Faith alone in the house. Michael then was very happy saying to his self;

“Yes, this is the time were I can find new things outside. Faith, I am really am sorry!” whispered Michael, as he walks far from their doorway.


To make the long story short, years had passed, Michael didn’t went back home. Faith was then still there at their small hut. Hoping he would come back. Years after years and after years, faith has been there longing for her brother to come back. Michael didn’t write any letter to her, or anything that could give her a sign that he was okay. She was then left alone there, wandering the where about of his own brother!

Several years had passed; Michael decided to go back. Considering their small hut from a far, he then felt his at home at last. He was then tired from the journey, looking forward to meet his sister once more. Upon entering the house, nothing change! He was then find solace. It was then, he realize that what he is looking for was so near yet he travel far for how many years, that he didn’t noticed that one thing that is important were the time being there to the place where you are supposed to be, the place where your loved one resides, because being with them is the peace that hearts truly are looking for.

Michael start to search for her sister, and later on he then went to her room. Upon entering, the only thing he sees was a letter near the window saying;

Dear Brother,

I have been waiting for you, maybe when you receive this letter I might be the one who will travel for long. I am sorry I couldn’t wait for you. Take care of yourself.


To his surprise, he went to the small town nearby, asking about her sister. No one could answer him. He went from house to house, asking everyone about his sister, yet there’s no one. Until an old woman tap his shoulder and asked him;

“Are you the elder brother of Faith?” asked the old lady.

Michael nod, “yes”

“I was then with your sister about a year ago. She was then sick!” Haven’t she told you about her illness four years ago?,” asked by the old lady.

“No, she didn’t told me”, replied Michael with astonished face!

“Maybe, she was worried about you. When she was on her deathbed, her eye sight slowly faded. She keeps on asking if you’re in the front door, hoping that you might come back. She then fills asleep on 4th night of December, until she didn’t open her eyes the next morning. But she was then happy, because at long last atleast you have found what you truly desire.”

After the last statement of the old lady, Michael silently cried, regretting the years he hasn’t been there for her sister.


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