The view in my Daily Life.


         I usually woke myself up 5:30 in the morning. When I already step out from my bedroom, I make sure to pay a visit at the kitchen before taking a bath. What I do is clean the rice cooker, and prepare the rice for my breakfast. One time, I did leave some rice leftover; I then mistakenly cooked it “again” due to my half asleep self yesterday morning. When I remembered that the cook rice where already cooked? I immediately went out and put off the rice cooker. Seeing what happened to this overcooked rice suddenly loss my appetite that morning. The rice was so sticky and watery.  That was a dangerous thing to do, and I’ve learned my lesson from there. I’ve learn to be sure to see what I am up to when I am half asleep.

           There were those days that I would be awakened in bad feelings. An emotion that pulls me down that makes me feel wanted not to go to the office or do anything except to sleep. However, when this feeling comes in my way I would force myself to get this mood out of my system and would think:

I need to work.

I need to earn money.

I need not want to bother my parents further.

I need to self discipline myself.

I needed to be strong because I don’t want to bother anyone but myself.

I would stay in the comfort room for about 20 minutes. This includes my awakening session. ^_^ .

            Muslim people are obliged to pray five times a day, and an early morning prayer is included. My chores after taking a bath would be: early morning prayer, taking my full break fast while watching a Channel 30 Star World, Cleaning things up (when I am in the mood), and the final round would be preparing myself to go out. At around 7- 7:30 am I would likely go out for me not to be late in the office.

             When I step outside my house, I would see different kinds of people from different walks of life. There I would see kids whom are prepared going to school, properly groomed and almost ready to conquer the day. College students would be out together with their books, reading about their majors and preparing for a test on the same day. I would also see a guy together with his three little cute puppies, taking a morning walk. While waiting for a Jeepney, I would take a moment of walk. See people, observe the way they do and all the things. I don’t criticize them, but what I love the most is seeing people with different attitudes and thought of how wonderfully they are being made. Each is unique, and has a different personality from each other. I don’t know if you would find that very amusing, but for me it is.

This photo is not a view of our office but a mere sample.
This photo is not a view of our office but a mere sample.

            Not later than 10-15 minutes after riding a Jeep, I will be in our office. There are those times, when I roam around the office for a task that I needed to be done; I can’t help myself but to see some of my co-workers in a wider range. When that happens sometimes, I feel happy seeing all of them getting busier with their self. Most of them would pick up their pens, writing and filling up forms for their report. Some of them would be in front of the computer, entering some data for the clients needs. One would be listening to clients complaints, and serving them the services thereof.  Student Trainee is also there assisting clients for the membership within the funds. As for their facial expression, there you would see someone who is happy, sad, not in the mood. I guess this one had a really knock off when he/she rose from her/his bed. There you will also someone humming or singing in a minimum low voice as not to be heard so much. This guys were the one who awakes in an inspired mood along there way. This kind of people would always be so inspired doing the entire task they are asked to. In the office, you would also see someone getting a hot water from the dispenser, putting some coffee, and gently stirring it. To some of them, they would use to do this, because they still have a hang over in their dreams last night and feeling like they are still half asleep and needs a wake up booster to make their whole working hours still awake and last. Further, I would think while looking out them that most of them carries a burden  that they won’t tell to some of their co-officemates. These people are group of people who are inspired, and work for a purpose. Each of them has their likings and disliking. A group of people who holds a different personality that they show it to the people in their best way they can.


This is an entry for DPChallenge for the week. Thanks for reading.


Happy Bloggings!



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