Blog is Fun!


           I am happy that I did reach the 18th days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I could say that at first, it was totally hard but sometimes when you do bloggings in a daily basis it becomes part of your routine. I am glad that I did join this challenge because it drives me to do something that is worthwhile, and that I can share something to some people. This challenge also helped me to do bloggings instead of staring my laptop at home and not utilizing it; due to this reason my Cherry Laptop is now always in good use through writing every thought that I had inside. When I am away from my pc/laptop, I usually think of what blogs do I need to write about. What kind of subject does I intend to cover on that day? There are those times when I cannot think of a topic because I have so many things in mind to tackle and a lot of things to think about. When this happen I usually take breathe in and relax.

            One thing that amazes me about reading blogs from other bloggers is that I could discover something from them. Once I sit down, look on the pc/laptop, browse those amazing blogs, and when there is one thing that interests me…*poof* I’ll stop there, read and feel the experience from that blogger’s written words. I’ll read word by word, and analyze it as far as my brain can dig in, sometimes I find myself engulf in them. When I notice a good piece and loved their writings, I can’t explain the exact feelings, but I feel like I was put on a spell to be so consumed and be so envious of their talent and skills in writing. I really could say that those people who write and blogs are really amazing people. Though, I don’t include myself because I am at my first level of expressing my thoughts through here. I can say that I am included on those certain group of people who are introvert. I don’t usually express my feeling towards other people, but once I get to know them and knows me back; that thing is something that I could thank for. I want to expand my life through bloggings and reading them is fun. This will be my way out from this monotonous life I have, and experience life through the words of those bloggers out there.

That’s all for now folks.


Happy Bloggings!


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