Two people from a different race, culture and having different set of believe, just suddenly brought by a certain events in their life that two of them came across with each other. A conversation took place upon their meeting. The guy was called by the name “King of Heart”, and the woman was called “Sharmain”. Both of them had a story to tell, but they didn’t reveal both of their stories due to restricted private life. In a certain conversation, King of heart suddenly asked the woman if she do believe in Love. He did clarify that it’s not that he is entering in her concealed life, but he wants to help her to see the real purpose and real basis of her true self. In unexpected way, the woman was then shocked when a stranger did ask her about it. A very sensitive question that she didn’t expected to hear from someone she doesn’t know. The woman was very hesitant in answering the question, but she needs to, because for the first time someone did asked her about it. This is the reply of Sharmain;


“I do believe in love, but to some extent I don’t, like True Love. This kind of stuff is only visible in a fairy tale story. It doesn’t last long enough to support things in life. I could give you an answer to your questions, but never did I expect for you to question that.”


                King of heart just paused yet he didn’t reply. The woman thought that she just gave out an answer that she keeps it long enough within.


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