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Posted on: January 9, 2014


Right now, I am making my fact sheet for my report this coming saturday! I was thinking of sharing some thing about this in order to remind us about the children and young persons rights. There are those moments that some grown ups forget their responsibility to their child, and for this, they need to refreshen up there mind as well. Children are the treasure of our own nation and the holder of our future. A fully awareness of their rights are needed in order for them to grow up in an convenient environment, where they can enjoy being a child and learn without presurring them.

1)      Every child is endowed with dignity and worth of human being from the moment of his conception, as generally accepted in medical parlance, and has therefore, the right to be born well.

2)      Every child has the right to a wholesome family life that will provide him with love, care and understanding, guidance and counselling, moral and material security.

3)      Every child has the right to a well-rounded development of his personality to the end that he may become a happy, useful, and active member of society.

The gifted child shall be given opportunity and encouragement to develop his special talents.

The emotionally disturbed or socially maladjusted child shall be treated with sympathy and understanding, and shall be entitled to treatment and competent care.

            The physically or mentally handicapped child shall be given the treatment, education, and care required of his particular condition.

4)      Every child has the right to a balanced diet, adequate clothing, sufficient shelter, proper medical attention, and all the basic physical requirements of a healthy and vigorous life.

5)      Every child has the right to be brought up in an atmosphere of morality and rectitude for the enrichment and the strengthening of his character.

6)      Every child has the right to an education commensurate with his abilities and to the development of his skills for the improvement of his capacity for service to himself and his fellowmen.

Children are not a burden!

7)      Every child has the right to full opportunities for safe and wholesome recreation and activities, individual as well as social, for the wholesome use of his leisure hours.

8)      Every child has the right to protection against exploitation, improper influences, hazards, and other conditions or circumstances prejudicial to his physical, mental, emotional, social, and moral development.

9)      Every child has the right to live in a community and a society that can offer him an environment free from pernicious influences and conducive to the promotion of his health and the cultivation of his desirable traits and attributes.

10)  Every child has the right to the care, assistance, and protection of the state, particularly when his parents or guardians fail or are unable to provide him with his fundamental needs for growth, development, and improvement.

11)  Every child has the right to an efficient and honest government that will deepen his faith in democracy and inspire him with the morality of the constituted authorities both in their public and private lives.

12)  Every child has the right to grow up as a free individual, in an atmosphere of peace, understanding, tolerance, and universal brotherhood and with the determination to contribute his share in the building of a better world.

Filipino Children

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