New Year, New Changes!

It’s been a month since my last post here in my word press page. It’s New Year and I do want to greet every one of you a Happy Happy New Year! They’ve said that when New Year, it is the year that you need to have those new resolution. You want to change those things that aren’t supposedly right, and make a right decision over something, and do something that is worth productive. I am sure most of the people here already have their own resolution. In the Muslim world, we don’t usually celebrate this New Year since we always follow the Hijrah Calendar. It is a bid’a when we do the celebration thing. Of course, here in our home town, we didn’t celebrate it. However, the only thing we do is look those dashing fireworks up in the sky. Though it isn’t part of religion, as a person who became used to this kind of thing…there is that one thing that I do wanted this year. I want some change in my life and to become happy. I will try my best in order not to think negative thoughts.


Furthermore, this New Year has been some kind of cynical. The first day of the year, a family conversation was held in order to settle something that is needed to be settled. On that as well, I realize that I am not ready to let go of what is already in there. Though I am hurt with all the things that are in there but I choose to continue this staff. Thinking that it might change somewhere down the road. On the 3rd day of this New Year, I was shocked by the news coming from the Admin here in our office.

There is supposedly a transition making here in our office. Some of the job contractual will be transferred to the newly branch that was created last year at Cagayan de Oro City. Before, most of the JO’s were shocked in the since that  it was sudden and that the cost of living in that said City is far more expensive than here in Iligan City. On the month that this news was being relayed, I was already designated in a certain place in order to be one of the Servicing Desk. Those moments, I didn’t really become so much worried about the changes since that I’ll be in my home town. However, on that said day, I was really shocked they’ve chosen someone over me. Three were supposedly to be assigned in that place, one regular and two JOs…I’m one of those JOs. I was trained in order to prepare myself for the job requirement in that place. I did try my best in order to fulfil this. I was the one the first one to be trained. I guess, more or less four mos. I’ve been trained for this purpose, but that day? They’ve told me that she was chosen due to seniority bases; secondly I was not totally in the main field of the office. It was so unreasonable since I was trained on this job and then later on, the one who isn’t trained was the one being picked. If it is for seniority bases, they should not have gone through in making picking a number for us…if it is only for seniority basis. I was thinking their reason is sound so stupid, yet I can’t complain since they are the boss. I felt they were unfair in making this decision.



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