Easy Money is Destructive, true or not?

        This article were being written by me last last year (August 8, 2012), and decided to put it inhere in order to share it to people around here who is also interested of knowing. So please, excuse my grammars.


         Here in our place, money become an issue for over a year now, until it spreads through out the other city about this easy money making, a ponzi scheme as they may call it. According to the people around, there is that certain man in our place who’s named is COCO who spares heading this certain business that you will profit in higher amount. Recently, he gave 100% gain interest from an investment at any amount after two months. For example, if you have a worth of 100,000 in your pocket, and decided to be part of those people who availed 100% gained by two months, your money will be doubled! To most of the people, this is something a very overwhelming because it doubles your money. At first, people don’t believe on this issue, even I am. However later on, it was found out that it was an effective way of increasing your money within two months; it’s true and quite real. There are plenty of people who sell their property hoping to double their money and invest it. Aside from this, in the named mentioned (COCO) is also accepting a buy and sell cars. If you are a buyer of a certain car, you will have it in a lower price, and investing the money for almost 6 months. In this situation, somehow you will gain lot of interest. Most of the people in my town were being hooked up on this scheme, wherever you go and in every place maybe, you can hear this news all around. There are different classes in our place like politicians, teachers, army, intelligence, students, etc. already were hooked up on this thing and invest. EASY MONEY is like food that you want to savor it in total amount!!!

         After those exciting and promising moment of your investment, there it comes the end of it! Just a moment ago, two weeks earlier…the government had in acted upon on this issue because it deals with larger amount of money. The agent named COCO had suddenly blocked by the government. In accordance with the hearsay, the man named COCO where planning to pull out a 7 Billion amount of money in a certain bank, but the problem is, an agency in the government just suddenly heard the news and find away to stop this. It turns out that this situation where the start of putting things in the normal place, and shocked the many people about this. All those people who invested suddenly were being crushed due to the news. They were now asking either their money be returned or not. Currently, they are having a decision by the man who is start of this, together with his agents, either they’re going to stop this or not. It’s true that easy money, easy go!

      Ponzi-scheme-1-300x208  But in every action there is a consequence attached to it. Our place is a place where many people believe in one GOD. If a certain action were somehow not in accordance in the movement of natural process, they’ve said there is a certain consequence. In our religion, riba is one of the major sins, and some scholar thinks that this certain investment with coco where somehow accumulating a RIBA. The problem with this business is that, the people don’t know where there money is being put up, and that is dangerous. Due to lingering rumors, and the truth behind this investment, the scholar and some knowledgeable people prayed to God about this issue. Somehow the answers were already given because at this point in time the place where this news happens was now under Martial law/State of Emergency. The possibility of having war between the rebel people and the militant group were somehow in higher risk. All people can’t get out due to fear. So, I could ask if this easy money were somehow the root of this fearing State of Emergency!



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