Do you know Peace?


               I was kinda half a sleepy while I was in front of my laptop, and my body is asking me to sleep and be on bed soon. However, my mind keeps on thinking and squeezing my brain to be part of this Dungeon Prompt for this week. So here I am guys.  Hope the tea I’m drinking now will help me fully concentrate on this.

                Peace. What does peace means to you? Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence. This is what peace is all about in the wider range of Wikipedia sphere. As for me, peace is something that human mistakenly defines in a very complicated way. A simple word that being misunderstood in many ways. Obviously, most of us can see through media about wars that are happening in different state. In some state at war; Man, Woman and Children are already being immune hearing the entire ruckus going on from different sides. You can see a child trying to live and survive, but to no avail they can’t continue to exist. I see this children dying in some part of Syria, and I think children supposed to be living in a peaceful environment where they can live happily and play in the ground safer. They are not entitled with the harsh environment, and an early experience of reality in life. They supposed to be not burdening their self with the problem of the adults. Behind these wars and chaos were adults that playing a some kind of superhero, pretending to save the world. But hey?!! Do you know whom you are saving? Are you really saving some people or trying to annihilate and commit holocaust all the people just like Hitler? Sorry if I am letting these words out of my mind, but adults are being so selfish not thinking of what they are doing before they in act this and that.

                These fighters always say that what they are fighting for was right, but do you know what really is right?! Please don’t pretend to be all knowing that you can defend and protect the world by your own belief, because you cannot. The possible causes of these wars are those people who are concentrating too much in trying to instill their own belief to many people. Are you trying to be a God? A missionary or something? Tsk! All of these are pieces of puzzle why we could not attain peace, and might not attain it forever. People were born in different ideology, different sets of believe. If you cannot force someone to follow yours, try to be more open minded in embracing it. If they accept it I guess, you should be thankful. This is simple to understand, but guess what?! Others won’t accept that they were being defied if someone turns them down. In this kind of situation, a part of human called “SUPER EGO” is starting to twist their mind, and would not accept that fact. When this kind of thing set in? Selfishness comes in.

                If we want to attain peace, start with yourself. Let go of your selfishness, your pride and ask yourself all over again?!


8 thoughts on “Do you know Peace?”

  1. Very sad truths that are engulfing our reality these days. Egoism, selfishness and pride, like you said, a truly powerful mix that leads to a vicious cycle of destruction. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings on these matters.

    1. It is indeed a vicious cycle. I guess, war wont be born in this world if only this don’t exist. As any man knows, “Pride” was the first sin of man in this world.

      Your welcome, and thank you for this challenge as well.

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