Classroom Management and Learning

Students on play time!
Students on play time!

This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to  approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.


Step 1: Observe a class.

Step 2: Using a checklist, find out the evident classroom components.

Step3: Describe how the classroom is structured/designed to follow everyone to participate in the learning activities.

Step 4: Relate the data in your checklist to the learner’s behaviour.

Step 5: Reflect on how classroom management affects learning


  1. Are there areas in the classroom for specific purposes?
  2. Are there rules and procedures followed?
  3. What are the daily routines done by the teacher? (Prayer, attendance, monitoring of assignment, warm up activities, etc.) how are they done?
  4. Is there a seating arrangement? What is the basis of this arrangement?
  5. Observe the noise level in the classroom. How is this managed?
  6. If a learner is not following instructions or is off-task, what does the teacher do? (behaviour strategies)
  7. What does the teacher do to reinforce positive behaviours? (behaviour strategies)



SPECIFIC AREAS IN THE CLASSROOM In there were a set of arm chairs a table, and a bulletin board and other charts that where located on the wall. It is mainly for learning environment. The classroom was fitting to a learning situation but the effect was for only inside learning. They only have limited area inside that could widen their interest.
CLASSROOM RULES Class room rules were very specific located at the left side of the classroom. This will keep the learners be reminded of possible importance aspect in life.
CLASSROOM PROCEDURES There were no procedures written anywhere the classroom. Since no procedures were written, students were left hanging and left with no instruction inside the classroom to follow.
DAILY ROUTINE Prayers were being done inside the classroom before they begin their classes. A good motivation for the learners is to pray and engrave in them the importance of spiritual aspect.
SEATING ARRANGEMENT Teacher arranges them accordingly. There were three rows, every row consisting of three arm chairs; left and the right side were for girls and middle was boy. This instil and force the kids to keep their silence, because girls were separated as to stop them from being talkative and boys were put in the middle as to behave them self during classes.
HANDLING MISBEHAVIOR/OFF TASK BEHAVIOR Teacher calls out directly those students who are noisy. These will help the other students to be focused and realize the consequence of being noisy during the lessons.
REINFORCEMENT OF POSITIVE BEHAVIOR The teacher give positive feedback by saying “That’s good Ms. ____, but whose gonna help her/him”…by this, teacher appreciate a student for doing an effort. This will build a self confidence on the students’ part and making them learn to be appreciative even in a little thing.


      How did the classroom organization and routines affect the learners’ behaviour?

      In our class Educ 15s, our mentor suddenly spoke these words in front of us that “a lesson needs to be repeatedly lectured for them to be reminded and as to master it.” I believe that this is the reason of daily routines to be integrated inside the life of the students. Our memories as human being were very short, we are very prone of this aspect and in order for us to apply things, we need to make our body and mind master it. In terms of this so called classroom organization, this was being set up for the students to learn how to organize a small group as for them to be ready in the bigger application that they could apply it in organizing a certain group when time comes.

      What should the teacher have in mind when she/he designs the classroom organization and routines? What theories and principles should you have in mind?

      A teacher should think the befitting classroom organizations and routines that could also be fitting with the likings of her/his students in general. S/he needs to include students mostly in deciding this issue for them to learn how they could organize themselves and the routines, but of course with assistance from a teacher. In order to coincide this with the students I did observe, I once asked a student how did they designed their classroom, and she in did mentioned that they did the most of the activities and the design in the classroom and with the consent from the teacher.

      Which behaviour strategies were effective in managing the behaviour of the learners? In motivating students? Why were they effective?

      Attitude of a teacher means a lot in managing the behaviour of her/his students. As I observe from one of the teacher in AKIC-SLS last February 3, 2014. She has this typical expression which seems to be strict, and talk to her students with confidence, but this act doesn’t seems to be effective for the learners since they keep on talking, despite of the emotion she did show to them. The possible reason that I could come up with this is that, this teacher taught her students without concerning the so called passion within her and don’t have a happy disposition. She seems to be not caring so much with her students. Nevertheless, those teachers whom you could sense their passion and having a happy disposition from the way they taught their children seem to be a far more effective. Students listen very well and motivated with an ease atmosphere around that certain teacher. We human somehow sense the other mood that we can easily vibrate in them.


  1. Imagine yourself organizing your classroom. In what grade / year level do you have yourself? What routines and procedures would you consider for this level? Why?

