Today, I’ll be sharing about what I had learned from the seminar I went to last two weeks ago. I’m sorry if I didn’t share this to you guys earlier on. Anyway guys, I did find the seminar very productive. I didn’t catch the speaker’s name but I got interested from what she is tackling about, and how she was presenting her message. Her voice was loud that you can sense the sincerity out of it. Feel the strong sense of being a Muslim by words.

Islam does have many type/kinds under it, just like Christianity, but Islam is beyond 1 type. According to some sources, Islam has 72 and Christianity does have a 71. Please correct me if this number is wrong. From those big sectors in Islam, I am a SUNNI so as well the preacher and the people who are there. The preacher suddenly mentioned about this group of SHIA, one of the sectors of Islam, who are trying to preach this kind of teaching all over our place. It was being said that they are giving money to some people especially those younger people to attract them in becoming a part of their activities, which I think isn’t right. Making the people believe in your belief through buying them isn’t a pleasing attitude. You cannot tell what other people to believe in, because that is a natural instinct. Anyway, maybe some of you are wandering what’s the difference between these two sectors of Islam.

Sunni – based on Wikipedia is the largest branch of Islam; its adherents are referred to in Arabic as ahl as-sunnah wa l-jamāʻah (Arabic: أهل السنة والجماعة‎), “people of the tradition of Muhammad and the consensus of the Ummah” or ahl as-sunnah (Arabic: أهل السنة‎). For short, in English, they are known as Sunni Muslims, Sunnis, and Sunnites. Sunni Islam is the largest religious denomination for any religion in the world. Sunni Islam is sometimes referred to as the orthodox version of the religion. The word “Sunni” comes from the term Sunnah (Arabic: سنة‎), which refers to the sayings and actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad as recorded in Hadiths.

Shi’i Islam is based on the Quran and the message of the Islamic prophet Muhammad attested in hadith recorded by the Shia, and certain books deemed sacred to the Shia (Nahj al-Balagha). In contrast to other Muslims, the Shia believe that only God has the right to choose a representative to safeguard Islam, the Quran and sharia. Thus the Shia look to Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law, whom they revere and consider divinely appointed, as the rightful successor to Muhammad, and the first Imam. In the centuries after the death of Muhammad, the Shia extended this “Imami” doctrine to Muhammad’s family, the Ahl al-Bayt (“the People of the House”), and certain individuals among his descendants, known as Imams, who they believe possess special spiritual and political authority over the community, infallibility, and other quasi-divine traits.

Unlike Shia, Sunni believes that the last sealed prophet is the Prophet (S.A.W), and after him will be no other prophets to come, yet shia go beyond in this believe and made Ali as the last prophet as so it seems in the records. I don’t really don’t know what was their aim but as for me, I grow up in a Sunni believe and I will be one, until the end of time, In sha Allah. This is the reason why the preacher told us to be more careful in going to a seminar, for us not to be deceived.


Let’s go the main discussion of this seminar. The preacher tackled about the Dhunob, which is mostly known as Sin. The meaning of this Dhunob is doing work against Islam. Let’s enumerate some of this that was being told there:

  1. Doing those acts that were told forbidden is a SIN.
  2. Not doing those obligations as stated by the ruler of all is a SiN.
  3. The preacher just told us that there are major and minor sins.  That is punishable with 40 kinds of punishment.

One great example is committing a fornification. When you commit fornications then the punishment for you will be 100 stones. You will be stoned by the people even your family. If you live, then that will be it. However, if you commit adultery while you are married, you will be stoned to death. If the male survive from this punishment, he is required to be thrown out for one year.

  1. Those people who talk ill to others are a Sin. It will not be forgiven unless he would do the “Tawbat” or asking forgiveness.
  2. It will also be a sin committed if you bribe some people to vote you in the election or the other way around is also a sin.
  3. Following your whim/desire is also a sin.

According from the records there are 4 major sins but Omar (R.A) enumerated 7 of them.

  1. Praying to others beside Allah (S.W.T).
  2. Sorcery
  3. Killing other people
  4. Spending the money that was left for the orphan child.
  5. Spending the earned money that came from interest.
  6. A Muslim person who runs away while in the middle of the fight.
  7. Accusing a woman for committing adultery/fornification without any evidence.

Other sins were also being enumerated from the seminars and these are the following.

