The Mark of Creativity


Should the creativity of students be recognized and approved in more simple projects (for example, producing photos with captions, caricatures on social issues, etc.?) Explain.

Creativity doesn’t need to be extravagant, and there are so many ways to enhance this part of oneself.  This thing can be developed starting in a simple way that a students can. Teachers have all the ability to do whatever s/he needs to in order to develop the students’ skills and creativity. But they cannot impose an assignments or project that could lead them to forcing their self doing those certain things, because this will only shows, you as a teacher being so dictator of everything they do. A teacher should remember that the students’ best interest is the main priority, for this reason they have the right to give them some choices how they wanted things to be done. Teacher needs to show that s/he values creativity in order for her/his student to be motivated as well. Doing so, they need to approve giving their students simple projects, because things start in a very simple way before they go through in a very profligate way. If the students are willfully doing this simple project and they loved it, there is that possibility that they will grow on them, and even do greater task.

Producing photos with caption, caricatures on social issue as stated in the sample question are a simple creativity that a teacher could give as an assignment or project for their children. This will focus on their visualization on how they could grab a best picture in a certain situation; they could also develop their thinking skills through deciding the best caption that they could put in the picture they did a shot on. Doing caricatures in relation to social issue might be a simple projects but I could say it is a very advance way of creativity. It let the students analyze and understand first the issue that their environment has before creating caricatures. Upon analyzing, kids helped to understand more and see what they’re environment composed to. This leads to opening their eye in the real situation of the world. Students tend to be more like of a self centered individual, but they don’t need to be someone like this forever and in order to do so they are complied to set their foot outside and let this experience be a tool in opening their mind. Being alive is not about living in the fantasy world, but realizing what is in the real world. Going back, after this analyzing issue, they can now visualize what kind of comic/caricatures they wanted to picture out, and the thing they wanted their target audiences to learn about.  This is a very delicate situation but very unique because they can be challenged to do well on giving a good impression on their art work that might lead them to do an extra effort. Plus, doing this kind of activity can cause them enjoyment or fun as well.

School Computer Cafes vs. Instructional Computer Games

School Computer Cafes VS Instructional Computer Games


Students play games at home and nearby school computer cafes. How do these games differ from instructional computer games?

The differences are greatly big, though the tools used were the same. Technology change in a vast speed in a blink of a day or months, and then new gadget suddenly created. Human intelligent are getting in the next level far differ from that of the people from the previous generation. However, maybe many of us were thinking, does this technology give us some sort of negative and positive impact in each livelihood or living?

The positive side of this technology is that, it did give us to live in a more easy way. We can do a lot of things out of this technology, and even do greater things on us. What we see in our environment reflects what technology has done to the human life. Computer as one of this became an extreme factor in giving way to a massive storage of information and a greater help in communication. I guess if we are going to estimate the ratio of possibility, 9 out of 10 people already have their computer at their homes. This became one of the necessities and we could probably say became one of appliances, which is a part of the household. The kids in today’s generation can already manipulate technology, and lots of people were using this one in order to promote each ideal and share what they already have in mind. The 21st century kids are far more into this techy stuff. But too much of doing this sort of things can be harmful in some cases.

Due to the demand of this kind of gadget, computer cafes were being built or provided by those business people as a part of their income generating thing. The purpose of this was for those people to access information and does a lot of stuff that they needed for their requirements in their daily life. However, there are those cafes that provide service having more games installed in their system, and most of these cafes are located near the school. For those business minded people, building this kind of café near the school could make their income rise in a far greater sale since kids are into this thing, and they knew that this location is better without thinking the possible effect on the kids’ school standing. The School computer cafes and instructional computer games are different.