      Imagining me in a classroom set up, I would highly recommend myself to teach a first year high school. Why? For the reason that I would like to handle those kids who will be in their first year of high school. Their fresh mind and their higher level of curiosity is something I want to fill in. First year level is something important in a high school part because this is the first thing for a student to occur and their motivation to know new something is in their first year. In relation to their routines, I would like to implement a prayer before our classes begin. Next here, I would like to start my discussion and alive greetings for the students, and expected to have a feed back in them as well. Thirdly, I would probably ask a certain student to recap on our lesson the previews meeting, and then proceed to my lessons. I would end my lesson through my students giving of a quote that will help them motivate their self and the other, and end with a prayer.

  1. Make a list of the rules you are likely to implement in this level. Why would you choose these rules?

The following rules were something I would like to implement.

      I would like to implement that they should wear their proper uniform and ID when they are in the school premises.

      Observe silence when the class is ongoing, because they will be given an ample of time when their return comes like reporting, oral recitation, or making them answer.

      Excuses should be made when they are going outside the classroom.

      They should apply and be courteous among their classmates.

      Before and after the class, they need to arrange their things and table.

      Greet their teachers and those visitors politely when they are at present.

      I would like to have a higher participation coming from the students.

      Cell phone must be in silent mode. Being caught using their cell phone during class will be punished.

  1. Should learners be involved in making the class rules? Why?

      In this today’s generation, kids are not just mere students in a classroom but also a decision maker. We are also now in progressive mode of curriculum, and most of the activities were facilitated by the teacher and the students are highly advisable to do most of a certain activities. The making of the class rules should include the students in making those rules in classroom, as to practice their rights in getting their opinion and ideas and that these makings of rules were part of it.





Characteristics and Needs

This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months of the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here are based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.

Differentiating the characteristics and needs of learners from different developmental levels:

Step 3Validate your observation by interviewing the learners.
Step 2Describe each of the learners based on your observations.
Step 4Compare them in terms of their interests and needs.
Step 1Observe 3 groups from different levels (preschools, elementary, and high school).


  1. Observe their gross motor skills. How they carry themselves. How they more, walk, run, go up the stairs. Etc.
  2. Are gross movements clumsy or deliberate/smooth?
  3. How about their fine motor skills? Writing, drawing, etc.


  1. Describe how they interact with teachers and other adults.
  2. Note how they also interact with peers. What do they talk about? What are their concerns?


  1. Describe the emotional disposition or temperament of the learners (happy, sad, easily cries, mood-shifts)
  2. How do they express their wants/needs? Can they wait?
  3. How do they handle frustrations?
  4. Describe their level of confidence as shown in their behaviour. Are they self-concious?


  1. Describe their ability to use words to communicate their ideas. Note their language proficiency.
  2. Describe how they figure out things. Do they comprehend easily? Look for evidence of their thinking skills.
  3. Were there opportunities for problem solving? Describe how did they show problem solving abilities.
Learners’ Development Matrix


DevelopmentDomain PreschoolerIndicate age range of children observed:5-6 years of age ElementaryIndicate age range of children observed:11-12 years of age High SchoolIndicate age range of children observed:15-16 years of age
Gross-motor skills 


Fine-motor skills






Self-help skills





The learners already knew how to balance their self.The coordination of the muscles is still developing, but mostly able to control it. 


They still need assistance from the adult.

In the elementary level, they already have a refine control on their body parts.Their coordination was very fine due to some reason that most of them are in good health. 

They have the idea how to do things on their own.

Adolescent children has a refine control on their body parts, and already aware the significant of the othersFrom Head to Foot were functioning well. Most of the students were healthy on the time of observation.They already can help themselves physical and act independently.
SocialInteraction with Teachers 

Interaction with Classmates/friends









The learners were very attached with their teacher.They enjoying the company of their others, yet always playing without thinking either it will harm their classmates or not.




They like colorful things, and small things can already give them contentment.

Some of the learner’s can already voice out their ideas to their teacher.They interact will enough to their peers, and know their limits. 




They are still interested in playing. Start as a mode of motivation is already not applicable to them.

They are very expressive with their teacher, and easily conveyed their wants.They already in the level of the so called “infatuation” , and most likely loved to tease their friends. 


They are interested in more activities and with new gadgets.