  1. Not asking forgiveness from Allah (swt) believing that what he/she had done is something not to be forgiven.
  2. Promising something that he/she isn’t sure of doing it for real.
  3. Gaining interest.
  4. Adultery/Fornification
  5. Stealing
  6. Accusing your spouse to be committing Zina.
  7. Drinking wine/alcohol.
  8. Being prideful person.
  9. Cutting the ties with family member.
  10. Lying
  11. Bribery
  12. Male doing the Female actions or vice versa
  13. Being cruel to neighbor
  14. Boys who don’t pray in mosque.

These were the thing that I did take noted on the occasion, and I know there are lots of them. Sins are inevitable to man, and asking forgiveness is something that matters in this kind of situation. As a person, I asked Allah (swt) to enlighten my heart, and make me realize that living is only for Him.


Officially Enrolled!

Documents for SMC
Documents for SMC

I guess, there is no turning back now. Yesterday, I did have a choice, either to attend the wedding or continued my plan in enrolling at St. Michael’s College, and I choose the second option that morning. I guess I should take the consequence of not attending at my cousin’s wedding.

At around 9 in the morning, I went to the college I mentioned about, thinking that the enrollment would be done in a couple of minutes and guess again, I am wrong. I went first at their guidance office to ask about my form and submit my requirements. There I saw two maranao ladies who were also have the same goal as I do. They were the first entertained by the guidance counselor. As I noticed this two, I asked one of them if they were also there to enroll, and she said they are. Preparing their papers was almost done by a couple of minutes, and I didn’t think that those ladies were also from Mindanao State University until I saw a glimpse of their TOR.  One of the maranao, who wears a pink dress, and a little cute and chubby, I noticed from her Honorary Dismissal that she came from King Faisal Center,  where I did spend my four years in college.  I was going to asked her but I didn’t have the chance at that moment. Right after taking care of their papers, the counselor did made a check on my requirements and other stuff as well. I did stay there for about 5 minutes waiting for the next step. He then advised me to go to registrar in order to set my schedule, and be on the list for the Magna Carta class.  I did step outside the guidance counselor’s office following their instruction.

A couple of minutes after, I did saw these two ladies at the registrar waiting in line. I did start to talk to them since we both have the same aim of enrolling at St. Michael. The registrar let us in to meet with their head officer giving out our credential for her to enter our names into the system and make a listing of our schedules. We didn’t wait that long and received our list. We did have 6 subjects enlisted there all for Saturday class:

  1. Educ-12 s             Facilitating Learning
  2. Educ-16s              Principles of Learning
  3. Educ-18s              Assessment of Learning
  4. Educ-21a              The Teaching of Profession
  5. FS-123                   Experiential Learning 1
  6. FS-456                   Experiential Learning 2

Some way or another I needed to pull this over since I don’t want my money go into waste. I need to invest in this regard for the reason that it might get me into somewhere near in the future.  Here in the Philippines, in order for you to become a Professional Teacher, you needed to pass the Li censure Examination for Teacher. According to sources, you can also take this exam as long as you finished the 18 units’ related subject in teaching profession as set by the PRC or Professional Regional Commission. However, recently I have been hearing about this cancellation of guidelines in the PRC’s office. Instead of 18 units as per required, they will set a new regulation on this regard, and now they require 36 units. Upon hearing about this, I was kinda frustrated but what the heck. After thinking about this for a couple of days whether to continue this or not and I finally decided to pursue it. I guess I don’t loss something but instead I gain something. If the rules of PRC is still applicable when I am done with this, I guess, this is what they call hitting two birds with one stone. I learned something, and I will have the opportunity to be part of takers soon. In sha Allah.

Continuing in our adventure at that school, I did join the two ladies in following the steps in enrolling at this College, and together with them, I went on to the Office of the Finance as our next step. Unlike our Alma mater, Mindanao State University, their school is much organized. Everything is in place. While we were waiting, I did have the chance of knowing these two girls. The one is named Asliah, who finished her college at MSU as BS Public Administration student last 2008. I guess, she is the same age as mine since I got graduated a few months before her. The other girl was named Bulit, who is my junior at King Faisal Center as BS- International Relations student last 2010. Both of them were working at a certain Non-Governmental Organization located at Marawi City named CFSI. Upon hearing this CFSI NGO, I suddenly remembered someone I know who works there and asked them about him. To my surprise they did know him. I thought “Wow, what a small world.”. We’ve talked lot of things while waiting. Somehow meeting someone in unexpected event and ask them about things which you can find an interconnection between that certain person is something amazing. If you do have that, communication goes smoothly. I did tell them not to mention me to the person whom I know from CFSI. We waited like 20 minutes in paying the down payment, which caused us 600 pesos.