The said school computer cafes were most likely entertaining games. One very popular game that was being played online was like that of DOTA, RAGNAROK and etc. These were created for amusement for the kids. Most of them really were having fun doing this, but some gets a more harmful on their grades because instead of making an assignment, they just go to a café and do a lot of games instead. This stuff really cause a harsh part to some parents because they were thinking that their kids were doing the best of their ability to go to school, but only to find out some of their kids skipping classes just for this purpose. This is why some parents need to monitor their kids in order to know what they were doing. In the instructional computer games, though bought of them were being created as games and for amusement, this ICG was created with a twist. The twist in here is the learning that it could give to the kids. They were given in order for the kids to learn in a fun more setting. We can totally understand that people have different level of learning, and some wanted more amusing in order to awaken their interest. This instructional computer games were being built to fight the boredom of some students who lack motivation when they run out to drive them. It became helpful for the teachers since it could give them some idea that they could use in class subject.


Parents need to supervise their kids in using this technology. They could put both of these games in their computer as a way of monitoring them. If kids wanted to play games then give them time with a specific limit, and teach them as well on instructional computer games for them to shift the kids’ interest from the entertaining games to learning games.

Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)

Movie Insider

Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)
Ranma 1/2 The Movie (Live Action)




Ranma   ½ The Movie


The premise is the background of the story, which   includes the possible events that might have happened before.

If Ranma and his father   didn’t went to the legendary springs located in china they will not   supposedly turn into something that they don’t wanted it to be. Learning   Martial Arts beyond the border and doing too much is something harsher   someone, just like what the two of them gone through.


Characterization is the description of characters’   personality, beliefs, motivations, etc.

Ranma, the main   character of this live action, has a strong will to become the strongest man   in the world. He was being inspired by her sick mother when she was alive.   Ranma’s belief is strong enough, and the inspiration that Akane gives to him   becomes an additional for him to be stronger than ever. The actor who played   this role was really cute, and some characteristics of the anime version of   Ranma were being portrayed by him very well. The woman who portrayed as the   female version, was really befitting in the role of someone who is so boyish   who denies the fact that she is a woman. I could say both of them portrayed   them very well. I was a little bit not well acquainted with their expression   from time to time. It was some kind of a very child like act.

Akane is a determined   girl to inherit their dojo, and maintain its status. However, her father   seems to conclude that her youngest daughter could not handle it alone and   decided to betroth her to Ranma. Akane is a strong woman, who works things on   its own. She has a crush on a doctor who works in her school, but it was so   unfortunately that that guy was in love to her oldest sister named Kasumi.   The girl, who also portrayed Akane, was very beautiful. It does make sense   why they indeed choose her as Akane Tendou, but I have this little bit of a   comment. Akane in the anime version was a little bit of a chubby like, and   much stronger than the live action. But then again, though she didn’t   completely perfect the role, but she did justice to it.

The List of the Character as well as the name of the actors/actresses were the following;

Main Cast



Plot and Structure

The plot is the flow of events and actions that   consequently develop in a story.

The structure of the movie is how the parts of it   relate to each other, or how the plot is built.

At the beginning of the   story, they started at present time, and a little bit of past to convey what   had happen to Genma and Ranma, and then going back to the present.  The story flows accordingly like that of   the anime series. Though the anime series were being played with long   episodes, but in here, of course it was being shorten. The flow of the story   is well understood, and there is no defect that you could probably notice   while the story is playing. Everything seems to be well organized and will plan   by the maker of this movie.



A dialogue is a conversation between two or more   people, or characters for this matter.

In terms of Dialogue, I   find it very funny when each of the characters where having this   conversation, because they seems to be over reacting with their expressions,   and they really do liked to imitate the anime version of this series, which   is somehow hard to do. While this movie was playing, and this kind of comment   roaming around inside my mind, I just thought that they were acting like that   since the story is related in its anime version. I also do notice this type   of acting with some live action movie that was based also from anime series.   A typical over reacting expressions which I find it very entertaining.


Originality refers to a fresh plot or idea   implemented in the film that attracts viewers’ attention to the story.

