A haze of sentiment beneath the darkest clouds.

It’s 12 o’clock in the midnight. I’m encoding this stuff out of nothing and my mind is in a state of nothing.  While listening to a very very sad song that it did take me into a much much deeper confusion I am already in. I am unstable and lot of things is beginning to turn around as if I am already changing. Statements, phrases, words suddenly filled my mind up causing my other half to suppress this thoughts, but the other couldn’t handle. Darkness already got me in, engulf by a hard shield that even words can’t get through.  A shed of light haven’t been yet pass through this guard that my other half fabricated, for it is trembling and shaking out of fear. Maybe, I just need to unwind things. Kindly don’t misinterpret these thoughts for I am just in a state of shock.


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