Right after doing all the down payment part, we did have ourselves going to the canteen to get some ID chord and meet the personnel at DSA. We were instructed to go at their ITC to fill out a form for the ID through computers. It was our last step to be enrolled at it officially. After getting done filling out the form and getting our IDs, Asleah felt that it isn’t finish yet. We told her; that how come it didn’t finished were in fact we already pass through the final step. So, we got our self going at their dean to ask for the schedule, and it was a great thing that we did go there and asked. The Dean let us list our names and numbers to be contacted by her when the schedule is already done.

Now the enrollment is done, and everything was settled. The only thing left for me is to do my part and finish this. Hope I will not be half in this regard because this is an investment.

After I did manage to finish all the things I needed that day, I then went to a nice restaurant called “Pop Rock” to taste my favorite sprelli salad that they serve. YUMMY!

Sprelli Salad
Sprelli Salad


Yolanda Please Stay Away from us

Typhoon Yolanda
Typhoon Yolanda

I would like to tell a story about what’s going on here in the work place I settled in. Two days ago, a news suddenly break the silence of every one else here in Iligan. It was being foretold that there will be a typhoon that will enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility that will hit the country. The eye of the Typhoon will be centered at Samar and Leyte, yet some areas like the Northern Mindanao were a part of those areas that will be affected due to its diameter that reaches 600 kilometer. This typhoon is named as Yolanda, where in, it is called Haiyan in International name. So far, in accordance to the tabloids, this typhoon is considered the most powerful typhoon in the year of 2013. Currently, this typhoon was packing monster wind gusts of nearly 380 kilometres (235 miles) an hour as it approached the Philippines. The President of the Philippines announces addressed to the people of the constituent to prepare all the possible needed before this typhoon totally hits the country. The people in those affected areas were managed to be evacuated before this typhoon hits.

“Other vulnerable areas are the port cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan on the southern island of Mindanao, where flash floods induced by Tropical Storm Washi killed more than 1,000 people in December 2011.”

This only means that Iligan City is not exempted from Yolanda’s visitation. Iligan has been hit twice by a strong typhoon last 2011 and 2012 that almost killed so many people in this area. Now, that another is forthcoming on its way, upon the news break out, most of the people already secured their self and prepared all the things they needed. People already know how to deal with this and no longer think the idea of doing the Maniana Habits, which some Filipino have. They already exert efforts to do the necessary preparation as to save every ones life, as much as possible. Unlike the previous days at present Iligan seems to be in silence. All is aware, and all is prepared.

Filipino people are much attached to God, and we are most hopeful to God that this typhoon would not hit the country and not kill many people. We believe that God is not sleeping, whether one is a Muslim or a Christianity, everyone believes that God exist. This is the most powerful weapon that every individual do have and the best defence from this monstrous Typhoon.

A Treat in Zoey‏

Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t expect that I’ll be having a dinner outside. When I arrive at the office that afternoon at 4:30 PM from a servicing desk in our hometown, one of my co-officemate suddenly approached me informing me that I did a perfect attendance for the month of September 2013 and asked for a dine out together with the my co-officemate who gain a perfect attendance as well. I hesitated to go there since I planned to go at Aero Gym to work out. I haven’t had an exercise for almost four days, and almost feeling heavy. I then reach for the telephone to call for Ding, one of my co-officemates, and told her that I couldn’t come, but she did tried to convince me to come, and in the end she did get my approval for that dinner out. Fifteen minutes after five in the afternoon, we drove in going to Zoey Café together with our manager and other 4 people for dine out.

Zoey logo
Zoey logo

Zoey café is one of the known resto here in Iligan City. They serve good dishes that taste really great, and serving that most explicit kind of ice cream that for me is something I really like, the Monster Overload. I’ll be uploading the picture after this so you can see it guys. Going back to my story, I was looking for a creamy shrimp for the reason that my taste buds is looking for it. As I look from the menu, I didn’t see any likes of it and left me with no choice, ordering a Spicy Shrimp. I was also hesitant to buy this stuff in the since that the amount is something high. The price goes up to 100 + pesos, my eyes just rolled out and observe the prices of their menu. I then told to my co-officemate that the prices were kinda high, and just told me “Jom, just order anything without looking the price”. It made me laugh hearing those words. Its hard ordering anything you like when the manager of your office where there that makes you in a restraining order in choosing from the menu. After a couple of minutes not settling our order, I guess the manager noticed and told us to order anything we’d like. I pursue ordering the so called, spicy shrimp to fill my curiosity. So here’s the food that we did order.