EmotionalMoods and temperament, expression of feelings 




Emotional Independence










They are an expressive learner. If they want to cry they will. If they want to show attachment to their teacher, they won’t hesitate.They are not dependent; they are still on the first level of learning this factor. They already know how to control their feelings, and they are already comprehended the meaning of shyness and where to put their self. 

They are in the stage of learning this emotional independence, but still they need to be guided carefully on this aspect.

Unlike the elementary, they already knew how to put their emotions in, but to some other child, they are boosting with moods that sometimes cause them to be talkative.They are closely to be more emotional independent, but it is restricted and should teaches them this part in a far more detail since they are in the height of wider curiosity about their environment.
CognitiveCommunications Skills 







Thinking Skills














The learners were starting to convey their feelings in a more basic way. 



Their thinking skills are still on side of molding them since they are questionable about their environment.



In terms of this area, they are not capable of solving this around them.

They are being talkative, that even in class they sometimes over do it, and not listen to their teacher. 



Their thinking skill is way improved than that of a preschooler, which they can give out their idea on a certain subject matter.


Problem-solving become easier with them in giving out an answer that they understood.

The learners were well controlled on their communications skills, and way better than those in the lower level. They can express their self even with the adults.Their thinking skills were better, that they could already hand down the critical analysis in a certain subject.


In this aspect, they have the higher abilities to decide and think of a certain solution and even give an alternative.


Write the most salient developmental characteristics of the learners you observed. Based on these characteristics, think of implications for the teacher.

Level Salient Characteristics Observed Implications to the Teaching-Learning Process
 PreschoolAge range of learners observed 4-5 years of age Preschoolers like to babied and a way sensitive about the feeling of their teacher, which they showed more affection when they already closed with the teacher. The teacher should be more compassionate with their preschoolers and be keen enough on their needs and tactics on how to handle small children.
ElementaryAge range of learners observed 11-12 years of age Elementary learners have the possibility to be way talkative and move around and ask lots of question. Therefore the teacher should know how to keep her/his children tame in keeping their mouth in silence during the lesson session.The teacher should also have the ability to know the possible question of these children, since their questions are far more active.
High SchoolAge range of learners observed 15-16 years of age High school learners like activities.They like to explore a lot and some of them could express their thoughts to teachers with confidence. Therefore, the teachers are now complied to facilitate the learning of their students, and ready for some alternatives ways for them not to be bored with the class.



  1. While you were observing the learners, did you recall your own experiences when you were their age? What similarities or differences do you have with the learners you observed?
  • Yes, I did. The commonality that I saw from the learners during my time was somewhat eerie, since I can see myself in them during my younger years. I am the silent type the whole year round of my school days.

The assistant teacher from the preschooler suddenly mentioned about the first day of those kids. There were those some that wouldn’t like to go to school, teacher were complied to do something for them to go to school at those crucial time. This typical feeling was something that I did feel back then as well when I started going to school. Afraid of the new things and changes, and don’t want to be away from their parents. Yet somehow, as preschoolers get too used in schooling that feeling were slowly fading. During my elementary days, I like playing games more than studying, and these kinds of thing were very common even with the learners I did observed. They love to get involved with their friends, play with them, and explore new things within their own hands. Furthermore, like those high school learners, I am also fun of getting involving myself in a report, but I only got the chance when we were required too, because I don’t have the guts to volunteer during those days. I like activities that are within my reach, yet the learners from that school were different in some way or another. However, the difference that I could possibly detect from this today’s learner was that, they are far more into activities, and very involved with technology now a days. They were exceeding the skills from those kids back then. They are totally enhancing that themselves are trying variety of experience that they can try on.

