A Day to Remember

                    I just drove far from Iligan all the way going to Midway Resort Beach for a Recreational Activity, together with the Pag-IBIG Fund Family. That was last two years ago, May, 8, 2010. Sorry, if I posted this post too late.

               We went there around 7:30 in the morning, and after an hour of driving all the way there, taking some rest will do before starting the whole program.


         Of course, picture taking is the most important thing in an activity, and we never let go any moment in smiling and saying cheese, to capture the best of us during that day.^_^…After taking a few rest, we headed off going to the sea shore to start the game of the “amazing race”…hehe…Below is a picture that was taken before we had started the game;

         We had so much fun in that game even though, us blue team were in the third place…huhu…But its okay, all the matter is that we had fun. Taking a few minutes we headed off on a boat for a sight seeing.

        … After this event, we had done so many things on the afternoon session, and we took the opportunity to have fun and see all the great scenery in that place. Below here are some pictures I captured on my cell phone on that day.

       If there’s some one out there, whose planning to have a family outing or a friend bonding session…hehe. Why not try this place?

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