Grilled Tanigue
Grilled Tanigue
Creamy Fish Fillet
Creamy Fish Fillet
Spicy Shrimp
Spicy Shrimp

And the most intriguing part is the , Monster Overload:

Monster Overload on Three
Monster Overload on Three
My Yummy Monster!
My Yummy Monster!

Happy Bloggings

Saturday Out

                I was with my friends last Saturday afternoon. I got bored at home and had decided to meet with some friends. On that day, we visited at Joan’s house to settle their needs in regards to claiming Joan’s saving in a loan agency. It’s been quite a while since we informed her family about this thing. However, we are having a problem in processing her papers due to some lacking documents, which one example here is a notarized papers that are needed to be signed by an attorney and others. All they worried about was the money that needed to be used, which we find it understandable because as a family who is not well off somehow will have a problem on this stuff. We were hoping that maybe a friend of ours would help, but by some means we are just mere strangers who haven’t build a name to be known to some people who are well off, namely an attorney. We are merely helping out as much as we can and assist her mother, but the fully person who can complete this process is Joan’s own mother, who is the legal beneficiaries of Joan. We stayed there like almost 30 minutes discussing a few matters and after that we leave.

                Our meeting doesn’t end there. We then decided to go to a nearby restaurant to eat some foods on the cold weather at Dining Room, MSU, Marawi City. We choose few foods that are suitable to our taste buds and some of them are the following:

Club House
Club House
Mongolian Noodles
Mongolian Noodles
Pizza is Great!
Pizza is Great!
Two of my friends...^_^
Two of my friends…^_^





ILIGAN City: Destinations and Tour

Iligan City
Iligan City

                Hi Guys! Are you a traveler? Wanted to go somewhere but doesn’t have any ideas? Why not stop over here and see some beautiful sight here in the place called the City of Falls or known as Iligan City. I got this interesting information from a store and wanted to share it with you guys. I don’t want all the goods to be on my side. Sharing is loving. Hope the Tourism here in Iligan won’t mind me sharing this based on their pamphlet. Where are we going to start?

Getting here:

                The fastest and most convenient is to take a plane from Manila or Cebu to Cagayan de Oro, with seven flights from Manila for 1 hour and 20 minutes, and from Cebu for 20 minutes. From Cagayan de Oro, you can take either a bus or a taxi or rent a car and travel 89 kilometers to Iligan.

                Its public sea-port serves passenger ships taking Iligan-Cebu and Iligan-Manila routes and cargo vessels both inter-island and foreign.

Language Dialect:

                Cebuano, the major dialect in the city is reported as the mother tongue of 94% of the population. The remaining 6% of the population speaks Tagalog, Maranao, Ilonggo, Ilocano and Waray-waray. Conversational English is however spoken and understood by the majority of the population, the street and directional signs are likewise in English.


                Iligan City is located at the northeastern coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay; 795 kms. South of Manila.

                Iligan’s Topography is such that 65% of the area is mountainous; 30% nearly level to moderately sloping and only 4% is level. Its coastal plains have a maximum expanse of only 3 square kilometers. The mountains running parallel with the coastal plains are not very high and do vary in size.

Timoga Cold Spring:

                Known for its pristine, cool and crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream towards several swimming pools. Shed, snack bars, cottages and stalls selling Iligan’s tastiest lechon (roasted pig) abound the area.

Tinago Falls:

                Literally hidden in a deep ravine, the falls cascading beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean, deep and icy cold. Located at Barangay Ditucalan, 13.8 kilometers from the city proper. To get to the waterfalls, simply take motorcycle ride which are parked along the highway in Brgy. Buru-un. Fare usually cost 25 pesos per passenger.