Of course, this movie   isn’t the original version because it is based on its anime version that was   created during the 1990s. However, the alteration of the story was kind of   unique due to the reason that I haven’t seen the plot that was being showed   in this movie from the anime episodes of Ranma, which I can say that they   also have their originality in altering the story. Those fanatic anime goers   and a fan of Ranma surely do like to watch this after seeing the title.   However, for those who aren’t very well acquainted with anime, they can   attract the viewer in relation to its kinky side of the story, like how fun   it is to watch it; the characters were seemingly at its best in portraying   their designated role.

The Cast of the Original version!
The Cast of the Original version!

A scene is a self-contained episode within a larger   work.

The scenes were not hard   to locate I guess, because most of the scenes were located inside a school   premises, dojo, plaza, and underground tunnel. So, these elements were easy   to find. I guess, the maker of this movie didn’t have any problem looking for   a great spot. The same with its anime version that mostly the scene where   usually in those set that was being mentioned.

Visual Presentation

A visual presentation is when characters act and   react to each other and the setting to develop the action and the plot of the   movie.  This interaction typically   involves a lot of dialogue.

As I said from my   earlier write ups, characters’ reactions were somehow funny because in some   part they are over reacting. The conversations that were being gone through   in the series of the movie were good as it is. I am well entertained by them.   If I would be asked if I wanted to watch this again, I will surely going to   say yes. There are those movies, which really are rich with so much   visualization effect, but in here, there are only few of them. They didn’t   give much of an importance of going so much magic effect from the beginning   until the last part of the movie.

The Structure of Critique

The general structure of the critique resembles the   structure of an essay.

Ranma was a young man   who goes in an adventure together with his father Genma. An incident happens   when they were traversing the land of China. When they arrived in the   legendary cursed spring, each one of them fell in a certain springs that turn   them into something else. Now Genma, Ranma’s father, was really wanted to sit   his son to Akane. He did pretend and said to Ranma that there is that certain   springs will get them back permanently from whom they were before, and it   could only be found at the Tendou’s Residence. For this purpose, Ranma became   so interested in going there and agree with such betroth idea, believing that   he could find the springs in there.

The movie was totally   based on its anime version, but only it has a little bit of an alteration. I   find it very entertaining. I am the typical person who can be easily bored   when I don’t find a movie very interesting, but when I watched this, I was drawn   by the characters especially to Akane. On Ranma sides, I didn’t find him   handsome, but when I look at him? He is also a quite good looking guy in a   much nearer look. They have a few characters in the story, which you can   easily count them in your finger tips. In terms of values, it has a little   bit of this.

To conclude my critique,   I would say they did a good job. It was simple kind of movie, without costing   much for the maker but they give due justice for the characters that the   actor/actress portrayed. I recommend this for the kids who don’t have any   assignments to take care of. But the kids should be guided while watching   this movie because their might be a question on some part of this movie that   the kids might misinterpret it.

Help Message!

Yesterday morning, I was looking at my email inbox. When I do this I am also checking up on things inside my Junk Inbox (SPASM) if there were something for me there that are urgent. To my curiosity, I did saw this one email from an unknown addressee stating from her Subject:



I got puzzled in this message.


I did click it and there, I read her statement stating “I need your help”. Then right after that I’ve decided to give her a reply asking; “help from what?”. The next day after that (like right now) I am here again at the office checking up on my emails, and there I saw another message coming from her and when I opened it, KABOOM! A big phrase suddenly appeared, with a good English and Grammar Skill. She mentioned many things, and one of this was introducing herself. There were so many thing she did mentioned, and one highlighter from the things she spoke about from her letter was about a transfer of a big amount of money that consist of Million Dollar. She wanted to transfer this money to me, because as she explained, her husband died and no child to give this money, and left with a greedy friends and relatives to leave that certain amount. According to her, most of the properties of her husband were already sold by his relatives and now that she is sick, those people were just waiting for her to be pronounced as a dead person at the hospital she was in. For this reason, she wanted to fulfill her husband’s wish. This wish was to use this money in helping some people in need or build an orphanage for the children who don’t have any home to go to. She even mentions about Allah (swt), and other religious stuff. When she did mentioned this, somehow I suddenly got doubt whether she was stating the truth or not, because if she didn’t I guess, I won’t read her letter any further. In the last portion of her letter, she was saying to reply her message urgently by me, stating my full name and address, and even tell something about myself. If I do so, she wanted to pursue the money transfer she’s going to make.


