A serenade of silence!

Silence being in a state of tranquility, a state where sounds where nothing. Nonetheless, when we thought about it, silence does have a sound deep inside. You just have to listen carefully. In silence, you can be happy more than anyone else, in silence you find peace, but what if that silence you lived in we’re already taken away and fear does enter into that state. Will you find silence as peace? Will you still be happy? Will you doubt yourself more often? Compared to a still lake during dusk, silence is more than enough to give you a scene of unmoving. A wave of calmness that steal the scene in a blink of an eye, thus far deep inside is an emotion of wavering thoughts of everything about life, about oneself, about what you see and what you believe are overlapping with one another. We keep on creating a make believe subject in our thoughts to fill something that we thought it should be. We even isolate oneself to redo things we never we couldn’t let go, yet how far we go for it, a make believe will always make believe. There is no such thing as that; it is like your filling an empty jar full of air.

P.S: This is just a random thought….ehehehe


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