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

                The house boasts as the only house in Mindanao where two Philippine Presidents resided. One being the father, and the other the daughter, Pres. Diosdado Macapagala and Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, respectively. In 1994, upon the instigation of the Pres. Diosdado Macapagal, the lot where the house stands and a two hectare cocoland nearby were donated to the City Government of Iligan for the purpose of developing the place into tourist destination with the memorabilia of the Macaraeg-Macapagal family in exhibit. Nita declaration…

Iligan City Hall

                Situated on top of Buhanginan Hill, 130 feet above sea level, is the seat of Government of Iligan, built way back 1958. It is also a favorite promontory of Ilganons for viewing the sunset or skyline of the city by night. The grounds are sometimes utilized for official social functions,

Anahaw Open Amphi-Theater

                This is located at the Buhanginan Hills in the south-eastern side of the city hall. It is only 2.3 kilometers from the city proper. Probably the biggest open Amphi theater in Mindanao. A beautiful site to view Iligan City, where children can romp around the playground. The road going to the top of the hill is challenge and favorite destination for early morning exercise.

National Power Corporation (NPC) NATURE’S PARK

                This is home to Iligan’s famous landmark, the Maria Cristina Falls. It is the most resplendent among the 20 plus water-falls and also known as the “Mother of Industry”. It is 320 feet high, spews 130 cubic meters per second of water and the veritable source of power in the city and some parts of Mindanao. Located at the borders of Barangay Ditucalan, Maria Cristina and Buru-un, 9.3 kilo-meters from the city proper. The NPC complex houses Agus VI & VII HEPP, generating 200 MW & 54 MW respectively, thereby assuring ample amount of electrical needs to its clients in this part of Mindanao.

                The National Power Corporation has managed to preserve the verdant surroundings. In 2006, it started introducing other amenities and facilities attune to its environment-rich area. Some added attractions are the Butterfly and Orchid Garden, Zipline, tree climbing, canteen, souvenir shop, picnic cabanas, and a lot more.

Mimbalot Falls

                One of the 3 water falls found inside the Tourism Triangle Development zone. It is the smallest but the most accessible being located 500m from the highway. Brgy. Buru-un host this waterfalls along with the Timoga Swimming Pools, Maze Park & Resort and the Iligan Paradise Resort.

Diyandi Festival sa Iligan

                Folklore depicts Iligan’s patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel as the protector of peace. During the 70s, at the height of the secessionist hostilities in Mindanao, people believed that Iligan remained untouched and safe from rebel attacks because of the miracles of St. Michael.

                One evening, when a hostile group was poised to attack Iligan City, the rebels retreated because they could not find the city as it was transformed into lake. Another story told is that the Patron Saint makes his rounds in the evening as evidenced by amorseko grass on his clothes and muddy boots.

                These are just a few of the many stories about St. Michael passed on from generation to generation. Even the story of his installation as patron saint of Iligan continues to inspire and endear him to each every Ilganon. His feast every 29th of September, is a grand celebration in Iligan, In fact, it has transformed into a month long festival, the DIYANDI FESTIVAL SA ILIGAN.

                DIYANDI is a ritual performed by an all-female group outside the Cathedral during the Pagkanaug, before every novena and before the start of the Komedya, or Comedia de San Miguel, a folk stage play depicting the celestial battle. The ritual depicts the courtship between Maranao male and Higaonon female, and culminating into offering symbolic of their union and bountiful harvest to St. Michael the Archangel. The ritual aptly describes the peaceful co-existence of Iligan’s ti-people-Maranao, Higaonons and Christians.

Top 7 Hotels

Address: Raymond Jefffrey Road, Iligan City Philippines
Email:         Tel. No. (063) 221-4926; 223-8118/223-8877
2.       CORPORATE INN Year 2011-2012
Address: Isabel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City, Philippines
Email:           Tel. Nos. (063) 221-4456 / 221-4457 Fax No: (063) 221-4459
3.       CELADON PENSION HOUSE Year 2011-2012
Address: San Miguel Village, Pala-o, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 221-0711 / 225-4686
4.       SMC-HRM Laboratory Year 2011-2012
Address: Quezon City, Iligan City, Philippines 9200
Tel. Nos. (063) 225-3610
5.       ELENA TOWER Year 2012
Address: Tibanga, Hi-way, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 221-5995 to 97 Fax No. 221-5996
6.       FAMOUS PENSION HOUSE I Year 2011
Address: Branch 1-#2 North gate Street, Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City
Tel. Nos. (063) 223-0683/223-0684 Cel. No.: 09228919636
7.       KINGSWAY INN Year 2012