  1. Think of a teacher you cannot forget for the positive or negative reasons. How did she/he help you with your needs? How did it affect you?
  • There are so many teachers that change something about my perspective from how I see life. There were those certain whom I admire the most; and one of them was named Ms. Gabuyo. I forgot her whole name, but what I always remember was her last name. She was our physic teacher. She was a strict teacher who gives punishments when her students do wrong, and got low grades. She usually uses something like a meter stick as a paddle to punish someone from getting a low score. Her judgment was so strict that every one of us was complied to do the best as we can to survive her subject. During her lesson, everyone were not at ease, because most of us was afraid that she might give some oral quiz or else an examination that will comply us to discuss in front of our classmates. However, the way she does this isn’t bad at all because her subject gives an opportunity to sink some of her ideals about physic in us, and from the way she handled her class is something I admire the most. The thing that affects me was to be at my best as I can.
  1. Which is your favorite theory of development? How can this guide you as a future teacher?
  • I am not sure of what kind of theory development that is being mean on this part of the question, but for me, I find high school to be an interesting one. I did go throw with this kind of development, and as I perceive it, this something deals with the most crucial stage in one’s life as a person, because this is the stage where everything is at question. A very vulnerable one that could possibly lead the student to turn their way going to a direction that they didn’t imagine it. As far as being an educator, I want to learn more about this stage through complying myself. I want to give an input in them the goodness of life to be thankful for, and give a full meaning about life by integrating it within my lesson.
  1. What are your other significant insights on the learner’s characteristics and needs?
  • The learner’s characteristics and needs come in a variety of aspect. Learners are not all the same, based on my observation; I see different kinds of kids. There were those learners who were talkative, silent, very naughty, active, loner, happy and so many things. Different side of which help me understand more that God create human in a very unique. Each has their own unique way that makes them as an individual. Their needs also differ, each kids has their own. There are those kids who are lack of skills than the others. There are those fast and slow learners, goes as well with those learners are who are far and near sighted. Student who are well able and who are not. These are those few things that should be addressed by the curriculum maker since the students are the life blood of school. There interest and giving their needs in terms of education is their rights that must met by the educator.

Preschooler on Math Session


School as a Learning Environment

This post is based on my field study that I did conduct last three months for the year 2014. You may seem not to approve some of this idea, but please correct me if I am wrong. Most of the things contain here were based on my own opinion. I am very welcome to some ideas that you may share on this subject matter. Thank you and hope it will be a help for those people in search for the same studies.


Familiarize yourself with the different areas and facilities of the school. Check the column to indicate their availability. Give a brief description of those that are available on the last column.

Facilities Available Not Available Description
Office of the Principal The Principal’s office isn’t in a one room type. Her desk is located along with the faculty room, only a divider that makes it separate from among the faculties’ desk.
Library The library is somehow well equipped and very far from the playing ground of the students, which makes the place conducive for studying, and doing some home works or any school work.
Counselling Room The counselling or guidance room is located near the gate. The place were lacking of some materials which can be used in guiding the student. However, since the place is open and near the gate, I didn’t find it very well in terms of giving advices to a certain student due to its noisy background from the car that is going in and out the school and even in the highway.
Canteen/Cafeteria The place is kind of messy; when I got there, the chair weren’t arranged. The school supplies weren’t well organized, the food seems to be more on junk foods.
Medical Clinic This room is located in the administrative office along with their admin. They have good personnel that were assigned in there, a registered nurse! The materials were well segregated, and clean.
Audio Visual/Media Center They don’t have this room, but the supplies and need for these equipments were located at their library.
Reading Center
Speech Laboratory
Science Laboratory They don’t have this room, but the tools for science were located at their library.
Gymnasium They have this but not like any extravagant type of a Gym. A very wide open area.
Home Economics Room
Industrial Workshop Area
PTA Office
Comfort Room for Boys The Comfort Room were well maintained. But the only thing is that some of the door located in this place were somehow not in good condition. Repairs to some of it are needed.
Comfort Room for Girls The Comfort Room were well maintained. But the only thing is that some of the door located in this place were somehow not in good condition. Repairs to some of it are needed.
Others (Please Specify)
Prayer Room Prayer room for an Islamic school is needed for spiritual aspect. The school has this, where in it is well ventilated and clean. The area is wide enough in order to accommodate more people in times of prayer.
Cashier’s Office This office is somehow small, but I guess it can accommodate all queries that relates to them.
Registrar’s Office They have the same area with that of the Cashier’s office. Documents are well arranged, and can entertain a certain number of clients in a span of time.
Computer Laboratory The computers are well arranged through divider. This room is available for the computer class in elementary and high school. As well as available for the students who need to use it for assignments and other activities in relation to their studies.

Write your observation report here.

