On Sabrina Ongkiko’s “Return on Investment”

Before reading my article, Kindly visit the speech of Ms. Sabrina Ongkikos’s “Return on Investment” at Youtube.com. I am very sorry If I didn’t included it in here but, soon I will. Thank you.

         Sabrina Ongkiko

             The speech of Ms Sabrina was quite amazing, in a way that you can really feel her enthusiasm in relation to her chosen career. You can feel her from her voice; from the way she poses and delivers her speech is totally admirable. I am not giving her coated words in order to give her some boost of her video, because in reality, it was a good speech that someone could give to her students, to someone’s co-workers, to the place she works at, and to the people from her surroundings. Looking from her get up on that day in her speech shows how proud she is to be a public teacher.

                In her first speech, she didn’t articulate there how students should be thankful to his/her teachers due to the effort they are doing, but NO, she didn’t articulate that, but instead she made it in an another way around. She did thank her students; because of them she did learn something. Though I am not a practicing right now, but I guess, what Ms. Sabrina wanted to convey was that, teachers also learn from their students. The learning in class is a vice versa way of teaching one another, and that’s what I picked up from her speech. Of course, I’ve become a student as well, but I didn’t realize this part; that a teacher can also learn from us. Ms Sabrina’s students must be proud, and surely when they heard this message from her, I’m sure it will inspire them more.


                The motivation that I sense from her speech is very strong, but the motivation is not something you could easily see in public teachers now a day, and how they viewed the public schools. To be frank, I did imagine how public schools to be a place of no learner, a place were giving education was weak, but she did change my views on this part. It is a good thing that someone in the field of education is making this kind of realization, because most of the people really view public school as a failure place of learning. She did show a positive feedback on this part, which gives you a good impression on this school that was being put down by the people all around. As a herald of good will, Ms. Sabrina gave a total good way of perspective, and indeed mentioned that PUBLIC SCHOOL is a PLACE of HOPE.

                There was that one line where in Ms. Sabrina told to herself that “matigas lang ang ulo ko”. She mentioned this when she was trying to point out how other people judge her, by her choice of career despite of her qualification. I guess it’s not her being “matigas ang ulo niya” of choosing this career, but it is her calling, as well as motivation in delivering to those people who didn’t believe in the public schools as a place of learning. Anyone who will hear this kind of speech will surely change his/her views 180 degrees about public school from poor to outstanding. She will not only inspire the students, the practitioner, the people but also the teachers to be inspired from their profession.

                Return on Investment, she is not pointing out about money in here. But what she was trying to convey in here is that, this return on investment was something to do about the inspiration that a teacher could give to her students, and that feeling of fulfilment by the teachers, seeing their former students getting their dreams into reality. The effort that the teachers were trying to instil to their student in their every day teaching is some sort of kindness on their part. They teach, we learn, and we apply. Upon that application, is a way of reaching one’s dream. A feeling of fulfilment for that certain student is being felt by the teachers who’ve happens to be a part of their success, and that is something of an investment from a teacher to their students.

students 2

                Appreciation, this is something that I can identify the last part of her speech. Appreciation in the sense that, she did mentioned some teachers who should be given the worth of mention due to their passion in teaching their kids despite of all the obstacles and those uncomfortable situation in a class. I am sure that she also pointing out that teacher in the public schools should be appreciated of what they are giving to their students to make the most of them better, and not seeing them as the opposite way around.



2 thoughts on “On Sabrina Ongkiko’s “Return on Investment””

  1. From Sabsy speech ” matigas lang ang ulo ko” = passionnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! May the LORD bless you and keep you, may HIS face shine upon you and give you peace. I pray that you will invest on other teachers also so that your vision will multiply and spread throughout our beloved country the Philippines. I salute you Mam Sabrina!!!!!!!!

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