Address: A. Bonifacio Avenue, Tibanga Hi-way, Iligan City

Tel. Nos. (063) 223-3937/221-0277

To 8 Restaurant

1.       Gazpacho’s FoodHaus
Address: City Hall Drive, Quezon Avenue Extension, Brgy. Pala-o, Iligan City
Tel. No.: (063) 221-5215
Address: Badelles Extension, Iligan City
Tel. No.: (063) 221-3401/221-2559
3.       LAI-LAI Yeung Chow & Restaurant
Address: Mariano Badelles Sr. Avenue
Tel. No. (063) 221-5320/223-8919 Fax No. (063) 221-0116
4.       TATAY’S GRILL
Address: Tambo, Hi-way, Brgy. Hinaplanon, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-1740
Address: Corners Burgos and De Leon Sts., Brgy. Poblacion, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-7913
Address: Dona Teodora Blvd. Brgy. San Miguel, 9200, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 222-1925
7.       FONTINA Coffe.Restaurant.Gallery
Addresss: A. Bonifacio, Tibanga, Hi-way, Iligan City
Tel. No. (063) 221-6312
8.       Z RESTO BAR
Address: 2nd Floor, Highway 30, Tibanga Hi-way, Brgy. Bagong Silang, Iligan Ciy
Tel. No. (063) 221-5889


                If you’d like to visit and see the various attractions that Iligan offers, you may request for a tour guide at the City Tourism Office or you may wish to go around on your own. Here are some tips for the unguided tourist for a whole day tour.



7:00 Breakfast

8:00 ETD Buhanginan Hills

From Poblacion (City Proper) take a Jeepney (Iligan-Pala-o City Hall City Hospital and inform driver to take you to City Hall. Fare P 7.50

8:15 ETD Buhanginan Hills

Buhanginan Hill houses the City Hall which is 52 years old, the New Sangguniang Panlungsod building, the Anahaw Amphitheater. You’ll get a good view of the city from the Buhanginan Hill too. Some 200 meters from City Hall is the Bahay Salakot which houses the City Tourism office.

9:30 ETD for Maria Cristina Falls

Take a jeepney from Buhanginan Hill to City Proper. Tell the Driver to drop you at the East-West Bank, infront of the Masonic Temple and pay a fare of P7.50. From there, take a jeepney (Iligan-Buru-un) to Maria Cristina Falls. Fare is approximately P14.00. Inform the driver to drop you at the crossing going to Maria Cristina Falls.

10:15 ETD gate of NPC Agus VI and VII Hydro Electric Power Plant Complex

From the crossing of the national highway and road leading to Maria Cristina Falls is the NPC main gate which is some 150 meters from the highway. You shall be asked to register at the gate. Fill-out some forms and pay an entrance fee of 35 per person.

As the waterfalls is yet located some 800 meters from the gate, a shuttle ride is available at P10 per person which will take you around the complex.

Maria Cristina Falls is open to the public every day, from 8 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

11:45 ETD from Maria Cristina Falls to Timoga

From the gate of NPC complex, walk towards the highway and cross it. From there, take a Buru-un bound jeepney and tell the driver to drop you at Timoga. Fare is P7.50. There are stalls along Timoga highway where you can take your lunch. Recommended restaurant/eatery is the Gloria’s Ihaw-ihaw and must-eat (for pork eating tourist) is lechon (roasted pig) and puso (hanging rice.)

1:00 Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

Across Timoga’s food stalls is the Macaraeg-macapagal Ancestral House where two Philippine presidents have stayed.-President Diosdado Macapagal and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

1:30 ETD for Mimbalut Falls

Across the MAcaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House, take an Iligan-Buru-un jeepney and inform the driver to take you to the School Fisheries, Fare is P7.50. Jeepneys make their u-turn at the School Fisheries as it is the end of the line. Get off from where they make their u-turn and walk some 500 meters to Mimbalot Falls. After viewing, walk back to the highway and take Buru-un-Iligan Bound.

2:00 ETD for Tinago Falls

Tell the driver to drop you at the Buru-un talipapa(stal selling fishes and vegetables). Fare is 7.50. At the talipapa are habal-habal (motocycles used as public transport). Inform dispatcher that you are going to Tinago Falls. The rate is P25 per person, for minimum of 2 passengers per motorcycle. If you are alone and you do not wish to wait for additional passenger then the fare is P50. You may make arrangements with the driver to pick you up at the Tinago vicinity and special rates can be arranged and negotiated. At the Parking area going to the TInago Falls, guides/porters can be arranged. Fees can be negotiated.

