A tiny scent of HOPE!

In a night of full moon, everything seems so quiet and that everything was at its place. A girl then suddenly asked herself so many questions, which made her lonely tears to be frozen inside. She bares a scar that she herself couldn’t erase. The memory of the buried emotion had under gone with so much turmoil that confuses her. A dark cloud silences her with just a single stroke. She then looked upon a single star, and asked, “What is the purpose I still need to bring about? Is there any?” The girl was then reminiscing the past of her life, and then asked again, “Why my time didn’t come during my younger years? Fire took place, water suddenly engulfs me, earth crushed me, but still I’m here.” She was then thankful for the four chances to live during her younger years. However, it now came to the point where she asked, if it was then worth it! People live in a seemingly narrowed down road of life, a place where it is hard to find where you could fit yourself in. This girl wanted to ask so many questions, but she’s afraid and couldn’t hardly express, fearing not to be heard. Her emotions where now stuck, to the point where she could no longer has the control of it! Isn’t it a wrong time? She then felt sorry about things. She COMPLETELY KNEW, but looking her reflection infront of the mirror, she sees nothing but only a reflection of herself, LIFELESS. She then has decided to keep them in silence, and seal it along with the emotion of someone she cherished!


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