Bravery in an empty space

Once there was a girl who wanders alone in a deserted island, where no one was there for her, neither to talk to, nor to remind her about the memories she had engraved in the timeless wind. Memories that treasured by one’s heart just suddenly have been frozen in the depth of her mind, and slowly fading in front of her like a shattered pieces of crystal in the mid air. The only thing left in her eyes was tears of broken dreams. When an endless night had passed, and it seems centuries had gone by, no one else had tried to reach and look for her. It was sadness that swallowed her up in thy heart. As the crescent moon becomes clear after a cloudy day in the desert, the only thing she could think off while wandering around was about the road she’s going to par take alone along the vast desert. Wind line across her path seems so far, and darkness may fallen upon her way, yet there’s no other means but for her to take one step to move forward, and handle the consequences on what lies ahead. Uncertainties and a feeling of fear were now encircling in the mind of her, however, no matter how many times she think of those things, she can’t run away from the reality and that she can’t stay, nor go back to where her past lies. Bravery was the only thing that the girl needed to implant in her shivering heart and in her confused mind at that point of time, in order to end her deep soul searching.


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