I really doubt this message since there were those instances where I received few of them to some countries like in the continent of Africa, stating about money transfer. Since this woman was mentioning again and again about the name of the Almighty, I did send her a reply and I did state there:

“I’ve been receiving a certain email just like this, money transferring. I am not sure either to trust you or not. There are so many things just like this that I have been receiving for how many months now and I guess, I need a definite proof of this story.

Furthermore, I am very confused of why you are entrusting this amount of money, who is a very stranger to you?

I replied in this message of yours since you are speaking about Allah (swt) in your story. So, I am assuming that you are a religious person. I am a Muslim born here in the Philippines. I am an average person living in an ordinarily life. I don’t have anything to be proud of except for the fact that I am living a good way of living. If you want to trust me on the things you’ve mentioned in the letter. Gave some information that I could validate, because a mere letter and a mere story telling is a mere lie without getting things into full details. I could not give the information you need unless; I could see the truth behind this.”

However, if this is true…I guess, I could fulfill her husband’s wish, because here in our place, there are those certain areas that needs help. There are those children from remote area who needs a lot of attention because of their poor situation there. There are those children who cannot go to school because they need to work for their parents, and sacrifice their studies. As well as students who are in need of school materials. I guess, I need to build a team on this project since I could not do this alone. I will ask help from my good friends, whom I could entrusted this kind of stuff.  These things will happen if this woman is stating the truth; if not then it’ll be a punishment for her and a sin.

helping hand

PS: Guys! I am raising a fund going to Japan and I am hoping for someone to back me up on this plan trip. hehe You can visit it the information at Trevolta Page. Thank you!

Finding a way out!


               I’ve been writing on this blog for how many months now. I guess, 2 years to be exact? I don’t know why am I writing. Maybe in order to release this million of thoughts that exists in my mind, or gets my mind off the hook from having too many things to think about. I am writing in my spare times, even though I know that my grammars were very unthinkable or not very creative at all, but what the heck I am still writing. This is something to be called Ä trying Hard Writer in the 21st Century (laughing out loud).However, I didn’t dream of becoming a writer of a certain novel, just an average writer.  I don’t know the main reason of this thing, but I just write. I guess, the purpose of writing some piece of me is for the people to read my stories, and maybe if something will happen, this will be my legacy. Will enough of this thing, I don’t want to go somewhere in the dark side of my mind!

                I am beginning to think, if there is something for me in store in the near future. Thinking, thinking, and thinking, but I usually find myself blocked. I can’t see anything. Do I have a goal? What’s my calling? What’s the purpose of my living, if I can’t let myself get out in this certain cage that I built within me, then what is it? I’ve been hearing some stories, to be specific; religious stories, about this people who change 180 degrees in their life in an instance. I find those people who change easily a very amusing people, changing in a way to a religious aspect. From time to time, I would ask Allah (swt) to shift my attention to him. There are those instances that I am eager but there are some that it fades away. Human souls usually aren’t that stable especially on their faith. In terms of this part, my faith is fluctuating. This is a dangerous thing to think about, but i am praying He won’t let me be like of this people who were deviated. There are those instances where in, I would think of going somewhere in order to learn, but sometimes fear submerge, and poof nothing happens. I am afraid to take the risk, because deep inside I felt there is something. I wish I could change in an instant. Waking up early in the morning waking up in a different persona. However, this is just part of that wishful thinking.

In a crisis: The UNWRITTEN!

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?


           Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own flows in their life, and I guess putting your weakness in this blog is something should not be enlisted here. I am not against with the author of these 365 writing prompts, but for me, things should be kept hidden as they should be.

            I don’t know if you are following my blogs, and I guess some of you could tell what kind of person am I through my writings, and I left this to you as your pre judgement in relation to the author of this blog. Maybe, you are wandering why I don’t like to answering this too directly. One reason for this is that, there are those people who are very happy when they see you suffer. Instead, they give you sympathy or help you with your troubles, they would say the opposite. Let’s just admit about this, there are those people who don’t like us very much. Seeing a weakness in regards to you would somehow give them an idea on how to turn you down in a minute. I prefer answering this website in the other site that I am attached to. There is that one website, were I put all my negative thoughts and pain. Some of my friends there, or should I say “just friend”, already know what i am going through. It is safer to put all your negative thoughts that you can’t handle keeping it in a certain domain that no one knows by the people whom you know. That website becomes my negative inbox.

The Essentials of using Technology!


             Based on what I have learned from our last lesson, I did learned the meaning of this word “technology” in relation to education well.  In putting this technology based on my experience, I could say it did make a difference.  I wasn’t been in a digital atmosphere when I was in my kindergarten until grade 6, but the technology that were being used on those days was more on traditional technology. We did learn through using black board with chalk, Manila paper, colors, class session outside the class, sometimes using a radio, showing a film viewing inside the classroom which made me learn more things. I was in high school when all this computers where being implemented at school, adding this very interesting field made my high school days fun, for the reason of the excitement it did bring on my part. Like, I got the motivation in learning new things and create stuff using this machine. I did have a chance to combine this thing in my class work, and become more optimistic in the excitement of learning under the computer age. College days were far more interesting. In this time, equipments are getting in a fast speed of advancement. Laptop, projector, cellphones, CDs, USB, Portable Gadgets etc. this things helps me in doing my work at its optimum during those days. I love what I’m doing and I get the excitement of combining this technology in making some paper works and reports on those days. Sharing has been more fun using this new technology.


                Technology helps a teacher in so many ways in terms of building an innocent mind. From these matters alone, I did realize that mixing traditional technology in a very modern way of teaching is far more essentials in making the students be motivated. In this age, we cannot expect that students will solely sit down and listen; they are becoming more innovative in their own way. One innovative that I could possibly add in today’s learning is that, student of this time is far more on visualization. A mere manila paper, cartolina, black board etc. isn’t enough in making them interested, a teacher needed to let their creativity to be done in far more extent. They need to cope up with the changes. A teacher will be far more effective in class if they give something new for the student to experiment. Based on my own experience, I became more interested in the new technology and out of my curiosity; I did made a few exploration on this part and mixed in my daily classwork.

Land of the Rising Sun

                I’ve been dreaming about going to the said place called Japan ever since when I was young. It’s been my greatest dream. I want to see their different kind of world, their rich culture, their technology and a lot of Japan’s wonderful thing that you can never see in any other place in the world. Mostly, I want to see the so called “Cherry Blossom”. I know this tree is growing in some part of the world like in Korea, China, etc but then, I wanted to see this tree at its full bloom in Japan.


japan 2

japan 3

                I’ve been an avid watcher of anime that were created there, and maybe, this is the main reason why I was influenced in wanting to go to their place. Influenced by what I see and from the description they had in series of anime that promotes mostly their culture, and their other capabilities. I read about Japan and other information through reading magazine, websites, newspaper and books. I was thinking if ever this thing will be a dreaming coming true in the near future, it will be a great experience. In order to fulfil this, I was planning last year of saving much money in travelling, and from the way I calculated things by the means I have right now, I can’t reach the amount of money I needed for this year 2014 for this dream trip travel. However, a friend of mine suddenly brought this up. She also wanted to go there, and I was like “Hwaaaaat?” She did mentioned that the travel date will be possibly fall on April. I was thinking that this period were somehow great since I will be with someone on this travel, and that April were a great date going there since it’s Spring. Spring is where cherry blossom will make its way to bloom. Upon my mind roaming around, calculating the things I needed especially the amount that is needed, I was like loosen up because the travel will cost me more or less 70,000 php. Where I can get that money just for the stake of my dream, and that it is equivalent for only 5 days of travel? A very big amount to someone like me whose salary won’t make that much in three months to reach that certain amount. I WANT TO TRAVEL…huhuhu

