The Rat Race of the People in the Future

Busy people on the move

Read and write a one-paragraph essay of one aspect of radical changes in Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock”

                Are you a past, present or future person? Which do you think are you involved in today’s time? I didn’t read all the chapters of Alvin Toffler’s book entitled Future Shock, but I did read the Chapter 3 of Part 1 “The PACE OF LIFE”. He indeed point out here the different kinds of people, not in their race, nation, religion or ideology, but he described them as the past, present and future person together with their distinct differences. The past people are those persons who are trapped with the past doing of millennia people plus still doing hunting and agricultural stuff. These people who are in the present are the ones who lived in the modern world.  The mark of the first half of the 20th century molded by mass mechanization and education. The last but not the least is the people of the future. These people can be determined by their fast pacing life. As indicated by the author, they are usually the people in a hurry, doing all their doings in a fast mode, always checking up on their watch, fixing their schedule for the day and doing multi tasking action. They could not sit there and do nothing or else they tend to be so anxious. This is the reason why some people who are in this mode of life were trying to look somewhere else or migrate to the place where they can do the life they were committed on. The time they have in their hands are too limited, and seems their life has their time frame controlled by their desire of achieving their goals for that day. This is the reason why even the kids can detect this kind of schedules since they can follow these so called durational expectancies. They follow a patterned that their parents and other people do. It becomes a natural instinct of their children who are also part of this futuristic people. The future people usually lived in an advance and industrialized country such as New York, London and Tokyo. As per observation from this country, they are far greater advance than those people in the past and present. The transience of their life is impeccable due for the reason that they don’t always stay in something forever, and move on to something that they find their life/relationship will grow, and find more exciting and colorful. Now, can we put Iliganon as the people of the future? I guess not, they are still in the present but adopting some attitudes of the futuristic people.


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