Name of the School Observed: ________________________

School Address:

Date of Visit: January 19, 1014

                Before going to a certain school, I was thinking of going to Dansalan College to conduct my observation in our Field Studies, but then, I heard from my co-classmates that they don’t allow this kind of thing in there, and I decided to go to AKIC-SLS instead. That Sunday, I did go at their main building located at Basak Malutlut, Marawi City, and there I got the chance to meet with their HR Head, Ms. Khaireia Umpa Galleto. I did explain her about the reason why I am there, and she advised me to write a letter address to their dean, in order to ask permission. However, it was so unfortunate that Sir Ibrahim A. Mamao, their College Dean, weren’t there due to a certain meeting. On that day, she asked me what level I was planning to observe, and I did mention to her, that I preferably go with the secondary level. To my surprise, with a pleasing personality, she indeed recommends me to go to their Elementary and Secondary section, where it is located a few kilometres from there. She mentions to approach Mrs. Imelda Mamangconi, the Principal of AKIC SLS, and tell her about my concern. Doing it without a further ado, I directly went there and handed down my letter that Sunday Morning.

On that Afternoon, I did go back there together with my co-classmates to start our observation. We indeed talk to the principal and to my surprise, she is very accommodating. She indeed welcomes us in a very friendly way, and did mention that their school is very open to some students who are willing to observe and be part of their academic purpose. From the way the principle showed us kindness, I felt that we did a right choice of choosing a school. I also got the confidence to do these studies at their school because of the courtesy she did show us. She even let us choose, what level we should be in, and recommended the best section among the school. We were accompanied by an elementary teacher Ms. Fatima to the third year room. Unfortunately, when we got there, a substitute teacher was there. As explained by the sub-teacher, he is handing the student a seat work asked by the assigned teacher. Ma’am Fatima informed us about it, and we decided instead to go to her class for our observation. We did explain to her that we cannot observe will enough if we don’t see an actual class that conduct a discussion inside the room. So, Ms. Fatima approved our request. For one hour, we observed her class and the way she conducted a lesson. Together with this, Ms. Namraida, the next teacher of the Grade V-Seabourgium let us observe her class in the Science subject for another one hour.

After observing inside the class, we roamed around to see everything in their school. I was thinking that we needed to see everything inside this school because the observation we will have in that moment will be more applicable in the Field Studies. For a few minutes, we three walked around and gathered data as per needed in the requirements. We see many things, and learn something on that day.

I appreciate the way they welcome us in that school, and wishing that this kind of accommodating atmosphere is also welcome to other school in order to give a room to a new knowledge for the people like us, who is just learning the Education Field.

Be guided by these tasks as you do your observation. Then accomplish the matrix to record your data.

  1. Look at the walls of the classroom. What are posted on the walls? What heroes, religious figures, lessons, visual aids, and announcements do you see posted?
  2. Examine how the pieces of furniture are arranged. Where is the teacher’s table located? How are the tables and chairs/desks arranged?
  3. What learning materials/equipment are present?
  4. Is the room well-lighted and well-ventilated?


Classroom Facilities Description (Location, number, arrangement, condition)
  1. Wall Displays
There were quite displays in the room, but you can count them by the hands. Some of them were entertaining when you look at them. The condition of this display materials were still at its good condition.
  1. Teacher’s Table
A table enough for the teacher to put his/her materials in one place. This is located at the left side of the blackboard facing the students.
  1. Learner’s Desk
The learner’s desk is well provided, and well equipped for the students to use while learning. Setting arrangement was done by their teacher for a certain purpose.
  1. Black board
The Black board is well maintained, and when we got there it’s very cleaned and ready for the lesson to be written on that day!
  1. Learning Materials/Visual Aids.
These materials were very colourful, but for some reason, it isn’t enough in order to fill the students with a more uplifting atmosphere to them.
  1. Shoe Rack
This is located near the Grade V’s door, it has three tier shoe rock that can accommodate all the students’ shoe.
  1. Ceiling
The ceiling is will build, and will paint. No sign of licks when the rain starts to pour down.
  1. Fluorescent
They have two fluorescent in there and it can bring a well ventilated light for the children during dark cloud appear in the sky.

Read the following statements carefully. Then write your observation report on the provided space.