                How I wish there will be a certain contest that I can join in and that this amount will be the winning price? Or is there anyone who is kind enough to give a FUND for this travel? hehe I guess, if there is, if you need a detail of my trip or something that goes along with the line of reporting about the travel..I guess that won’t be a problem.

Wishful thinking for a FUNDED Travel to Japan!


On Sabrina Ongkiko’s “Return on Investment”

Before reading my article, Kindly visit the speech of Ms. Sabrina Ongkikos’s “Return on Investment” at I am very sorry If I didn’t included it in here but, soon I will. Thank you.

         Sabrina Ongkiko

             The speech of Ms Sabrina was quite amazing, in a way that you can really feel her enthusiasm in relation to her chosen career. You can feel her from her voice; from the way she poses and delivers her speech is totally admirable. I am not giving her coated words in order to give her some boost of her video, because in reality, it was a good speech that someone could give to her students, to someone’s co-workers, to the place she works at, and to the people from her surroundings. Looking from her get up on that day in her speech shows how proud she is to be a public teacher.

                In her first speech, she didn’t articulate there how students should be thankful to his/her teachers due to the effort they are doing, but NO, she didn’t articulate that, but instead she made it in an another way around. She did thank her students; because of them she did learn something. Though I am not a practicing right now, but I guess, what Ms. Sabrina wanted to convey was that, teachers also learn from their students. The learning in class is a vice versa way of teaching one another, and that’s what I picked up from her speech. Of course, I’ve become a student as well, but I didn’t realize this part; that a teacher can also learn from us. Ms Sabrina’s students must be proud, and surely when they heard this message from her, I’m sure it will inspire them more.


                The motivation that I sense from her speech is very strong, but the motivation is not something you could easily see in public teachers now a day, and how they viewed the public schools. To be frank, I did imagine how public schools to be a place of no learner, a place were giving education was weak, but she did change my views on this part. It is a good thing that someone in the field of education is making this kind of realization, because most of the people really view public school as a failure place of learning. She did show a positive feedback on this part, which gives you a good impression on this school that was being put down by the people all around. As a herald of good will, Ms. Sabrina gave a total good way of perspective, and indeed mentioned that PUBLIC SCHOOL is a PLACE of HOPE.

                There was that one line where in Ms. Sabrina told to herself that “matigas lang ang ulo ko”. She mentioned this when she was trying to point out how other people judge her, by her choice of career despite of her qualification. I guess it’s not her being “matigas ang ulo niya” of choosing this career, but it is her calling, as well as motivation in delivering to those people who didn’t believe in the public schools as a place of learning. Anyone who will hear this kind of speech will surely change his/her views 180 degrees about public school from poor to outstanding. She will not only inspire the students, the practitioner, the people but also the teachers to be inspired from their profession.

                Return on Investment, she is not pointing out about money in here. But what she was trying to convey in here is that, this return on investment was something to do about the inspiration that a teacher could give to her students, and that feeling of fulfilment by the teachers, seeing their former students getting their dreams into reality. The effort that the teachers were trying to instil to their student in their every day teaching is some sort of kindness on their part. They teach, we learn, and we apply. Upon that application, is a way of reaching one’s dream. A feeling of fulfilment for that certain student is being felt by the teachers who’ve happens to be a part of their success, and that is something of an investment from a teacher to their students.

students 2

                Appreciation, this is something that I can identify the last part of her speech. Appreciation in the sense that, she did mentioned some teachers who should be given the worth of mention due to their passion in teaching their kids despite of all the obstacles and those uncomfortable situation in a class. I am sure that she also pointing out that teacher in the public schools should be appreciated of what they are giving to their students to make the most of them better, and not seeing them as the opposite way around.


