Pay for the Price

              October 30, 2013. It was a day of unexpected event. I was planning to enroll in a Professional Teaching here in Iligan. I was thinking, if I don’t grab the chance to enroll in another course, what will happen to me? I feel I needed to enroll in a certain course for me to have an option in the near future while I’m still young at age. I did plan this last year, but now I am fully interested in making it real. I thought to myself, I need to pursue this by hook or by crook. After I was informed by a teacher from a prestigious school here in Iligan, St. Michael’s College, that they are accepting an installment payment for an amount of 1,000 PHP every exam as a tuition fee. My hopes were somehow increased. I thought of saving 1,000 PHP from my salary every month that comes. I only know that until when I got there to enroll last Wednesday, and was qualified for Certificate on Professional Teaching. I was hoping I could finish my task on that afternoon, until that lady from the Guidance office told me that since I was a Special case, the enrollment will be on November 4. I was disappointed and suddenly told the Guidance Officer about my day being wasted due to some misinformation that they told me a few days before going there. I was hopeful, and wanting to finish my task, but it turn out to be so unwell.

                For the reason that I don’t have any choice to do something, the only thing that left me was to leave their office holding my requirements feeling disappointed. I was absent at the office that afternoon. Before leaving the premises of St. Michael’s College, I then thought to myself “I needed to grab this opportunity to inquire about the offering of Professional Teaching to some other schools.” In this regard after a few minutes, I did go to St. Peter’s College. I went directly to the dean of their College of Education and asked her about their schedule. I was informed that they are offering a Professional Teaching. In the first semester, you will be given 18 units (that units were needed for you to be qualified in their so called LET Exam). There schedule would be 6:00 PM- 9:00PM, Monday to Saturday. In accordance with the payment, the dean told me to go to their Accounting Officer to inquire about the tuition fee. Below this are there listing:

St. Peter's Bill

St. Peter’s Bill

                Looking down on those amount suddenly strucked me and remind me of St. Michael’s College Tuition Fee. I thought to myself “Oh My God! I was expecting that I will only spend 1,000 PHP every month, and the problem is that what if they have the same system like the Saint Peter’s College.” That thing suddenly popped out inside my head.

                After finishing my queries in that school, I went back to St. Michaels College to fully understand there mode of payment, and there, I was informed. The amount of their payment per unit is much higher than St. Peter’s College, where in the course that I prefer to enroll cost 466.15 per unit while in the other school in St. Peter only cost 364.84. If I will total the 18 units times to 466.15 it will cost me 8,390.70 PHP, plus the Miscellaneous fees of 790.76, and Other fees which is 1,220.29, it will drain my pocket in total of 10,401.75. When I was told by those numerical numbers “I thought, what’s this? I thought I only needed to pay an amount of 6,000 PHP for my tuition fee for the whole semester. How did it come to this?” I was left shocked for a moment there. I turn my back at the cashier holding the piece of paper they gave me for a bases and thinking how can I  put up with this 10,401.75, which if I divide this to 4 terms, I needed to pay 2,604.44 every exam four times in one semester. It was beyond my imagination, and limits of my plan of saving from my salary for the course I wanted to take. Below this was my draft I made when I was computing all things I needed.

My Calculation

My Calculation

`               I was left in a status of a shock when I found out the amount of money I needed. Feeling disappointed I went out from the school and thinking if I can have another job to raise this money, but my problems is how? Hope I could attain in some way or another in finding a solution on this problem as much as possible.

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