There are times were you can ask if the world is being unfair unto you. You see people from all different walks of life, and as you see the bigger picture of it, you realized how small you are! How different you are from them! How arrogant you’ve become! You can try to do same act, same thing as they did, adopt their abilities and copy every skills they have, but that’s not what your heart really desired for. However, if you ask yourself “what really did my heart desire for?” is it this? Looking deep within and searching for an answer that keeps you going, but in the end the only thing you came across off was a shallow part of you that broken into pieces.   Upon realizing those, you want to blame the world, blame the people, and blame everything in your life. But that is something that the Shaytaan wants you to think, the blaming part in life. I just heard about this in one of a lecture of some known personality in the religious perspective, that human are prone to this part. In the story of Adam, when Allah (swt) created Him in his image (please correct me if im wrong with this), Allah (swt) then ask the angels to prostrate on Adam. Every angels prostrate to him, except the IBLIS. He then asked Allah (swt) why do he need to prostrate ADAM? Because of his arrogance he was then exiled to Heaven, and promises to get every human on earth as much as he could to follow him. Furthermore, the IBLIS started to blame and blame Adam of why he was being exiled…but upon blaming part, the IBLIS never did tackle and realized the root cause of his suffering of why he was being thrown out! And this part is where our hearts is. The people are occasionally wanted to blame other people because of his misfortune, his out of lack. Due to this reason, arguments were created among brothers and sisters, and pride will came in. The evil wanted us to do same thing as He did to Adam, and this only can brought chaos. If only human can identify the root cause of their own misery before blaming others, then the possibility of changing their set of mind might as well be consider to change!


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