***The fares/ and other rates indicated above are based on current fares (as of August 2012) and may therefore change depending on legislated/approved rates.

Aside from the places that were mentioned, there are those other places that are also a good recommendation for you to see, which in myself haven’t also got there.

Dalipuga Falls

Dalipuga Falls
Dalipuga Falls

Pam Pam Falls

pampam falls
pampam falls

Kalubihon Falls


Hindang Falls

Hindang Falls
Hindang Falls

It is actually located before you reach the baranggay hall and is just a 7 minute trek from the road. But to be sure, you can ask your guide from the cave to take you to the water falls.

Hindang Cave

Hindang Cave
Hindang Cave

In order to get here, you need to take a jeepney from the city proper to Brgy. Kiwalan. Get off at the junction road right in front of Granex-port. A few meters from the highway is the jeepney going to Brgy. Hindang, stopping at their baranggay hall (which is usually the end of the route if you take the jeepney marked. Brgy. Hindang). The usual fare is P50.00 per person. Upon reaching the barangay hall, register at their log book and pay P5.00.

Ask for Assitance from the locals for guides to take you to the caves. It will be a 2 hour trek going up a little bit steep trail. Don’t forget to bring extra tshirt and drinking water as wekk as good flashlights. Usually guide fee is 300 for a group. Guide Fees are negotiable.

Dodiongan Falls

Dodiongan Falls
Dodiongan Falls

Take a jeepney from the city proper to Brgy. Digkilaan/Dulag (marked 8A) and get down at the junction going to Siarza Memorial School. Ask for assistance from the locals to guide you going to the waterfalls. The trek is an easy one but be ready to get wet when you cross the usually ankle deep water. The trek usually will take you 20 minutes.

The pictures that were attached to here were from internet, and im hoping I could put some pictures that i did captured on those places. I am planning to explore this places with some friends in this month of November. Anyway, if you got a chance, try to drop by here in Iligan and see this places that you will never see in other places here in Philippines.

If you are the typical person who love to bring some souvenirs, there are also stores that you can choose from and these are Cheddin’s Peanut, Ming’s Antique Collection and Suka Pinakurat.

Thank you for reading and Happy Bloggings!

EGO needed to be cured

Egos Kill Everything
Egos Kill Everything

            There are so many ailments that human can feel. As the technology advances these also goes with diseases in today’s time. I guess collateral for such advancement in our society were being created. One of the diseases that I wanted a cure is the EGO or SUPEREGO of human being. I myself am not free in this kind of thing. This Ego conquers me in so many ways. I wanted to fight it but sometimes it is a very strong enemy. Only those chosen people who can control their whims and desire in protecting their self from the event that may full on them in an appropriate way. However, most of the people that are affected of this, causes them to have a mental breakdown over their true good human nature. I already stated this thing in my previews post, as to reiterate it, SUPER EGO sometimes lead us into being selfish. If I am wrong, kindly correct me from this idea, and tell me your opinion, but this is what I think about.

                If I am pharmacist, scientist or whatsoever, I would love to invite a cure that is inexpensive for the people to take. I would like to take them like a daily vaccination that must be injected to people, in order to subside their molecular activities inside their brain. I want to trigger that part of their brain that controls this feeling. I guess, this thing would lead in what they everybody else wanted, “WORLD PEACE”.

                Hope I point out my opinion on this topic here at Daily Prompt.

Pay for the Price

              October 30, 2013. It was a day of unexpected event. I was planning to enroll in a Professional Teaching here in Iligan. I was thinking, if I don’t grab the chance to enroll in another course, what will happen to me? I feel I needed to enroll in a certain course for me to have an option in the near future while I’m still young at age. I did plan this last year, but now I am fully interested in making it real. I thought to myself, I need to pursue this by hook or by crook. After I was informed by a teacher from a prestigious school here in Iligan, St. Michael’s College, that they are accepting an installment payment for an amount of 1,000 PHP every exam as a tuition fee. My hopes were somehow increased. I thought of saving 1,000 PHP from my salary every month that comes. I only know that until when I got there to enroll last Wednesday, and was qualified for Certificate on Professional Teaching. I was hoping I could finish my task on that afternoon, until that lady from the Guidance office told me that since I was a Special case, the enrollment will be on November 4. I was disappointed and suddenly told the Guidance Officer about my day being wasted due to some misinformation that they told me a few days before going there. I was hopeful, and wanting to finish my task, but it turn out to be so unwell.

