Coldness in thy Window


From yesterday’s class, I’ve been hearing from my classmates about our hometown having a cold climate as of this time of January. I love this kind of weather so much. It’s not only because the feeling of the cold breeze of the wind but of course  that kind of feeling that makes you stay in bed for a long time, wrapping your body with blanket to feel that warmth from this coldness. That feeling of wanting a hot chocolate to make up your temperature, and while sipping this wonderful kind of drinks, it will let you remember the past. Here in this picture, I woke up at around 6:30 in the morning, and my eyes suddenly amazed with this fog outside my window. How I missed this kind of weather! I am always expecting this type of weather will come in the last week of January or February, but it did come too early. In here, you cannot almost see the sky due to the fog, the coconut tree were almost playing around up in the high, standing in the coldness of this weather held up high. Homes from a far were impossible to see with your own yes because all of them were covered up with this smokeless thing that bare a cold breeze that make your skin chills, which I love it the most.

Our City was considered as the Baguio of the South because it has the similarities with that of the real place called Baguio. Some people say that Marawi City will be a good destination for a traveler if it were being developed by the people who live here.  But to answer this query, people didn’t do so because they remain in the culture why back then. In my own opinion, changes were nice, but I guess this place will be nice if it will stay as it is, in order not to be so much polluted and so much corrupt.

I did grab the opportunity last night going back home at 8:07 in the evening alone, just to feel those feelings I did mentioned here.



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