Clean Slate: Future encounters

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

I did receive a letter coming from an unknown source. The letter states there that he wanted me to meet him in a certain resto within our home town. I didn’t hesitate of thinking of going there. I did felt the eagerness to go along with this letter even though I didn’t know the sender.


It was Sunday afternoon, went to the said resto and upon entering I did noticed a certain man wearing a navy blue shirt, will groomed, who seems older than me and face seem so familiar. He was looking at me. I slowly went up to him, and asked him if he was the one who sends the letter, and he did say yes. He invited me to sit down. The waiter handed me the menu and him as well. While looking at this, my mind swirling of what this man wants. I am telling to myself how stupid am I of going there without getting into details of why he did wanted me to go there. After a minute, he slowly put down the menu, and called the waitress. He asked me what I wanted to eat, and I just told him; “anything”. No words, swirling thoughts suddenly roaming around my mind, and the only word just came from my lips was just “anything”.  We were engulfing in silence, and when I got the guts to ask. He suddenly started to talk.

“You might be curious of why did I ask you to come here, despite of a seemingly unknown sender. If I may ask, didn’t you hesitate of going here?” said the man.

“I didn’t, for some reason I did felt that I needed to come here.” An answered I did gave him.

“Will said, on this day I don’t need to tell you who I am, but let me see your hand” politely asked by him.

“For what reason?” I asked.

“I just needed to see it.” Said by him.

                I did give him my hand; I was thinking he might want to see my palm lining, and guess of what does my future holds.

“Ah, he better not be. I guess he is not that type of a fortune teller for some reason.” That’s what I thought.

However, upon letting my hands towards him, he suddenly holds my hand so tight. I was so shocked on the moment he holds it. I wanted to speak at that instant, and asked him what his doing was. However, I feel strange. My mind seems twirling, and some vision suddenly entering unnoticed in my vision. Black, gray, white colored seems to fill my mind. In a second, I was suddenly standing in front of a house.

western house

                “What the…! We’re am I” I asked myself curiosity and amazement.

                A little guy suddenly went running in front of me, asking me to come inside their house. My heart bits fast since I don’t know what was really happening. I asked the child, but no words coming from him, only a silent smile. The house seems a western style, but when I got inside their home it was different. There you could see a typical cultural Japanese house; in the center were some ornaments and plants. The designed was quite magnificent that I felt that it was my home. My dream home. The child was still holding my hand gently. He then told me “I will let you see my room.”


                I did a few steps toward this door. The child slowly slides the door, and there I saw a picture frame with a nature. It seems his parents were somehow very cultural in a way that his furniture from his room was made out of wood. Not only just a wood, but a very high quality wood that it’s hard to break. A long lasting one. His bed was also the same. Beside his bed were flowers, carefully designed and will crafted. In front of his door, was another sliding door…A few steps from his bed, he did let open this door, and there I saw some ornaments and some plants that will take care of. This child, at very young age he was being taught how to be an environmentalist. I was very happy in this welcoming feeling that this child was showing to me. He didn’t spoke so much word, but I did feel that this kid was something special to me. From my amazement, I didn’t notice that this kid was calling at me, asking me if I could hug him. From this moment, I didn’t know what to say and did tell him… “of course, you could.” I hug him so tight that my heart was bursting from happiness.”

                On that second, I did came back from my reality. The man was sitting in front of me was still there and told me, “I already did my part.”

                “What was that all about?” I asked him.

                “That was your future. That child was your grandchild. He did wished to see her grandmother, and I did it for him.” Answered by him.

                I was filled with my curiosity and happy that for some reason I saw my grandchild.

                (This story was being made up by me in order to create a story for my Daily Post as a requirement, and made a short story in relation to their theme today.)