Staying Still

Time moves at its own pace, yet we never bothered to watch our own action. We thought life were going to be at ease most of the time, but we cant accept the fact that it will never will be. A momentarily solitude could break of just like a crystal shattered in one piece, and every thing turns into dust. Things will change no matter how we wish to be still forever. It seems that yesterday were just a dream, and what we have for tomorrow seems to be a despair of breaking ourselves from the delusion that ourselve’s created along from our past. The fear itself from taking one step, is a fear of taking ourselves to the future. We weren’t given an ample of time to take things seriously, and yet we were carried by the wind without even asking us if we really wanted to. What we have today is just like a dream of what we have from our yesterdays, and we tend to keep the good ones as a memories, since we ourselves cannot accept the fact that it was over. Things just moves according to the cycle of fate of human.


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