                For the reason that I don’t have any choice to do something, the only thing that left me was to leave their office holding my requirements feeling disappointed. I was absent at the office that afternoon. Before leaving the premises of St. Michael’s College, I then thought to myself “I needed to grab this opportunity to inquire about the offering of Professional Teaching to some other schools.” In this regard after a few minutes, I did go to St. Peter’s College. I went directly to the dean of their College of Education and asked her about their schedule. I was informed that they are offering a Professional Teaching. In the first semester, you will be given 18 units (that units were needed for you to be qualified in their so called LET Exam). There schedule would be 6:00 PM- 9:00PM, Monday to Saturday. In accordance with the payment, the dean told me to go to their Accounting Officer to inquire about the tuition fee. Below this are there listing:

St. Peter's Bill
St. Peter’s Bill

                Looking down on those amount suddenly strucked me and remind me of St. Michael’s College Tuition Fee. I thought to myself “Oh My God! I was expecting that I will only spend 1,000 PHP every month, and the problem is that what if they have the same system like the Saint Peter’s College.” That thing suddenly popped out inside my head.

                After finishing my queries in that school, I went back to St. Michaels College to fully understand there mode of payment, and there, I was informed. The amount of their payment per unit is much higher than St. Peter’s College, where in the course that I prefer to enroll cost 466.15 per unit while in the other school in St. Peter only cost 364.84. If I will total the 18 units times to 466.15 it will cost me 8,390.70 PHP, plus the Miscellaneous fees of 790.76, and Other fees which is 1,220.29, it will drain my pocket in total of 10,401.75. When I was told by those numerical numbers “I thought, what’s this? I thought I only needed to pay an amount of 6,000 PHP for my tuition fee for the whole semester. How did it come to this?” I was left shocked for a moment there. I turn my back at the cashier holding the piece of paper they gave me for a bases and thinking how can I  put up with this 10,401.75, which if I divide this to 4 terms, I needed to pay 2,604.44 every exam four times in one semester. It was beyond my imagination, and limits of my plan of saving from my salary for the course I wanted to take. Below this was my draft I made when I was computing all things I needed.

My Calculation
My Calculation

`               I was left in a status of a shock when I found out the amount of money I needed. Feeling disappointed I went out from the school and thinking if I can have another job to raise this money, but my problems is how? Hope I could attain in some way or another in finding a solution on this problem as much as possible.

A day with ZUMBA

         Zumba for Fun

           I would love to entitle this blog of mine as “My Love affair with Zumba”, but as you can see I didn’t do it for the reason that readers might say something about being weird. Anyway, I wanted not to write this, but my mind wanted this to put it into words and share the feelings that I am experiencing right now. So let’s start. I know most of you my dear readers tried Zumba, or having their daily dose of exercise thrice a week, right? Now, here is the question; what kind of feelings that you mostly felt after doing a one hour of exercise? Do you feel lighted? Do you feel more energetic perhaps? Share it to me, and I would like to know about it from your point of view. From my own experience, I would feel more relaxed. I’ve been into some mind bugging stuff in my life the past few months, but I am trying to recover myself and forget it day by day. I no longer wanting to experience those feelings when you are consume by something that you never wanted to experience. But life always tests us with unexpected experience. Zumba, became one of my outlet to let this thing out of my system.

                At first, I wanted to give up from this routine since it made me so tired, and feel the pain all over my body every next morning. However, I did thought it would be a waste if I don’t continue it. As the days goes on, I did pursue this hobby until such time that I am already hooked. It became a part of me. I don’t like working out alone. I love when so many people there, who shares the same interest as I do. There were those days where I don’t enroll at all, but when I do that, my body seems to be aching looking for this type of work out. For this reason as much as I can I would save from my salary for this one. I always intended to pay 800 pesos for one month where in good for 12 sessions.  This thing is equivalent for thrice a week in a month.

                I do this work out for one hour thrice a week, but usually I do this four times. After this, my friend always invites me for a 30 minutes’ walk. This made me even loss some sweat in a day, which is of course I am thankful for. Maybe, if I am not into this kind, I am probably a heavy weight right now. If you see me in person, you could say that I am a fat person, but I no longer deny that fact. I already accept the fact that this me, a fat young adult and no offense being committed. This body is a God givens grace, and that I need to be thankful for it. Maybe, someday in God’s will, I might reach the ideal weight for a 20 plus young lady as I am. Cheers! ^_^