Explore on D’NJ Tour!


             At exactly 1:00 in the afternoon last Sunday October 20, 2013, I did drop by going to a Traveling Tour to ask about a tour going to Japan. The name of this agency is D’NJ Tour Travel and International Ticket. I was supposedly wanted to post something about this last Saturday, but this agency was closed. So, please excuse me for this lateness. The girl who serves me was almost belong to same age bracket as me, and asked me about my destination in Japan. I told her, I am planning to go to Osaka. I did asked her if she could tell me the possible date of the tour they’re going to have for 2014, and asked her also the computation of the possible amount that is needed. I have to know this information in order for me to get myself ready especially in terms of money. The girl was kind enough to give me some print outs. As for the records, the girl told me that the possible month of travel will be on December 2014. It will cost me estimated 49,000 for this travel. Round trip ticket, hotel, meals (breakfast only) , tour guide is already enclosed in this said amount. There is that one thing that disappoints me. Getting a VISA going at that place needed to be processed personally at the Japan’s Embassy in the Philippines. I don’t know if I can handle an additional expenses going to Manila just to get a VISA however, I don’t know in the future. I may get an opportunity and get a VISA three months before the travel per se.  After a few details of asking this information I left at their premises, thinking of exploring another tour traveling agency. I am hoping that this dream might have a possibility of going real.

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