Project YEN!

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji


          I previously did share my dream here. Now, since I am on it, it suddenly got into me looking in the Adventure Blog of “The Eager Traveler”, who posted some of her adventure last 2012. It was her autumn and winter Journey at the land of the rising Sun. I was amused by what I see from her blogs; the places, people, culture, temples, stores and a lot more for you to be amazed. She gave out information in relation to her travel from Day to Day.  One that I am thankful about her is the enlisted amount of money she did use on her trip. This made me think and become interested in pursuing my dream of going there as well. I now just realize that I don’t like this dream “to be just a dream”. If there is a possibility of this becoming real then, why not.

          Based on her quest last November 2012 (autumn), she did spend an amount of 30,678.00 PHP / 61,356.00 JPY for 8 days of stay there and on her December 2012 (winter) adventure it cost her amount of 73,829.00 PHP / 147,658.00 PHP for 15 days of stay there. When I am going to estimate my salary, I am sure this specific amount will give me a hard time earning this one. I guess it will take me 2 to 3 years to be capable of earning all of this. I also got so many things at hand to spend on, but I will try my best.  Due to this, I guess I could not stay there longer than 8 days. As I estimated, it’s enough for me to roam around there for 5 days. That will lessen my cost of living when I got there, right?

          Upon planning all this out, I did name this adventure as “PROJECT YEN”. Estimating from the amount that I needed from this travel, I guess I need to earn the possible amount a maximum of 2 years and a minimum of 1 year. I also did gather some fact sheet for me to print out all the possible details that I needed for this trip.

Details on Project Yen!
Details on Project Yen!

          I am planning to go out this Saturday afternoon and seek some travel agencies nearby as to inquire about the possible amount that is needed and their guidelines in traveling to Japan. So, check them out later, dear bloggers.



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