Seems like an everlasting Journey

I          I am also a person who likes to dreams. Like the common people, my heart long desired to go to some places that gives off so many beautiful scenery that makes your heart be pleased to what God had created. For this, I had already dreamed for a million times of going somewhere, yet I did, but just for once. I have been outside my country for one month to a place where many people in my religion are obliged to go to. I must say, this place is such a wonderful work of art by the Almighty Allah. This place is no other than the country of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Mecca.
                    I was like dreaming the day when we set off to that place and until now, all the experiences I had back then were like yesterday. The very thing that sets my mind off to that place, that I couldn’t forget, was the fragrance coming from inside of Kaabah. I was then standing outside wanting to go inside and even before I entered, I felt the easiness and lightening off the loads I had in my shoulder that I could almost forget the world around me. I am always thankful to the Almighty Allah for a splendid and most unforgettable feeling I had back then, and very thankful that just for once in my life, I felt that kind of easiness. This maybe my first time going out, but I’m very much thankful to God because, He may didn’t give me a chance to go beyond the border of this country I was born more often, but I was given a chance to meet different people from different races in one setting and in one journey. This became a proof for me to believe something, that those prayers and wishes to the one and only creator really make big differences. He may give your wishes, or maybe not, yet there is always reasons behind all the reasons. Someday, I will go back, Insa Allah=p

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