  1. Describe the community or neighbourhood where the school is found.
  2. Describe the school campus. What colors do you see? What is the condition of the building?
  3. Pass by the offices. What impression do you have these offices?
  1. THE RC-AKIC SLS School is located near at the High-way of Sarimanok. In the left side of the school is a Shell Station. A few blocks from the school in the right side is another school. The school guards must be will in looking after the kids of going out since outside is a highway, where in some drivers are driving in a fast pace. So the school need to be more extra careful for the kids.
  2. This school is new and from the way it looks the building construction is still at its good condition. Upon entering the school, you will notice a wide area in a rectangular shape, composed of elementary class rooms and room offices. At the center of this building is a stairs going up to their secondary classrooms that form a small rectangular shape. The colour of the school is quite good since it has an inviting aura. The buildings have this flesh kind of paints all over the campus. At the center of this building there are some other parts that aren’t well cemented, which gave a hard time for the cars to parked in and kind of messy for the students once the school is off.
  3. For me they are not well organized. There is that one certain building there, where it composed of six rooms, and these rooms are not all for class rooms. It is mixed. One room, is for Senior Kindergarten the other is for Junior Kindergarten, next is the cashier’s office, registrar’s office, and two remaining were elementary classrooms. A certain room were composed of three divisions, clinic room, administrative room and either that one was for visual or audio, and they were divided by a partition. The next room I did notice was the faculty area. What I appreciate in there was the male and female faculties, where they are being separated by a partition as well. The Principals desk is mixed to those faculty members who make her having no privacy in terms of doing here school works, entertaining guest especially for school related, making a private decision in relation to school/personnel with some administrative officers.
  4. Aside from what has been indicated in the upper part of this Episode; Prayer Room, Faculty Room, Registrar’s Office, Cashier’s Office, Computer Laboratory.


Walk through the school halls, the library, and the cafeteria. Look around and find out the other facilities that the school has.


How do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of the students going to school? What are your conclusions?

  • The school campus and the classroom should be covered in an atmosphere conducive for the learning students. The reason for this is that, the school is a community where they need to learn. If the place is somewhat messy, and everything seems to be not in place, it will be a problem for the students in their part. Instead of learning, they will just develop a headache from this typical set up. School should be filled with a community that is peace and loving, because that is their right. As for the status of the AKIC-SLS, from my own observation, their campus and their classroom could be rated as a good standard. They have students that are very lively, which can be presume that this kids are satisfied from what the school could give. The surrounding is well maintained as per observation on that day.

How does this relate to your knowledge of child and adolescent development/How does this relate to your knowledge of facilitating learning?

  • In regards to child and adolescent development, they should be developing in a certain community where they can learn freely, and not coerced by some people within the area. This school is a typical school that concerns on their learner’s best interest. Observing from the surrounding, the school is trying to provide them the best facilities the administration could give to them. The faculties facilitate their lesson to the learners the best way as they could. As per the rights of the Students according to the right of the children and young person, this school is trying to follow it as much as they can.


  1. Would you like to teach in the school environment you observed? Why?
  • In a greater sense, yes, I would likely to teach in the said school. I could say that the school is well equipped in terms of materials. Teachers and other administrators are very well accommodating that could possibly give a boost up in pursuing my interest in teaching the young minds. Students are naughty but they can easily be taught with appropriate tools they needed. More or less it will be an interesting, and fun experience if indeed I’ll go out there and teach!
  1. What Kind of School Campus is conducive to learning?
  • Based on what I observed and ideas i gathered, a school campus can be conducive if they indeed have the facilities that are needed by the school for there learner, more training ground for the students to test their minds and skills. Along with this, is a well-organized campus, free from any elements that can be a disturbance to the learning process of the students.
  1. What kind of classroom is conducive to learning?
  • In the classroom part, the learning could be conducive if the teacher themselves is well equipped. Having a good moral, values, and well knowledge on the rights of his/her students, and more or less well informed about his/her students need. Enthusiasm and motivation from the teacher is needed in order to convey that aura to their student to increase their desire to learn as well. The materials used for display inside the classroom should be rightful chosen, were the student can pick an information from their daily school life. Classroom must also be well organized, and everything is at its place, well ventilated and clean.
  1. In the future, how can you accomplish your answer in number 3?
  • If teaching is my calling, I will equip myself at hand on the things I needed. I don’t like to go out there without any strategies or objective for my students for their learning. I want the student to have the greatest learning experience they could have while. Being young is a once in a life time opportunities, this is the reason why I would love to be at my best.
  1. Write your additional learning and insights here.
  • In this kind of experience, I indeed learn something that isn’t available in my college days. It gave me an idea what a teachers life is, the importance of touching young mind, and how a teacher should be more sensitive in the needs of her/his students. The teachers hold whatever the student will become off. Teacher hold that part in their growth, and for this, they should be more aware of. This experience made me aware of many things, like the right of the children, how they should be handled, and how the school works. I could say at this moment that teaching is not an easy task, but a true noble profession.

Note: (attach pictures here your visit)

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