Utilization of Technology in the Forum

Lecture of Sir Ebisa

               In today’s generation using technology is a very edgy factor in order to get the attention of your audience. The fellowship that was held on that day was very informative especially for us who were new in this world of education, and everything that was mentioned there was an important factor in order to see the side of education that we could not understand by just mere looking at it. The most important thing was the action research that Sir Ebisa had tackled about on that day.  I did realize that the true education is a lifelong learning because you will realizes so many things in a new way. Being a teacher you need to complied and accept the fact that you need to relearn how to do things, learn more things and discover new things in order to give way for a new changes. In order to do this, one needs to instill new modern ways in handling things to benefit the today’s generation who will most likely benefit on the said changes.

                The forum were really giving way to new technology and integrating them on their discussion, which made it more understandable. If I were going to imagine the forum with the absence of technology; no microphone, no laptop, no presentation, no wide area, etc. I guess it would be a lot of boring moments. My interest wouldn’t go to the level where I would comply myself on listening and probably would fall asleep in that instance. If these things happen, no learning can be gain, and if there is no learning, what the presenter especially sir Ebisa’s lecture will go to waste. So looking on the best view with the existence of technology, listener will be more excited in finding new to them. Aside from getting information, how the lecturer’s present their work and the key notes speaker to their listener using those technologies somehow give way in opening our mind in a wider range of understanding what we listened for. As a student, we could also get an idea how technology works and might as well adopt it when the time comes in our way, because learning is not only by listening but also by seeing. The technology that were being used on that day was really good, which made the forum more interesting. I gain an insight and a technique that I could use it in future applications.