Resonance of the Clock

Once again, I returned to the place where I am supposed to be. Feeling so calm and all I see is the darkness of this four corner of my room. Time check is 1:05 am, could not sleep, feeling so thirsty.  And, all I can hear is the resonance of the clock…saying tick, tack, tick, tack. It’s like; it’s running after me for some reason. I couldn’t explain but whatever it is, it only reminds me that time weren’t never motionless. Every minute is a breathe to live for and a moment to be fulfilled by us, and a time to spend on more meaningful deeds. But as we live day by day have we stop for awhile, pause, reflect and ask ourselves “have I fulfilled something worthwhile in my life?” Asking this question to our self usually carries more than a weight, especially that you knew it all along that things in life might seems to move unaccordingly. Until in such time, that you hit your head, and say “ooopssss, I made a mistake…I didn’t know”.  There are things in life which we seemingly don’t understand, but as we step forward we learn, to see things in much more wider perspective. Preparedness is the key in confronting life. Within this “preparedness” are courage, hope and faith.  Neverthless, if these three ingredients are not presence, things might go wrong.

memory lane

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